There was some big news on the big league level about someone being activated – Mike Moustakas came off of the injured list today – but there’s some big news in the minor leagues with an activation, today, too. Matt McLain, the Cincinnati Reds 1st round pick in 2021 has been activated and added to the Arizona Complex League Reds roster.

For Matt McLain, it’s unlikely that his stay in Arizona will last too long. There are only five weeks left in the minor league season, but McLain as one of the top prospects coming out of college is too advanced for the Arizona Complex League. But with how much time was between the end of the college baseball season and the draft, most players spent 6-8 weeks not playing baseball and that’s led to guys being eased back into things at the complex level. The Reds probably won’t send many players out beyond Arizona, but McLain is certainly the most likely candidate to be promoted to Daytona or Dayton once he gets his feet wet and back into the groove of playing on a daily basis.

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13 Responses

  1. DaveCT

    Well, Urbaez could be due for a bump to AA, so perhaps the SS dominoes will be on the move soon. If it’s me, and I have a blue chip college prospect, he is going to Dayton. Let De laCruz as well as Ivan Johnson get their initial full season in at Lo-A. They’re young, right, and solid success at an age appropriate level is a solid approach as well.

    • MK

      Urbaez has played very little shortstop as a pro (41 innings) or in college (3 games). He is a second baseman.

      • DaveCT

        Minor oversight about Urbaez … but Miguel Hernandez isn’t standing in McClain’s way, do you think?

  2. RedsGettingBetter

    I wonder if McLain is so very good player as SS or 2B how will he fit in the Reds IF where gonna be India and Barrero as starters in near future…maybe at 3b?

    • Tom

      Moose-Suarez-Senzel could be covering third through 2024. I guess that lines up quite well for McClain.

  3. Mark

    I wondered the same thing Redsgettingbetter. I don’t see McLain as a better option up the middle I would think third or 1st .
    The team needs to figure out CF I’m kind of hoping Cerda maybe can be that guy.

  4. kevinz

    Good Luck Matt.
    Just hit cuz if can, they will find a spot for you.

    • Jefferson Green

      This. Go, Matt! Hit and play well, the rest works out. Fun to see him get started.

  5. MK

    Two hits one being a double, not to bad for first game. I read a book by Cal Ripken Sr. who said playing Division I Baseball is equivalent to playing three years of Rookie Ball (his point was you are a couple years behind with three years of same level, so if you can sign out of high school do it). So, since all but one of new draftees are college guys maybe they should all go.