Hunter Greene was scheduled to pitch for the Louisville Bats on Wednesday night. When the lineup was released in the afternoon Greene’s name was on it as the starting pitcher. But about 40 minutes prior to the game it was Tim Adleman starting to warm up for the Bats. Greene was scratched from his start – initially I reported that a source confirmed to me that the scratch was for an issue that wasn’t serious, but when you have a chance to be cautious you are going to be. About 90 minutes later the Reds released an official statement saying this:

Hunter Greene was scratched from his start with irritation in his right AC joint. He is expected to make his next start.

While it’s never good to have someone scratched from their start, the news beyond that does seem good. The organization doesn’t expect Hunter Greene to miss any more time over this.

Matt McLain goes off for Dayton

Five draft picks were promoted out of Goodyear for Wednesday’s action. 2021 1st round pick Matt McLain was the biggest name among the group and he made sure that everyone at the ballpark who didn’t know who he was before the game knew who he was when it was over. McLain singled twice, he had a bases loaded 3-run double, and he hit a 2-run home run to deep left-center field. He finished 4-5 and drove in five runs.

Video from the Dayton Dragons twitter account

Plenty of promotions

Joining Matt McLain in the promotion to Dayton was 9th round pick Jack Rogers. The outfielder went 1-5 with a triple in his Dragons debut.

The Daytona Tortugas had three draft picks added to their roster on Wednesday. 4th round pick Ruben Ibarra, 13th round pick Mike Trautwein, and 15th round pick Blake Dunn all arrived and played in the game Wednesday. Trautwein had the lone hit among the group, but he left the game mid-inning in the 8th while behind the plate. There was no real update on why he was removed, but broadcaster Justin Rocke noted that it appeared he was flexing his right leg.

Another promotion worth noting from Wednesday was the one that saw Francisco Urbaez sent to Double-A Chattanooga. The second baseman had hit .333/.423/.455 with the Dayton Dragons in 67 games this year. With the arrivals in the last few days of Matt McLain and Ivan Johnson, the Dragons filled the spot vacated by one of the top hitters in the High-A Central. In his debut with the Lookouts on Wednesday night, Urbaez went 0-2 with 2 walks.

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  1. Alan Horn

    It appears they are holding back the pitchers signed. Probably due to the long layoff.
    Still, I wonder when the FSU catcher Mat Nelson will show up somewhere.

      • Alan Horn

        Good to hear. They will probably move him up shortly like they did with the others.I

  2. BUCK

    Hunter Greene: become a pitcher, not a flamethrower, before you flame out! I sense a very brief career as a STARTING pitcher, at your current pace, unless your arm is bionic!?
    GODSPEED, young man.

    • MK

      It is part of what concerns me about the current Driveline approach to speed, speed, speed and spin, spin, spin.

      Hunter had the natural ability to do some amazing things without the need to do more.

      • Doug Gray

        You guys do realize that every organization in baseball has this approach don’t you?

      • a

        Injuries are at an alarming all time high for all teams at all positions. We are doing something wrong in our teaching and training. I would be more on board if it weren’t for all the injuries. Look at Lorenzen and other pitchers . Their upper body looks like a weight lifting champion. There is nothing wrong with weight training if done properly and not over done. Today’s philosophy is about getting maximum velocity and spin rates. That comes with a cost. I just took a look at the Reds pitching stats. The starters were pretty good not so long ago but the whole staff’s stats as a whole aren’t that good as of today. It is troubling that Greene keeps having arm issues. It makes you wonder how well he will hold up over the long haul. I know for me ,after many years of experience, I prefer the Wade Miley, Tom Glavine and Greg Maddox type of pitcher. They have pitching down to a fine art.

      • sixpack

        There is nothing wrong with natural speed and work on pitch approach for spin. Straight balls, at any speed, are hittable. Some arms just do not hold up to the strain. I like what I’m seeing with the new approach. Just an opinion.

      • DaveCT

        Part of this for me is that we are still in uncharted territory given the 2020 season, or lack thereof, and the lack of training facilities for a great many guys during the layoff (although Hunter had, I’m pretty sure, access to top facilities during his rehab). Clubs are being ultra conservative this year with rehabbing and/or resting guys, especially pitchers, with a baseball epidemic of joint and muscle injuries. Reading MLTR several times a day is like reading a wait list at a doctor’s office. It’s pretty eye opening, to me, anyway.

        Rece Hinds is another example to talk about. From what I gather, Hinds is built pretty well, which might include the description of a certain type of house made of bricks. And he’s also lost considerable time to muscle injuries. Question is, is he over-training or under-training? Or improperly training for baseball? My guess is the new hitting strategy with the Reds, to make it consistent from top to bottom, also is bringing training for hitters/fielders up to the present.

        One if the most discouraging things I ever read about this organization was a testimony from one of our pitchers (I’m thinking the Robert Stephenson era of prospects) who said there was virtually no common thread from Rookie ball to the ML’s, and that in addition to multiple coaches with multiple approaches, these young guys were left to figure things out on their own. How many of these kids didn’t fulfill their prospects due to this? That seems like a huge loss to me. Penny wise. Pound foolish. So at a minimum, put me on the side of at least trying a unified approach. If the Boddy method works well, we should see a wave of good performance.

    • RojoB

      The word on Greene is that he is an avid student of pitching.

      The flamethrowing is a gift. The pitching is a skill that he seems committed to developing.

  3. Old Big Ed

    The Reds list McLain at 5’11”, on which I hereby call BS. If McLain is 5’11”, then the base umpire was Dirk Nowitzki.

    Not that being small and strong is a handicap. I’m thrilled with him.

    • MK

      The umpire was Jen Pawol and I am 5’10” and have stood next to her and I would say she was shorter than me.

      I fact I commented that her height, not her skills would keep her out of the big leagues. Do not think she could see over Tyler Stephenson when he is in his crouch.

      so judging height compared to Jen is probably off a little.

      i ad

      • Old Big Ed

        No, the base umpire who was moving toward third base. That guy looked like Frank Howard standing next to Fred Patek.

      • MK

        He is a pretty good sized guy I passed him along with Jen he is probably 6’3”

  4. Max BRAGG

    Bell has not been the subject of much talk,but he MUST find a Closer an stick with that person! But Sims cannot handle pressure so he shoul not be in late inning games so Bell STOP!

    • Alan Horn

      If Antone can come back ok, then maybe it is him. Lorenzen and Givens might be able to do it also. He needs to quit doing it by committee. The bad thing is that until very recently all 3 were not available. The awful BP wasn’t on Bell in my opinion. It is on the higher ups.

      • sixpack

        I have questioned Bell on his bull pen use for years now and will continue until he is gone. He just never seems to make good decisions, as they never seem to work. Again, just my observation of results. GO REDS!

      • Doug Gray

        Maybe they don’t work out because he doesn’t have enough good options.

      • Jim t

        Alan Bell is not employing a standard one guy for the 9th inning but e used his best for the toughest situation. Such as last night when he used Lorenzen and Givens to handle the top and middle of the order and Sims got 7-9. The only issue was Sims walked the 9th hitter and the lead off man hit the HR.

      • Alan Horn

        The only problem Jim is when you use your best early then most every situation in latter innings becomes your toughest situation. The bottom line Bell seems to have a shortage of dependable talent in the BP.

      • Alan Horn

        I was going to say the same thing Doug. You have to have something to work with and the Reds haven’t in the BP until recently and that is still open to debate.

    • Jefferson Green

      He did stick with Hembree. Not many are pleased with where that got them.

  5. MK

    Although a 2-year-old draftee Roa certainly had an outstanding first appearance with the Dragons as well.

  6. Jim t

    Bell handled his pen perfectly last night. Lorenzen and Givens handled the top and heart of the order and if Sims didn’t walk the ninth hitter reds win.

    I’m aware many want to see pitchers throw multiple innings but over the course of a season with how the games are played that isn’t happening.

    • MK

      It is an analytical thing in the 21st Century game but must admit I don’t like it. One part that bothers me is the pitchers aren’t conditioned to accomplish it. In Spring Training they will give innings to a couple Class A pitchers rather than let a big league reliever stretch out to two innings in case it might be needed. So would it be better for them to get the win yesterday or save Givens for a chance to pitch today it what could be a win. So I hope I never hear Bell say:We are playing one game at a time.

  7. Redsvol

    lets see a show of hands for those who think Hunter Greene will pitch a normal 100 pitch game again this year………me thinks the odds are not good. I really hope I am wrong and he can get another 20-30 innings in.

  8. MK

    Who the devil is Reynaldo Cruz the Reds signed. His link from transaction page says he last played rookie ball in 2004 and I’d 42 years old.

    • Doug Gray

      I’m convinced its an input error. ReynaRdo Cruz was promoted from the DSL Reds to the ACL Reds last week.