Last night was a big night on the Cincinnati Reds farm. There were huge performances from several of the organizations top prospects. But it may have been a little bit more special for Jay Allen than for anyone else. The 1st round pick (30th overall) was making his professional debut with the Arizona Complex League Reds in a road game against the Angels.

In his first trip to the plate he drew a walk. He would steal a base and score a run on a wild pitch later in the inning. But it was the next trip to the plate that was likely one the 18-year-old will remember forever. Jay Allen unloaded on a pitch and hit it out of Tempe Diablo Stadium. Not over the wall. Well, yes, over the wall, but literally out of the entire stadium.

You can’t see where the ball lands in this video. But Bill Mitchell of Baseball America was at the game, too, and he noted that the ball cleared the hedges beyond the wall at the top of the berm. It’s 400+ feet to get the ball over those hedges and out of the stadium. Jay Allen would add a single later and finish the game 2-3 with a homer and a walk. Not a bad way to make your professional debut.

Jose Barrero has another big game

Big games abound in the minors last night and the biggest may have come from Jose Barrero. The Louisville Bats shortstop had two home runs, a double, and a walk while going 3-4.

To say that Jose Barrero has been on fire of late would be an understatement. He’s hit well all year, but over the last month – stretching 25 games in Triple-A Louisville – he’s hitting .370/.447/.730 with 18 extra-base hits.

Over at Redleg Nation earlier today I wrote about Jose Barrero and just how much longer the team can keep him in Triple-A. It’s time. Figure it out and call him up.

Austin Hendrick crushes one 442 feet in Daytona

Last night saw Austin Hendrick go 4-4 with a double, home run, and three runs scored. It was the first time in his career he picked up four hits in a single game. It was just a continuation of what he’s been doing for the last three weeks. In his last 19 games he’s hitting .318/.464/.621 with 12 extra-base hits.

The home run that Hendrick hit was a big time blast. The Trackman system in Daytona estimated it at 442 feet. That was the longest home run of the season for Hendrick, topping the 434 foot homer that he hit earlier this season.

24 Responses

  1. MK

    The plan for McLain is to play every other day for two weeks with Ivan Johnson at short on his off days. Pretty conservative approach.

  2. Stock

    It would be great to bring up Barrero but where would he play.
    You can’t bench Votto. He is a God again. You can’t bench India. His OPS the last 6 weeks is north of 1.000. You can’t bench Farmer. His OPS the last 6 weeks is north of 0.900. Moustakas and Suarez are proven veterans.

    The Reds already have 5 infielders who should play every day. Well maybe four and Suarez.

      • MK

        But he has been a positive proven commodity, and a positive tram buddy to the stars.

      • Doug Gray

        He can still do both of those starting at third base against left-handed pitchers.

      • Stock

        you can bench Votto for that matter. But if I am Buddy Bell I stick with the player who has been producing in the majors as opposed to the player producing in AAA.

      • Rcsodak

        Wow. So bench one of the best hitters and leave 0’fer Suarez? Really?
        Suarez is as bad as the BP. He loses more games than wins.

      • Doug Gray

        Can you point out where that’s what I said?

        And Kyle Farmer is not one of the best hitters on the Reds. He’s not better than Joey Votto or Jesse Winker or Nick Castellanos or Jonathan India or Tyler Stephenson or Aristides Aquino or Mike Moustakas. Kyle Farmer currently has an 86 OPS+ on the season. He’s trailing all of the guys I mentioned, as well as Tucker Barnhart and Tyler Naquin in OPS+.

        If the Reds want to platoon Moustakas and Farmer at third base, that’s fine by me. Jose Barrero should be the starting shortstop on Saturday afternoon for the Cincinnati Reds.

      • Mjc

        That would be a terrible move . To bench one of the hottest players in all of baseball . Who’s raked and played stellar defense. Performed like an all- star in the field and the box. To consider benching him is ridiculous. Yeah where your fighting for a playoff spot dont really consider benching a guy who’s been super clutch. He’s not what if. He proving it daily

      • Doug Gray

        Kyle Farmer has a .675 OPS in the last two weeks with a .271 on-base percentage. He’s not hot anymore. He’s not performed like an All-Star for the season. He played out of his mind for one month. It was an incredible run. It was fun to watch. But yeah, he’s not hot anymore. He’s a 31-year-old who has had like one good month at the plate in the big leagues.

        Seriously – Kyle Farmer has had one month in his entire big league career with more than 30 plate appearances and an OPS over .790. One. He’s 31-years-old. The idea that you shouldn’t bench him because he had a good 4-week run is absolute insanity.

    • Kindell

      Farmer has cooled off after one really hot month. Let’s also not forgot that he has been very open about the fact that he is playing hurt. He should not be the reason Jose Barrero is in AAA

      • MK

        The analytic stats show him to be one of the top 10 defensive shortstops in Baseball.

  3. Stock

    I think Nick Lodolo was just ranked in one publication as a top 50 prospect.

    He could be outside the top 5 Reds in my ranking at year end. He is behind Greene and Barrero currently. Both these two should be in everyone’s top 25 at YE (as long as Greene’s injury is not serious).

    If Hendrick and Elly De La Cruz have a K% less than 25% and a BB% greater than 8% from now until the end of the year with at least a .200 ISO they both pass Lodolo. If McLain shines he could pass him. It is a long shot but maybe even Ray Allen moves into the conversation.

    • DaveCT

      Gotta take Ray Allen’s sweet 3-point shot every time. Good old autocorrect.

      • Jim

        One of the best days all year for the farm system.
        Barrero deserves a call up but the law of averages says he is due for a slump. Only a few weeks until the roster is expanded.
        Hendrick has had actually a rough year, but I’m finally seeing some hope for him.
        Greene and Lodolo are progressing fine and luckily it’s not me who has that decision.
        Few coming on out of nowhere and just maybe the farm is actually better than any of us think.
        Anyone remember a Jeff Jones? Hit 40+ he’s in AA over 20 yrs ago and then skipped AAA. Anyways that’s probably why most remember him. Don’t think he hit 10 Homer’s the rest of his career.

  4. Mark

    The Reds front office has created this log jam by signing Moustakis to a long term contract. Suarez has under performed for the last two years on this contract this front office gave him a couple years ago. These are their problems because of poor roster management decisions. Just go year to year with these guys and trade them at their peak for future up and coming stars like Tampa Bay does. Smart small market teams like the Reds have to do a better job than others in this area. This front office is lucky that Chris Buckley and his staff are still producing quality Major League talent. Imagine a ML club with Young cheap talents like Winker, India, Stephenson, Barrero, Vladimir Gutierrez, Santillan, Greene, Lodolo, Antone, Elly Delacruz amongst many more on the way.. Major League free agent acquisitions have been poor for this Reds front office outside of Castellanos and he was GIVEN and OPT OUT in his contract which defeats the purpose if you are trying to create a window to win. Why go all the way to Japan to get a 4-5th outfielder like Akiyama, could have picked up a similar player on the waiver wire at minimal price$$$. Poor decisions.

    Jose Barrero is your Future SS for many years to come. Playoff atmosphere is what you need your players to experience if you want to build a winner. Get him up to the Big Club and let him rise to the occasion.

      • Doug Gray

        He doesn’t run the draft anymore, but he’s definitely not gone and he’s higher up in the organization than he was when he was running the draft.

    • Shawn

      I’m sure you,like everyone else, thought the Suarez contract was a steal when it was announced. Mgt has done a lot of things wrong but you can’t blame them for that. I thought it was dumb when they signed Mouskakis. I can’t claim to be real smart tho because I also didn’t like the Castellanos signing. I wanted a SS and Catcher. We ended up with an OFer and 3B. I wonder if the Reds will be willing to eat salary to trade either Suarez or Mouskakis in the off-season?

      • Alan

        Exactly. Two years ago, the conversation was whether the Reds should re-do the deal to give Suarez more money before he became pissed off about how relatively underpaid he was.

    • Mjc

      Everybody is a genius after the fact. Just wandering was you okay with the Suarez long term contract two years ago?

  5. Brad

    The Suarez contract extension was seen as a win for the Reds when it was signed. Borderline, “fire my agent,” stuff from Suarez. He can bounce back from it.

    Reds are stacked with position players. Will be interesting to see what they do when Castellanos opts out. Do they give him a raise to keep him? Does he walk from a qualifying offer and Reds get another Comp A pick in the low 30s? Aquino? Do they trade a position player?

    It would be incredibly impressive if this team makes the playoffs, at this point. 2022 looks exciting from a roster standpoint, with Barrero added to the infield. Hopeful, Senzel and others are healthy. Keep Cessa and Wilson in bullpen. Either resign Lorenzon or add a vet back of bullpen guy. Call Greene or Lodolo up when an extra starter is needed behind Gray, Castillo, Miley, Mahle and Gutierrez.

    Lot to like from a full-season standpoint.

    • Michael


      I am really interested to see what the market looks like for Free Agents next year. Also how will the market bet affected by what looks like a lockout or at least imo a lockout that is coming.

      • Brad

        Yes. I’m curious if Reds raise his 2022/2023 salaries from $16M to $20M and guarantee his 2024 $20M option, if that would be enough for him to stay.