For quite a while this season the Chattanooga Lookouts were winning a lot more games than they were losing. Through 63 games they were 36-27. They got there by winning their 3rd consecutive game. The date was July 18th. They didn’t win back-to-back games again for more than a month. Chattanooga went 8-21 over the next month and three days, falling to 44-48 on the season.

Then they won three straight games, beginning with a win on a Sunday over Rocket City and two straight against the Tennessee Smokies to begin a new series. The Smokies, however, had a COVID-19 outbreak and the remainder of the series was cancelled and the Lookouts were stuck playing scrimmages against themselves for the next week. That didn’t phase Chattanooga, though, as they’ve now won the first three games of their series this week against Birmingham and moved to 50-48 thanks to a 6-game winning streak.

Austin Hendrick to the injured list

On Tuesday Austin Hendrick left the Daytona Tortugas game early, being pinch-hit for in the bottom of the 4th inning. In the top half of the inning he did field a single, but remained in the game. He didn’t play on Wednesday, but on Thursday afternoon he was placed on the injured list in Daytona with a sprained left wrist.

Dauri Moreta now has a 0.76 ERA

It’s to the point that it’s comical that Dauri Moreta is still in the minor leagues. Last night the right-handed reliever threw another shutout inning in Louisville. That dropped his ERA to 0.76 on the season in 36 games and 47.1 innings. His ERA in Triple-A is still 0.00 in 18 games (20.2 innings). Between his two stops this season he’s allowed just 26 hits, walked just nine batters, and he’s struck out 55.

Lorenzo Cedrola keeps on raking in Chattanooga

Last night Lorenzo Cedrola went 2-4 with a home run. It was his 7th homer of the year and it was just a continuation of much of what he’s done all season long. On the year he’s hitting .314/.344/.452. He’s not walking much, but he’s picking up a bunch of hits (career high 114 and counting) and he’s showing enough power to keep pitchers and defenses honest. But he’s really been on a roll over the last month plus. In the last 26 games, dating back to late July, he’s hitting .339/.362/.505 for the Lookouts.

11 Responses

  1. Norwood Nate

    Cedrola has set a career high in XBH this season and has easily surpassed his highest HR total for a season. Moreta at the very least should contend for a bullpen spot next season, but it’s hard to understand why he wasn’t given a shot this season.

    On a side note: Looks like former Reds minor leaguer, Jose Siri, is getting called up by the Astros. Saw he’s had a really good year for their AAA team. Wish him well, was always hoping he’d put all his tools together for the Reds.

  2. Doc

    What are the betting odds that when Moreta is called up he gives up at least one run in his first two appearances?

    • Bred

      Well, first they need to bring him up. Maybe the FO subscribes to your prediction and are waiting for him to cool off and give up a few runs before calling him up.

    • Max BRAGG

      If he gives up a run every other game he is still better than 1/3 than some we have now LOL.

  3. Jeremy

    If he does get called up, I don’t him getting regular use under Bell. I would much rather see a third catcher brought up

    • Luke J

      On the list of people I’d like to bring up, a third catcher isn’t on it. What need are you trying to fill? There isn’t really a catcher in the farm right now ready to meaningfully contribute, while we have 2 that are contributing well (and a third playing short).

    • PTBNL

      You’ve been caring for him??? Is there something wrong with him or does he need a little TLC.

  4. TDub

    Does anyone know when Hunter Greene is scheduled to pitch again? I believe Tuesday 9/7 is the day, Doug can you confirm? I want to make the trip down to watch him if that’s the day he pitches. Thanks I’m advance for the help!

    • Doug Gray

      That would be his turn in the rotation, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll pitch that day, either.