There wasn’t much of a 2021 season for Tyler Callihan. He had been out to a quality start for the Low-A Daytona Tortugas, but his season didn’t quite make it a full month. On June 2nd he injured himself in the field while making a play at second base. That injury would result in the need for Tommy John surgery that kept him out the remainder of the year.

Tyler Callihan Stats

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Tyler Callihan Scouting Report

Position: Second Base | B/T: L/R

Height: 6′ 1″ | Weight: 205 lbs | Acquired: 3rd round (2019)

Born: June 22, 2000

Hitting | He has an above-average hit tool.

Power | He has above-average raw power.

Speed | Callihan is a below-average runner.

Defense | He’s a below-average fielder

Arm | He showed an average arm.

When it comes to Tyler Callihan the first thing you look at is the bat. He’s got a chance to hit for a good average and for above-average power. Unfortunately for Callihan he hasn’t been able to get a ton of time on the field since being drafted. After half of a season in 2019 after he was drafted he missed the 2020 season along with everyone else and then the injury in 2021 cost him most of the season this past year, too.

When he’s been on the field, Callihan has shown above-average hit and raw power tools. In 2021 he walked nearly as often as he did in 2019 despite having less than half as many plate appearances. He also significantly cut down on the rate in which he struck out. It was just one month, but it was a good month with a very good contact rate.

While most evaluators feel comfortable with the future of the bat for Tyler Callihan, they mostly feel uncomfortable about exactly where he’s going to wind up on the field. He some third base and second base back in 2019 coming out of the draft with Greeneville and Billings, but in 2021 he spent all of his time – granted it was just a month – at second base. If he’s going to stick at second base he’s likely to be a below-average defender there because of limited range.

Tyler Callihan Spray Chart

Interesting Stat on Tyler Callihan

There wasn’t much of a season to really hash out something truly interesting, but this one was fun even if it’s rather meaningless – Callihan hit over .300 every day of the week except for Sunday, where he hit just .143 (2-14).

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12 Responses

  1. Matt

    Granted a small sample, but I like that spray chart. # of hits of 7/7/10 to L/C/R. When he hit them out there they got down most of the time (against A ball defense, but still).

    I don’t know a whole lot about TJ with position players. From June 2nd to minors spring training is about 9 months. Is that traditionally enough recovery time?

  2. Old Big Ed

    Callihan is like Rece Hinds, in that both have had injury-hampered stints with the Reds, coupled with being marooned by 2020. There are a lot of guys in all of baseball who had their development hurt by 2020, which will make for interesting opportunities in about 2-3 years for both teams and players when teams have to decide to protect them.

    I like Callihan and hope he gets 450 ABs in 2022. If he can hit, they can find a place to play him.

  3. DaveCT

    A healthy season snd, more so, a breakout by Callihan would be another boost to the middle infield, though it’s hard seeing him beating out Ivan Johnson or others more profiled at 2B. Maybe he ends up being a 1B/LF/DH type of guy given the pop in his bat. But with Barrero, McClain, Johnson, Torres, De la Cruz, and others with plus defense

    • Tom

      He was one of the better HS bats in his class and was off to a fine start this past season. Perhaps he and Hinds end up in that DH/1B gap in 2024 or 2025.

  4. RedsGettingBetter

    Callihan looks like has no chance at 2nd base with the Reds right now and near future while India is locked in. Maybe at 3rd base it is more likely in next 2 years. Also he could be a good trade chip…

  5. Redsvol

    I think a couple of the infielders are trade chips in the near future. Of course the leverage would be increased by a strong 2022 minor league season by a couple of them. Seems like this is the year to try Hinds in the outfield and maybe McClain too. Callahan has lost so much development time due to COVID and injury that he is way behind where he should be so it’s an uphill climb. I hope he has a great upcoming season.

  6. Randall Hockenbury

    Callihan is a guy to watch next year for sure! Of the BIG 3 in Daytona this year (Hendrick, Hinds, Callihan) he definitely looked the most comfortable playing pro ball before his injury. Hinds came back on fire after his injury and I would definitely say he has more “upside” than the other two but don’t sleep on Tyler.