On Thursday evening I was able to get my grubby hands on a whole bunch of video clips out of Goodyear from minor league camp. There will be more added to youtube over the next few days, but last night I was able to get videos of Elly De La Cruz, Rece Hinds, and Jay Allen posted.

Last year’s 30th overall pick in the draft, Jay Allen was considered to be a bit raw on the baseball field because unlike most high-end draft prospects these days he wasn’t focused solely on baseball throughout high school. In his limited action after the draft he showed anything but that as he crushed the ball in the Arizona Complex League, hitting .328/.400/.557 with three home runs in 19 games played. While he did rake last year and certainly isn’t off of anyone’s radar, he feels like a guy who could really take that next step in 2022 with a good showing in full season ball.

When early minor league camp started the Reds were going to be trying Rece Hinds in the outfield. After having some struggles in his limited action at third base (sub .900 fielding percentage), the move did make some sense. It seems like that move may be sticking because while some players are listed as IF/OF on the official Reds spring training roster releases, Hinds is simply listed as outfielder.

Just like in 2021, Elly De La Cruz is once again the talk of the farm system in 2022. While full minor league camp only began a week ago, De La Cruz was in early minor league camp and the tools were catching the eyes of everyone. It will probably be tough to make more of a splash than he did in 2021 when he seemingly came out of nowhere to vault himself into the Top 100 prospects in the game. He is going to be more visible, though. Whether he returns to Daytona or moves up to Dayton – he’s going to get to play a full season in 2022 instead of half of one like in 2021. And if he’s going to start the year in Dayton then thanks to MiLB.tv it’ll be easy to watch him on an almost daily basis.

James Marinan was added to the 40-man roster in November in order to protect him from the Rule 5 draft. Of course the Rule 5 draft never happened thanks to the lockout, but also thanks to the lockout, Marinan hasn’t been in Goodyear for camp. But he’s been putting in the work on his own and it appears he was reaching back for 99 MPH this offseason.

Raises for 40-man minor leaguers

We are still finding out some of the things that were negotiated in the latest CBA, but one of the things is that players on the 40-man roster who are in the minors are getting a raise. In the last CBA players with no big league time made $46,600 the first year and then $93,000 for the second and third years. That is being bumped up in the latest deal and it grows each year. Here are the new numbers:

Year 1st Year 2nd/3rd Year
2022 $57,200 $114,100
2023 $58,800 $117,400
2024 $60,300 $120,600
2025 $62,000 $123,900
2026 $63,600 $127,100


11 Responses

  1. Alan Horn

    All three drop their back shoulder when they swing. Are they teaching that now? That was a bad fault back in the day. Kind of like a pitcher being taught to deliver standing pretty straight up. That is an arm injury waiting to happen versus the drop and drive putting the stress of throwing on the legs and back versus the arm with the straight up delivery. The downhill projection is supposed to make the ball harder to hit at the expense of arm injury. I have to wonder if they develop pitchers for the short term now since they will likely loose them to arm injury or free agency.

    • Billy

      The shoulder doesn’t matter. Its the bat/hands being on plane with the ball.

  2. Bourgeois Zee

    A couple of notes:

    – Rece Hinds is in great shape. He’s obviously taking professional baseball seriously enough to keep his body in tip-top condition.

    – Anyone else see a lot of Eric Davis’s swing in De La Cruz? Maybe it’s the stringbean length and high leg kick. Maybe it’s just the talent. To me, they look a lot alike.

    • Redsvol

      I’m with you on Hinds. That guy looks like a linebacker. He was pudgy when I saw him in Greeneville a few years ago. Its clear he is taking his conditioning seriously. Of the 3, I like Hinds’s swing the best. It seems more repeatable and compact.

      I can see why some prognosticators aren’t as high on De La Cruz. His height complicates his swing by quite a bit. He doesn’t seem to square of the ball as well as the others. He sure looks athletic though. Like all young players, he is going to have to back off the plate and learn to drive the ball to opposite field instead of trying to pull everything – which causes a lot of ground balls. Ground balls in the minors might lead to singles and triples but in the majors they are usually easy outs.

      • Redsrelative

        Not sure who you were looking at, Rece Hinds has never been pudgy, ever. From a kid to now he’s gone from lean to full muscle. He’s now a man and a few yrs ago a teen but never pudgy…he does take his baseball fitness seriously.

  3. LDS

    These guys need to progress well and quickly. I suspect breakouts from some of these prospects may be the best we fans can hope for at the ML level.

  4. Optimist

    Am I missing something or is the non-MLB, but on the 40 man roster pay raise not a big deal? Seems like a very good get by MLBPA for the majority of their members, and a good starting spot for the next CBA. Amazingly enough, the owners should be pushing this as well – control the big costs, add to the lesser expenses.

    • BK

      I’m not sure this helps, but for comparison, I looked at NBA Two-way players. Each team can have up to two and these players and they bounce between the G League and NBA somewhat like 40-man roster players do. They make $84,414 this season plus the prorated minimum for games they are active with their NBA team. Salary for other G League players (more akin to other AAA players) is $37K for this season.

      • Michael

        Correct BK and the max they can do is 45 days on the NBA team (still makes for a pretty good check)

  5. Dan

    Hinds looks more electric than De La Cruz just watching the videos. That long frame must sneak in more bat speed than it appears I guess

  6. DaveCT

    Hinds. Wow. Looks like he could play strong safety if he wanted to try the NFL. And the bat speed isn’t too shabby either.