This season I’m going to try something a little bit different each Monday during the regular season. With no games taking place in the minors on Monday it feels like a good time to post highlights that maybe didn’t get into another post during the week.

The Louisville Bats

Things didn’t go well for Louisville in their opening series against St. Paul, but while the team was having some struggles Lorenzo Cedrola certainly wasn’t. The outfielder picked up eight hits, including his first home run of the season. After hitting .320 in Double-A Chattanooga last season, Cedrola is once again hitting .320 this season.

The hits didn’t quite fall frequently for Jake Bauers in the first week, but he walked five times with just four strikeouts, and he found some power along the way, too. Two of his four hits went for extra bases, including the home run that he hit on Sunday afternoon.

The Dayton Dragons

At the non-Triple-A level last week teams only played three games. Rece Hinds only played in two of those games for Dayton, but he picked up two hits in each of those games. On Sunday in the first game for Dayton he provided the teams only two hits, including his first home run of the season.

Alex McGarry had a nice second game on Sunday in the Dragons double header. He picked up a hit, a walk, a stolen base, scored two runs, and he drove in two runs. His hit was an absolute laser beam of a home run that he pulled over the wall in right field.

Not all of the highlights are of hitters. Andrew Abbott tossed 4.0 innings over the weekend in his first start of the season and allowed just one run while picking up four strikeouts.

Evan Kravetz came on in relief on Sunday and was dominant as he struck out five of the six batters he faced in two perfect innings of work.

The Daytona Tortugas

Julian Aguiar didn’t pitch much after being the Reds 12th round draft pick last season. His 2022 debut with the Tortugas was worth the wait as he came out and fired 5.0 perfect innings and struck out seven batters.

Jay Allen had a strong debut after being the 30th overall pick in the 2021 draft. He was promoted to Daytona to begin this season and he’s continuing to rake. Allen went 5-10 with a double, two steals, three runs, two RBI, and he walked three times as he’s hit .500/.643/.600 through the opening series of the season.

Yerlin Confidan is coming off of a 2021 season that saw him win the Arizona Complex League MVP Award. Now in Daytona he’s picking up where he left off. Through three games he’s hitting .400/.538/.500.

Chase Petty made his organizational debut this past week after being acquired from the Minnesota Twins in spring training. He allowed a run in 4.0 innings and struck out three batters for Daytona. I can’t verify Justin Rocke’s claim about the legality of the slider.

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  1. Doug Gray

    If you’re wondering why there are no Chattanooga Lookouts highlights it’s because they have not offered any up for consumption. Both Louisville and Dayton have a file-sharing situation for the media for the home games, and down in Daytona we’ve got Justin Rocke publishing videos from their in-house video feed.

  2. Stock

    The teams are collectively 5-10 but still quite promising for the prospects. Siani is making me look bad for dropping him out of my top 25. Aguier was never even considered but can’t beat his first start.

    Jay Allen: 3 BB/1 K. 1.243 OPS (7% K%)
    Mike Siani: 5 BB/1 K. 1.490 OPS
    Yerlin Confidan: 3 BB/3 K 1.038 OPS (23% K%)
    Rece Hinds: 3 BB/3 K 1.333 OPS (33% K%)
    Jake Bauers: 5 BB/4 K. 0.819 OPS
    Alejo Lopez: 5 BB/2 K. 0.638 OPS
    TJ Friedl: 4 BB/4 K. 0.891 OPS

    Julian Aguiar: 46.67% (K%-BB%) GO/AO 1.0, WHIP 0.00
    Chase Petty: 18.75% (K%-BB%) GO/AO 3.5, WHIP 1.00
    Evan Kravitz: 83.33% (K%-BB%) GO/AO 0.0, WHIP 0.00
    Connor Phillips: 10.53% (K%-BB%) GO/AO 1.0, WHIP 1.00
    Andrew Abbott: 21.06% (K%-BB%) GO/AO 1.67, WHIP 1.75
    Ricky Karcher: 40.00% (K%-BB%) GO/AO —, WHIP 2.00
    Graham Ashcraft: 20.00% (K%-BB%) GO/AO 1.33, WHIP 2.40

    • MBS

      I hope Siani is back on tract, that could be a big help. Now the only position I am concerned about is 1B. We don’t have a top 30 prospect at 1B, and we will need 1 by 24 most likely. I am way outside the box with my choice, Confidan. He’s got the perfect body for 1B, it would be a shame to waste that arm, but he is a LH glove, he’s tall, he hits for power, and he’s not a good defensive OF. Our current direction with the club seems to be faster and more athletic players, so adding a fast 1B would be nice. I’m obviously not married to Confidan at 1B, but he seems to be a good prospect to switch to 1B.

      • DaveCT

        Watching Confidan run after hitting that double (above), it occurred to me he may not be all that athletic. I’ve been bullish on him in RF, but I also wonder if he’s athletic enough even for 1st. Seems like the bat will play either corner OF or 1B though.

  3. DaveCT

    Abbott’s first K in the video looked like a change. Maybe that’s just by today’s standard, i.e., 88 mph changeups.

    Kravitz has some interesting breaking stuff. one pitch looks like a cutter, the other a slurvy pitch. seems to command things pretty well.

    I like the way Aguiar uses his fastball.

  4. DaveCT

    I’ve been hesitant to get too enthusiastic about Cedrolla, fair or unfair, because he lacks size. He’s likely gonna have to prove himself not only at every level but every year. Again, fair or unfair. But, the same team that drafted Mookie Betts drafted Cedrolla, and he was well thought of by the Red Sox, no slouches in drafting and signing talent. Someone mentioned here if Cedrolla can continue to develop more pop, particular HR pop, we may have something. Its hard to see him beating out the uber athletes like Senzel, Cerda, Jay Allen, CF. However, he could have pretty good value as contact hitting, defenses oriented 4th OF with some power.

    • MBS

      I’m probably that poster. I’m a big fan, but I agree with you, Cedrola is probably going to top out as a 4th OF. I’d rather have him than Aquino, but that’s because I’d value a high BA guy vs a high Power guy on the bench.

      We should see less pinch hitting with the addition of the DH in the NL. If the primary responsibility was to PH, I’d probably keep Aquino. He’s got a lot of pop, and that can change a scoreboard real fast.

      Cedrola I’d feel more comfortable with starting 40 games, and being able to get good AB’s out of him.

      • DaveCT

        Wonders never cease. At this point, I would not be surprised if he was a the next Altuve. All he’s done is achieve snd, likely, overachieve. He’s definitely my sleeper this year. Hands down.

        I guess you could bump Senzel over to a corner, and combine pNaquin and TommyPham.

  5. Bdh

    I really like all 3 pitchers the reds acquired in trades this offseason. Williamson is already on most top 100 lists and I won’t be shocked to eventually see Petty and Phillips join him before the end of the season.

  6. Redsvol

    @doug, very nice additional post with the videos. Love seeing the young guys actually play instead of only statistics. I don’t have time to watch the games. Thanks!

  7. Dan

    Good stuff – thanks Doug!

    I am excited about Jay Allen – that quick bat, plus athleticism, plus plate discipline! :)