The Dayton Dragons began last week with a record of 11-4. The road trip was a big one, with six games against a 10-5 Fort Wayne club. Six games later the Dragons had taken five of the six games and had a record of 16-5. With a winning percentage of .762, Dayton has the best record in all of Minor League Baseball. Out of 120 teams that are currently playing, Dayton’s at the top, but the Chattanooga Lookouts are also showing well with a 13-8 record, good for the 15th best record in the minors.

Things haven’t gone quite as well for Daytona or Louisville. The Tortugas are 9-12 with a .429 winning percentage, which is tied for the 83rd best record. Louisville is 8-16 and their .333 winning percentage is tied for the 107th best record.

Highlight Videos of the Week

Andrew Abbott

In his most recent start, Andrew Abbott struck out 10 Fort Wayne TinCaps. It was his third consecutive start with double-digit strikeouts. He lowered his ERA to 0.86 through 21.0 innings spread out over four games. The lefty also has 35 strikeouts and just 7 walks on the season. His 35 strikeouts lead the league, so do his three wins, and his 0.86 ERA is second.

Matt McLain

With the Tennessee Smokies in town this past week, Matt McLain did his best to show off his power for the in-state team. During the 6-game series, the 2021 1st round pick crushed two doubles, a triple, and two home runs. Through 20 games to begin the 2022 season, McLain is hitting .286/.378/.671 with 14 extra-base hits and 5 stolen bases.

Taylor Motter

Signed on April 22nd, Taylor Motter has given some life to the Louisville Bats offense. After going 0-5 in his debut, he’s gone 6-18 with an OPS of 1.232 – all of it coming last week in five games played against the Columbus Clippers.

Jay Allen

Over the week that was, Jay Allen hit .333/.478/.500 for the Daytona Tortugas as they played on the road against the St. Lucie Mets. That helped push his line to .262/.415/.415 on the season with four doubles, two home runs, and 10 steals in 18 games played.

13 Responses

  1. LDS

    I guess we’ll all be Dayton fans for a while. Look more fun than the Reds.

    • MK

      For the Dragons it seems they are benefiting the way the Previous High A teams in the system have in the past. In the past the very good Div1 guys have bypassed low A in the early and middle parts of the season. The Dragons would get the super prospects. Like Senzel, India, McLain the last few weeks of the season. Look at the quality guys that spent the last few weeks on Daytona last year.This year the Dragons got first crack at them and it is showing on their record.

  2. DaveCT

    Like Jay Allen’s gap power. Very Castellanos-like. And you have to like that athleticism. Kudos to the Reds Scouting for continuing to identify guys with athleticism. Throw JT (Justice) Thompson, Ivan Johnson, Michael Siani, and a kid named De la Cruz in there, too. Can’t wait to get a look at Almonte in rookie ball.

  3. MBS

    Since the Reds are such a bummer, I made the 2024 Reds depth chart with zero current Reds.

    LF Allen, CF Siani, RF Hinds
    3B Torres, SS De La Cruz, 2B McLain, 1B Hendrix
    C Vellogin, DH Confidan

    C Miller, U Callihan, U Johnson, OF Cedrola

    • Coachalexhogsett

      Why would you make a 2024 depth chart without Stephenson, India and Berrios?

      • MBS

        Just for fun, It wasn’t to predict the future, just to construct a team that had no major league experience. Obviously all of these guys won’t make it, and Stephenson and India are good players.

  4. DaveCT

    I think in two years Senzel, India, Stephenson and Barrero will still be here (don’t forget catchers play in the infield). And, then, I would say one of the middle infielder’s will become 1B. Perhaps even Senzel or Stephenson. I agree McLain goes to 2B. I’m not sure Torres will supplant Barrero at SS. Barrero is that good defensively. . I do think as India matures physically, he’ll shift back to 3B. De La Cruz will stay at short until he plays himself off of the position. So 25 or beyond.. But he’s not entirely likely to be up here in 24. I do like what Torres has shown so far. He seems to be a guy who we should not underestimate. Could be a perfect SS/2B utility guy. As could any number on the middle infielders AA or above (Johnson, Miguel Hernandez — not to be underestimated IMO. Even Alejo. Of the outfielders left fielders, really) who might transition to play first after Joey, I really hoped it’d be Winker. I believe this trade devastated Jesse. I think he saw himself as Joey’s heir. Who knows, maybe he’ll be back). But of the higher minors and ML, the best candidate for 1B is Tyler Stephenson, given both the tangible and intangible skills he presents. He’s very talented. Or as above, Senzel. That said, Hinds has too much swing and miss as it now stands. I like him in RF. But it’s time for him to improve this year. JT Thompson may pass him, and also plays CF Hendrick is still striking out a lot. He may be a platoon with Hines higher up. Its cool to think on this however. I do all the time.

    • DaveCT

      Moderator, remove the d-a-m-n reference if needed.

  5. Kindell

    That hustle play by Allen on the last play of the clip was so awesome. It is such a game changer to have guys that can get into scoring position with any small mistake made by the defense.

  6. Matt

    Petty and Boyle going for Daytona and Dayton tonight. Chattanooga and Louisville still listed as TBD. Regardless, good pitching lineup for the MiLB teams tonight. And Mahle on the bump for Cincinnati.


    Mahle to the pen???? Guy is not developing as a starter.