The news on the transaction sheet from the Cincinnati Reds wasn’t great on Thursday afternoon. Rece Hinds, who last played on Tuesday, was placed on the injured list in Dayton with a broken hamate bone. There seems to be a bunch of these injuries this season for the organization. During spring training Jose Barrero, Juniel Querecuto, and Daniel Vellojin all dealt with the injury. Miguel Hernandez suffered a broken hamate last month, too. Recovery time can be anywhere from 4-8 weeks depending on how things work out, but even with that time frame, players usually take a bit of time after that to return to full power (particularly in the power department).

For Rece Hinds this is just another injury that he’s unfortunately had to deal with that’s keeping him off of the field. The year he was drafted he played in three games before a quad injury cost him the remainder of the season. In 2020 he was healthy, but there was no minor league season for him to play in – he did spend time at the Reds alternate site to get some playing time in not-quite game environments. Then last season he missed more than two months after a knee injury.

Esmith Pineda’s hot start

Back in January the Reds signed a handful of players from around the world as a part of their 2021-2022 international signing class. One of the bigger names among that group was outfielder Esmith Pineda from Panama. He had represented the country in the Little League World Series several years ago and was a big name in the country for the last signing period.

The 17-year-old hit his 2nd home run of the season for the Dominican Summer League Reds in just his 12th game. We’re dealing in a small sample size here, but the right-handed hitter is out to a fantastic start to his professional career. He’s hitting .359/.444/.538 with a double, two home runs, six walks, 10 RBI, and eight strikeouts in 45 plate appearances.

Joe Boyle keeps doing Joe Boyle things

Thursday night saw Joe Boyle take the mound in Dayton and he did what he’s done all year – dominate the opposing lineup. Boyle allowed one hit in 4.0 shutout innings while walking three and striking out six. The outing lowered his ERA to 0.72 on the season. It was his 11th start of the year. The hit that he allowed was the 14th. Just in case you weren’t sure if you read that right or that maybe I made a mistake, I will type that again in a slightly different way: Joe Boyle has allowed 14 hits through his 11 starts this season.

6 Responses

  1. Matt

    Man, if Boyle can find the strike zone. Even get down to a 3 or 4 BB/9, he seems to have the stuff to be successful with that.

  2. MK

    Too bad about Hines. He has made great strides defensively.

  3. wutinthehail

    Joe Boyle’s walk rate of kind of *eesh**

  4. SteveO

    Doug, a write up on James Free might be warranted soon. He’s having a really good 1st half and may be in serious contention to be added to the 40 man roster this offseason. Best hitting C in the upper minors and is a Switch hitter that can also play 1B. Right now best option to be backup to Stephenson in 2023?

  5. Luke J

    From watching Boyle, if he stays on tops of his pitches, his controls is very good. His arm angle is basically straight over the top and when he stays over the top he is not wild at all. If he lets his arm drop even a little he is extremely wild. I think he just needs to work on focus to keep that arm over the top of his pitches. And when he does, watch out! That 12-6 curve, given his arm slot, is filthy.