Elly De La Cruz had himself a good day on Thursday. Early in the afternoon he was named to the 2022 Futures Game along with Andrew Abbott as the two Cincinnati Reds representatives. That was just a snack for what was going to come later on. De La Cruz played in both games of a Dayton Dragons doubleheader and he went 4-6 with a walk, a stolen base, and he hit three home runs.

In the first game of the doubleheader, Elly De La Cruz homered from both sides of the plate and hit them both near the concession stand out in left field. In game two he homered the other way into right field from the right side of the plate. That home run also appeared to have knocked a fan out after the ball hit him in the head. While it’s not shown in the video below, the man did sit back up shortly after he was struck and lurched over to the ground.

After the big night, Elly De La Cruz is now hitting .302/.357/.597 with 13 doubles, 6 triples, 18 home runs, and he has 26 stolen bases in 30 attempts on the season. He’s among the Top 5 in the Midwest League in runs hits, triples, home runs, RBI, steals, average, slugging percentage, and OPS.

Javi Rivera named Pitcher of the Month

The Florida State League announced that Javi Rivera was named as the Pitcher of the Month for June. The right-handed pitcher was dominant for Daytona, pitching in five games and allowing just one earned run over 18.2 innings. That’s a 0.48 ERA for those of you keeping track at home. Rivera allowed just eight hits and walked just three batters while striking out 24 during the month. His WHIP was 0.59. Opponents managed to hit just .127/.179/.206 against him during that stretch.

Cincinnati selected Javi Rivera with their 20th round pick in last years draft. It was their final pick, taking him out of Florida Atlantic where he posted a 4.83 ERA in 78.1 innings. He didn’t pitch in any professional games last year. This season he’s spent the entire year with the Tortugas down in Florida and after his outstanding month of June, he’s got a 2.76 ERA in 58.2 innings this season to go along with just four home runs allowed out of 43 hits, he’s walked just 11 batters, and he’s picked up 70 strikeouts along the way.

6 Responses

  1. Zach

    Love seeing EDLC hit 3 HR in a day. He’s been fun to watch.

    As many of us have said, his strikeout rate is concerning. Looking at minor league leader boards, he has one of the highest K/BB ratio of the top prospects 20 years or younger. It’s almost a statistical outlier (source is fangraphs). However, he is the leader of home runs in this group as well.

    I’m wondering if the reds farm system is prioritizing power over strikeouts. Look at McLain, Hendricks, Hinds, Nelson, and many other prospects as an example.

    Jay Allen is the only one with decent numbers

  2. MK

    Wonder if it is time to work out Barrero in the outfield. Alot of good shortstop options on the way. I could see him in center, while sliding Senzel over to left.

    • Andrew

      Curious, Senzel has seemed very good in CF. Why move Senzel instead of trying Jose in a corner spot?

      • Matt

        Who is the best defensive SS? That’s the guy I’d leave at SS.

        Thinking optimistically, 2024: C Stephenson, 1B McGarry, 2B India, 3B/SS/RF de la Cruz / Barrero / McLain, LF Cerda, CF Senzel.

        Not accounting for possible surges by Quintana (looks good in 2022), Fairchild (good in AAA this year), hopefully the draft pick in a couple weeks is a power hitting OF who pans out quickly.

      • LDS

        I thought I’d seen somewhere where EDLC wants to stay at SS. Likewise, I thought I’d read that Barrero was the best defensive SS in the system. My guess is EDLC has the best tools on the team and could manage the move to the OF quite well. Senzel is already 27. EDLC is 7 years younger. Senzel seems to be doing well at the moment but historically, that could end at any moment.