With the 73rd overall pick in the 2022 Major League Baseball Draft the Cincinnati Reds have selected Justin Boyd, an outfielder out of Oregon State.

Justin Boyd Scouting Report

Height: 6′ 0″ | Weight: 210

Bats: Right | Throws: Right | Position: Outfield

Highest Ranking: 133rd (Baseball America)

The profile for Justin Boyd is an interesting one. He shows four average to above-average tools, but the one below-average one doesn’t fit his positional profile well. Boyd only played every day as a junior at Oregon State, but hit .373 in 2022. His hit tool, though, grades out as an average one at the next level despite carrying such a high average as a junior. It’s his power that is a bit of a concern. He did slug .577 this season, but scouts project his power as below-average as a professional.

Defensively he’s been a corner outfielder. With below-average power that makes it a tough fit as a corner guy. That said he does have plenty of speed, so it could be an option to slide him into center and see if his speed and getting more experience there can make it work because his bat profiles a lot better in center than it does in the corners.

Justin Boyd Video

Justin Boyd College Stats

2021 88 4 2 0 10 1 10 16 .301 .395 .411
2022 308 14 4 9 53 24 52 58 .373 .490 .577
Totals 396 18 6 9 63 25 62 74 .357 .469 .538

Instant Reaction

If the Reds believe that he can play center then this pick makes a lot of sense. He can run, has a good idea of the strikezone, has a good arm, and is expected to hit for a solid average. The lower end power doesn’t matter as much in center. But if he has to play in the corners his profile with the lower expected power output really means he would have to max out everything else in his game to be an every day player.

Scouting Director Joe Katuska on Justin Boyd

“Justin Boyd was a guy that really grew on us this year. We hadn’t seen him a whole lot in the past, but scouted that team heavily this spring and he stood out for his athleticism, bat to ball skills, and we think he’s a great fit in center field for us.”

“We just really liked the profile. We got strong support from the scouts, strong support from the analytics. He’s athletic, he’s played multiple positions. He had a teammate that generally played center field so he moved around to all three outfield spots. And he’s played on the infield dirt before, so we see a lot of versatility, athleticism, and upside in his package.”

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11 Responses

  1. Bdh

    Glad the reds went with 4 position players today! They already had got 3 high end pitchers in the preseason trades and could be getting more in their hauls at the trade deadline.

  2. SteveO

    Doug, assuming all 4 sign, where would you rank them in your prospect list right now?

    • Doug Gray

      No clue. Need to talk to more people who I trust who have seen them play.

  3. BK

    I watched him play a few games this season. From my untrained eye, Boyd is solid in the field and should be able to play CF just fine. OSU’s top position player draft prospect was their CF. Both are outstanding OF, Boyd had the better arm. I suspect that’s why he played RF vs. CF.

  4. Hanawi

    Given that they chose 4 positions players tonight, how much would you read into that when assessing a Luis Castillo deal? Do you you think they are targeting pitching as trade pieces for him? Might make sense, since they have more of a track record to evaluate.

    • Bdh

      I think the draft picks being all position players had more to do with getting 3 highly rated pitchers + a young controllable MLB pitcher in trades before the season started.
      Any trades they make at the deadline need to be the best possible returns regardless of position IMO. With that said I would like to see them get a top OF prospect though

  5. RedsGettingBetter

    Brock Porter is still available so the Reds could go for him in 3rd round if another teams pass on .. would it make sense? Also, Could the Reds look for another College OF among the available? There are some names ranked 100+ staying undrafted such as Joe Lampe, Tres Gonzalez, Jace Grady, Anthony Hall that could be picked up…

    • BK

      Every year some of the top HS players go undrafted based on the players’ preference to go to college. That’s likely why Porter and other highly ranked players are still on the board.

      • Will

        Read an article last night saying teams were staying away from Porter. He’s signed with Clemson, he’s trying to play off that to get a bigger signing bonus

    • Old Big Ed

      The Rangers just took him in the 4th round. They have already signed Kumar Rocker for about $1.5 mm below slot, so they have some room to pay Porter well over slot.

      Good play by the Rangers. They likely knew that they were in the drivers seat on slot money and Porter.

  6. Bdh

    If Cannon from Georgia is available at the reds next selection then that’s who I’d go with. 6’6 with a good fastball and changeup. Only 12 walks in 13 starts