When Jay Allen II joined the Dayton Dragons on August 16th he went into a slump over the first seven games, picking up just three hits in his first 30 at-bats. The outfielder got August 26th off.

When he returned to the lineup on Saturday the 27th he picked up four hits on the night and he hasn’t looked back since then getting his in five of the next six games, and the only one he didn’t get a hit in he still reached base twice in the game and scored two runs. Since August 27th he’s hit .464/.529/.643 with a double and two triples.

He also decided to flash some speed and leather, too. Check out this catch he made earlier this week:


It finally happened for Chase Petty

In order to qualify for a win in baseball a starting pitcher has to complete at least 5.0 innings. Chase Petty, who was among the youngest pitchers in the Florida State League and is the youngest starting pitcher in the Midwest League. With his age and the still unknown variables in play with missing most of or all of 2020 on the mound, he’s been very limited in his pitch count as the organization has tried to keep him on the mound all season, but limit his overall usage.

Entering Sunday’s start in the Dragons doubleheader, Petty had throws 5.0 innings just six times on the season. In two of those starts he left having not allowed a run, in another one he left having allowed just one run, and in another he had allowed just two runs. Despite pitching well he had not picked up a win in any of those games. All of that ended on Sunday when he tossed 5.0 shutout innings for Dayton and left the game with a 5-0 lead that the bullpen held on for as the team completed a 7-0 shutout win. And with the team win it also meant that Chase Petty finally got to see a non-zero in the win column on his stats page.

101 will knock your…. hat off?

Luis Mey throws harder than anyone in the farm system. He has routinely touched 100 this season and topped out even higher. On Saturday night he was bringing the top end velocity, hitting 102 MPH with one pitch – but it was a ball. He hit 101 on another pitch in the inning and this one was a strike that the batter couldn’t catch up to. But the best part of it all was that Mey lost his hat in the process.

5 Responses

  1. LDS

    And I see EDLC and Fernando Cruz were the Reds MILB players of the month. Like the ubiquitous Employee of the Month in the corporate world, I’m not sure these awards are really needed, but if they exist, it’s good to win them.

  2. RedBB

    Has been crazy hot lately. Still worried about his power though which has been sparse to none this year..

    • MBS

      I’m just happy Allen is starting to hit. His OBP has been fine, and yes his power has been next to nothing. I bet we’ll see some more power in 23 when he finally makes it to AA, he’s only 19 years old this season. MILB has him as a 50 on power, so 15 to 20 HR’s a year doesn’t seem out of the question for his future.

  3. A Former West Sider

    It’s likely the power will come.
    These are all good signs!


    I had Allen as my Reds minor league Player of the year, but I knew I was wrong by May 31st.
    Lodolo as a pitcher and he only saw the minors on a rehab lol.
    I’ll quit predicting and just complain from now on.