On Wednesday night the Dominican Winter League held their annual draft. Players who have reached Single-A baseball are eligible to be selected by the six teams as long as the player is Dominican (though not necessarily born there). The Cincinnati Reds had nine players who were eligible for the draft this year for the first time this year. Two players were selected. In the 3rd round Jose Torres was selected by Escogido. Later on in the 8th round Yerlin Confidan was selected by Licey.

Jose Torres spent his entire 2022 season in High-A Dayton with the Dragons. He played in 107 games this season and hit .234/.287/.378 with 14 doubles, 2 triples, 13 home runs, and he went 26-for-30 in stolen base attempts. The infielder split his time between shortstop and second base this season, playing 49 games at both positions with a few appearances as designated hitter mixed in.

Yerlin Confian, who won the Arizona Complex League Most Valuable Player Award in 2021, began the year in Single-A Daytona with the Tortugas. But on May 3rd he suffered a quad injury and he would miss the next three plus months before returning for a rehab stint with the complex level team in mid-August. He would then rejoin Daytona for the final week-and-a-half of the season. In total, including his rehab time, he had less than 100 at-bats on the season. The 19-year-old outfielder hit just .241/.351/.391 between the two stops with 5 doubles, a triple, and 2 home runs.

Being selected in the draft does not necessarily mean that a player will (ever) play in the Dominican Winter League. It just gives that team the rights to the player if they choose to play. With that said, many prospects do wind up playing in the league before they reach the big leagues. The pay isn’t bad, the competition level is strong, and it helps you get better prepared for the next season.

Michael Siani gets to 50 steals

Last night in St. Paul Michael Siani stole two bases for the Louisville Bats. That pushed his season total up to 51 on the year. The outfielder is enjoying his best professional season to date, setting career highs with 19 doubles, 7 triples, 12 home runs, and 51 steals. It’s those steals that stand out, though, because it’s the first time since 2013 that a Cincinnati Reds minor leaguer has reached that number. In 2013 both Billy Hamilton (75) and Junior Arias (60) topped the 50 stolen base mark.

From 2011 to 2013 the Reds had six 50-stolen base seasons. Three of them belonged to Billy Hamilton, but Arias, Theo Bow, and Ryan Lamarre also got there. Before then it had only been done twice since 2000 (Cody Strait in 2006 and William Bergolla in 2003). It only happened three times in the 1990’s, too.

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  1. MK

    A big year for Siani and had to come with a little pressure as his previous pro seasons had been disappointing from an offensive standpoint. Got to like a player who performs when the pressure is on.

  2. Fanman

    Athleticism and speed have been components the Reds are lacking. After restocking farm system there is talent and speed forthcoming. Remains to be seen if Bell utilizes the talent aggressively. Put pressure on defense

  3. RedBB

    I think Reds moved him up this late for a reason. He very well be on the Major League in Centerfield next year. I get the feeling Senzel is wearing out his welcome with Reds management. I mean I’m pretty sure Siani could OPS+ 60 while playing great defense and stealing a ton of bases.

      • Amarillo

        It’s not position weighted, but it is ballpark weighted. Donovan Solano has an exactly 100 OPS+ at .737 OPS. A 100 is roughly .760 in Coors and .690 in Petco.

      • Doug Gray

        OPS+ is where 100 is the league average when adjusted for all of the ballparks a player has played in during the season. Two players could have the same OPS, and even be on the same team, but have a different OPS+ based on how many games they’ve played in which stadiums during the season. Likewise, a guy with an OPS of say .850 in Cincinnati and a guy with an .850 OPS playing for Seattle are going to very likely have a big difference in their OPS+.

        For Cincinnati players this season an OPS of .730-750 is going to be around an OPS+ of 100.

      • Greenfield Red

        Thanks That seems more complicated than it needs to be. I would rather sacrifice a mittle to around
        . 750 for premium defense and 800 for the others

  4. DaveCT

    Siani may well be in the right place as the right time.

    With the new rules on pickoff attempts and, to some degree, the base size and shifting, a base stealer like Siani could take advantage of this and become a nice offensive asset to have.

    My take is a solid half season in AAA will set the stage for a call-up in 2023. A longer process may push that back to September or possibly 24.

    If the 2022 goal with Nick Senzel was primarily to get a full, healthy season in, that’s been met. His adjustment to CF seems fine. I have no clue why the bat hasn’t developed but it’s clearly not playing.

    • RedBB

      Great point. He also bat’s Left so will benefit from no shifting too I’m assuming without knowing his spray chart.

    • RedBB

      Also, Doug or anyone does anyone know what the MiLB shift rule is in 2022? Is it in effect already? Is that helping Siani this year? TIA

      • Doug Gray

        There is a shift rule in play in some leagues in the minors, but not all of them. It’s close to what will be in the big leagues, but not entirely. Two infielders on each side of the bag on the infield, but there’s a “triangle” behind the bag in the minors that defenders can’t be in as the pitch is released that won’t exist in the big league shift rules in some leagues but not others. In Triple-A there is no rules against the shift.

        But here’s the thing – even if the rules were the same in the minors, teams just aren’t as accurate with it as in the majors for a whole lot of reasons.

  5. RedBB

    Didn’t realize Jose Torres was Dominican as I just assumed he was American since he went to college here. Good to get him some more AB’s though. He’s someone who I still think can make the Majors. His power output has been a pleasant surprise this year although his hit tool and plate discipline has seen some regression unfortunately. No clue about his D but assuming it is still a plus although his RF/9 seems kinda low to me.