When Rece Hinds was drafted by the Cincinnati Reds back in 2019 he was considered one of if not the top power hitter in the draft when it came to raw power. While he’s been limited on the field at times due to several injuries as well as the lost 2020 season (though he did spend time at Prasco with the Reds alternate site players), Hinds has shown that the reports of his power were not exaggerated.

On Thursday night he was back in the lineup for the Glendale Desert Dogs out in the Arizona Fall League and he showed off that power once again with a triple that came off of his bat at 117 MPH according to Bobby Nightengale of the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Rece Hinds finished the night up 2-5 with a single, triple, a stolen base – his third of the AFL – and two runs scored. He’s racked up seven extra-base hits in 15 games. Hinds has struggled to make contact, though, striking out 28 times in 64 plate appearances. That’s held his average to .246 and with just three walks his on-base percentage is just .281 in the Arizona Fall League.

With a verified 117 MPH exit velocity, Hinds has one of the top exit velocities in the organization since these things started to be tracked. Only one player at the big league level for the Reds has topped 117 MPH since 2015 when we started getting this data – Aristides Aquino back in August of 2019 homered at 118.3 MPH. While I don’t have access to all of the minor league data, when it comes to the Reds farm system I have only seen one other 117+ MPH exit velocity and it was from Elly De La Cruz last year in instructional league. That doesn’t mean there haven’t been others, just that I wasn’t informed of them. Still, when you start getting into the 117 MPH range you are talking about the absolute upper echelon of exit velocities.

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12 Responses

  1. SultanofSwaff

    Jay Allen showing some excellent range. I’m a big believer in him.

  2. MK

    It looks like the Reds AFL players are taking a page from Jonathan India. Bombing in the AFL is quickest way to the big leagues.

    • Michael

      I call it the Mike Trout route. 600 ops at 19 in AFL and dominate at AAA then in the majors by 20

      • Doug Gray

        Trout went from being terrible in the AFL to being literally the best player in Major League Baseball the following season.

  3. Michael

    Yep I missed that he was with the angels at 19. Reading is hard

  4. MBS

    Big time power from Hinds, and his arm in RF looked the part to in that top 10 video.

  5. Greenfield Red

    Off topic to be sure, but I found this to be interesting:

    Carlos Sanchez, in the DSL, 40 walks and only 28 strikeouts in 152 plate appearances. Say what you want about the level of pitching in the DSL, that is impressive. He obviously was selective, and went deep in to counts, but stuck out was less than he walked. On top of that, he hit .355.

    Seems like a prospect that needs to be watched pretty closely.

    • Doug Gray

      He will definitely be covered one way or the other this offseason (either in the Top 25 or as one of the non-top 25 guys that gets a season review and scouting report – I’ve already spoken to people about him this offseason).

  6. Redsvol

    Rece Hinds, sometimes the ball is going 117 mph but most of the time it’s the wind going 117 mph off the swing and miss (sigh).

    I read an interview with him this fall that suggested he didn’t think he even had a problem with strikeout rate. How are you supposed to coach that! It’s not always the hitting coach’s fault.