This weekend the Arizona Fall League will have their annual Fall Stars game. It’s more of a showcase game than an “All-Star” game based on how guys have played. The Cincinnati Reds will be represented by two players in the game – outfielder Rece Hinds and infielder Noelvi Marte. The game will take place on Sunday at 4pm ET on Sunday and will only be available to watch on if there is a game 7 of the World Series. If the World Series ends in six games then MLB Network will also carry the game.

For many of the Cincinnati prospects out in Arizona, it’s been tough going for both Rece Hinds and Noelvi Marte. Hinds, who transitioned from third base into the outfield in 2022, is hitting .234/.280/.403 for Glendale. He’s shown off  a little bit of power as he’s hit five doubles, a triple (shown above with a 117 MPH exit velocity), and two home runs. But he’s struggled to make contact, too, striking out 33 times in 82 trips to the plate. That’s a 40.2% strikeout rate. Hinds has also gone 5-for-5 in stolen base attempts.

Noelvi Marte has had no problem making contact. In fact, he’s walked more times than he’s struck out with 12 walks and 11 strikeouts in 72 plate appearances. That contact, however, hasn’t led to much hitting. Marte, who is playing third base for the first time in his professional career this fall, is hitting .200/.333/.317 with a double and two home runs in his 18 games played. His transition to third base has shown he has the tools to play third, but he has made six errors and posted an .824 fielding percentage for the Desert Dogs.

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11 Responses

  1. AMDG

    Yikes, that is an abysmal fielding % for Marte at 3B.

    It inspired me to look up his SS fielding vs the other top prospects.

    I was curious if the problem is whether he’s adjusting to the hot corner, or just not a good fielder.

    Comparing him to the top 5 or so others in the Reds organization (McLain, EDLC, Barrero, etc), while playing shortstop Marte had the worst fielding % and lowest range factor among all of them.

    I’ve not seen Marte enough to say he’s a defensive liability. But he seems to be a lot closer to a liability than asset in the field?

  2. LDS

    Fortunately, Marte is just a few months older than EDLC. If he develops into the hitter, which some project, play him at 1st or DH. Don’t care as long as he hits. As for his fielding metrics, at SS this past season, he’s about where Farmer was. Give him time.

  3. DaveCT

    Derek Jeter famously had over 50 errors at Lo-A. And he was a college draftee. A great many young infielders do also. I’m guessing throwing errors.

    • Optimist

      Yes – Need Doug (or anyone) for familiarity with his defensive capability. Weak arm and bad hands wouldn’t offer much to work with. Strong arm and bad footwork much more easily remedied. IIRC at the time of the trade he was touted as a fine fielder, but not necessarily elite. Compare with Siani who has been elite from the draft, and now seems to have the bat coming around. AFL work at 3rd if fine, but keep playing time at SS when he returns in the spring.

      • MK

        I saw him several times a week at Dayton and was not always impressed with his take charge effort in the field. I talked to a Reds official who I expressed this concern too who said it is something he thought was consistent with other Latin player experiences recently involved in trades.

        But I would assume he would be over it by now.

    • Alan

      Jeter was drafted out of high school, from somewhere in Michigan, I believe.