The Cincinnati Reds have announced that they have agreements in place with 13 players to begin the 2023 international signing period. Update: While not listed on the Reds announcement, there is now a 14th player on the official transactions log and that has been reflected below.

Earlier today we discussed how the Reds had an agreement with Venezuelan catcher Alfredo Duno, setting a new signing bonus record for the organization. Now we’ve got 13 other players that Cincinnati has deals in place with. It should be noted here that the Reds used the words “have agreed to terms with” because the contracts are not signed yet. I’ve been informed that the Reds will be having their signings on Monday afternoon at their complex in the Dominican Republic, which will then make the deals official.

Here are the players that the team announced agreements with:

  • Alfredo Alcantara – Shortstop – Dominican Republic
  • Alfredo Duno – Catcher – Venezuela
  • Andre Vasquez – Right-handed pitcher – Dominican Republic
  • Angel De La Cruz – Outfielder – Dominican Republic
  • Anielson Buten – Utility – Haiti
  • Brauil Diaz – Shortstop
  • Brayan Joseph – Shortstop – Dominican Republic
  • Bryan Diaz – Left-handed pitcher – Dominican Republic
  • Emmanuel Talavera – Right-handed pitcher – Venezuela
  • Irvin Gonzalez – Right-handed pitcher – Venezuela
  • Rafael Leon – Right-handed pitcher – Colombia
  • Rafhlmil Torres – Shortstop – Venezuela
  • Sergio Villa – Right-handed pitcher – Colombia
  • Yeycol Soriano – Center fielder – Dominican Republic

These are not likely to be the only signings from the organization. Guys that sign the first day or two tend to make up the majority of a signing class, but there are almost always signings that come throughout the year. Guys pop up, new guys become eligible to sign (because of their birthdays or guys who come out of Cuba after the period begins as another example).

With that said, let’s talk about the group that’s joining the organization tomorrow when ink lands on paper. Alfredo Duno is the only catcher in the class. It’s a huge signing, but one catcher in a class is a bit unusual. Last year the Reds signed two catchers in the class.

The team also has six pitchers coming in. Five of them are right-handed pitchers with one left-handed pitcher. Last year there were five pitchers in the class with one lefty.

Perhaps the most interesting guy on the list is Anielson Buten. He was born in Haiti. No player born in Haiti has ever played a big league game (though many of Haitian descent have).

Scouting reports are now available for all 14 of the players that have signed with the club so far. You can read them here.

18 Responses

  1. MK

    It is surprising that there has not been a bigger effort to organize baseball activities and development in Haiti. It is the same island as the Dominican after/all.

    • Michael

      MK on the surface what you are saying makes sense but as you likely know in passing based on the news, Haiti is well to put it politely, not a very stable country.

  2. Bdh

    Was it Alcantara or De La Cruz who was listed as a top 5 prospect from the DR this class?

    • Michael P

      That was Adolfo Sanchez, who is not listed on this list. Hopefully he’s still coming.

  3. Optimist

    Is defecting from Cuba still a thing in MLB? I thought that changed a few years back. Sorry if I’m confused but I don’t follow closely the legalities of the talent acquisition market. There’s the domestic MLB draft, the Caribbean international signings, and the Asian leagues tenderings – is that about right? Australia, Europe, Cuba – are they different?

    • Doug Gray

      I guess I could have worded that better. Players from Cuba still need to decide to “become free agents”, even if they no longer have to be smuggled out of the country (or defect when they are on trips out of the country with the national team). The top players are already going to be on the Cuban professional league teams, like in Mexico for Mexican citizen. The difference here is that the Mexican teams can and will sell the contractual rights for the young prospects to big league clubs. That kind of deal isn’t going to work with the Cuban teams.

      Americans, Canadians, and Puerto Ricans are all available in the draft. Anyone from another country is available as an amateur free agent unless they have already signed as a professional with an organization (this will happen in Mexico, Korea, Japan, and Cuba). In the case where that has happened, then there are the situations where players can be “posted”.

      • Doug Gray

        I honestly don’t know about the ABL and signing players with regards to them becoming eligible to sign with big league clubs.

  4. PTBNL

    Angel DLC any relation to some other player in the Reds organization, maybe with some of the skill set? One can always hope????

    • James K

      Yes, please tell us that Angel is Elly’s younger brother.

      • Doug Gray

        Correct. The farm system needs like 12-15 dudes that are capable of playing shortstop every year.

    • Doug Gray

      Thanks for the heads up on this. I was up all night and got to bed just before 6am and missed this.

  5. Doug Gray

    Good news for MK

    I was able to ask about Darcy Longstaff today and he did indeed sign late last year. Unsure why it never hit the official transaction logs, but he’s expected to be in Arizona this spring with the club.

    For everyone else…. I’m about to start writing up all of the reports from the signings the Reds have made so far, so expect them in a few hours.