Spring training is more than halfway over at this point. The Cincinnati Reds still have over 50 players in camp and just 13 days – including today – remaining before the final game is over and the team heads back to Cincinnati to get ready for Opening Day against the Pittsburgh Pirates. With a night game on Tuesday it felt like a good time to check in on how the Top 25 prospects have performed in spring training.

Nearly half of the players in the Top 25 have not appeared in a game this spring with the Reds. Several others have incredibly limited time on the field, even by spring training standards.

The Top Performers

Christian Encarnacion-Strand

If there’s someone performing better in spring training anywhere I’d like to see it. The Reds 7th rated prospect is hitting .577 and slugging 1.192 with two doubles, a triple, and four home runs. He’s struck out just two times. Whether he can hit enough to make the club out of the spring is the big question right now. With Joey Votto back on the field that could lead to a situation where the team doesn’t think there would be enough playing time to justify bringing him up in April and to let him play every day in the minors.

Matt McLain

While he hasn’t gotten as much playing time as Encarnacion-Strand has, Matt McLain has taken full advantage of the time he’s had on the field. He hit a walk-off home run early on, and he’s kept on hitting since. Overall he’s posted a .375/.583/.688 line with two doubles to go along with his home run. McLain has also walked eight times this spring to go with just three strikeouts.

Spencer Steer

Expected to make the team out of spring training when camp started, Spencer Steer has done nothing but show that should be the case. The infielder has hit .333/.429/.625 with five extra-base hits. He’s also struck out six times while walking four times.

Allan Cerda

Despite his strong performance in limited action, Allan Cerda was sent back to minor league camp last week. He has hit .375/.545/1/125 with two home runs, three walks, and just two strikeouts in his 11 plate appearances with the big league club this spring.

Everyone Else

Rank Player Key Stats
1 Elly De La Cruz .200/.259/.480, 2 3B, HR, 2BB, 9K.
2 Cam Collier Not in MLB camp
3 Noelvi Marte .217/.208/.217, stolen base, 0BB, 5K.
4 Edwin Arroyo .400/.400/.600 in 5 PA.
5 Spencer Steer .333/.429/.625, 4 2B, HR, 4BB, 6K.
6 Matt McLain .375/.583/.688, 2 2B, HR, 8BB, 3K.
7 Christian Encarnacion-Strand .577/.556/1.192, 2 2B, 3B, 4 HR, 2K.
8 Connor Phillips 0.00 ERA, 4IP, 1H, 4BB, 4K.
9 Chase Petty Not in MLB camp
10 Sal Stewart Not in MLB camp
11 Brandon Williamson 9.00 ERA, 7IP, 10H, 4BB, 9K.
12 Ricardo Cabrera Not in MLB camp
13 Jay Allen .400/.400/.600 in 5 PA.
14 Andrew Abbott 4.50 ERA, 2IP, 2H, 0BB, 2K.
15 Rece Hinds Not in MLB camp
16 Victor Acosta Not in MLB camp
17 Joe Boyle Not in MLB camp
18 Carlos Jorge Not in MLB camp
19 Michael Siani .250/.318/.250, steal, 2BB, 7K.
20 Julian Aguiar Not in MLB camp
21 Allan Cerda .375/.545/1.125, 2 HR, 3BB, 2K.
22 Leonardo Balcazar 0-1.
23 Ariel Almonte Not in MLB camp
24 Hector Rodriguez Not in MLB camp
25 Javi Rivera Not in MLB camp

9 Responses

  1. Bdh

    Any word on Allen yet other than Bell saying he thinks it was his elbow?

  2. RedBB

    The lack of AB’s for CES since Votto came back tells me he is not making the team unfortunately

    • Doug Gray

      If Votto’s going to be ready anytime in the first half of April there’s not much chance CES makes the team unless there’s an injury to someone like Steer, Stephenson or Myers that would open up a spot at third or DH.

    • DaveCT

      Given the presence of Votto, Myers, and Stephenson at 1B, CES knows his chance to make the team are slim.

      That actually can free him to just go out and play and make a good impression in his first camp with the team.

      Now he goes down to AAA and stays ready. If one of the vets gets hurt or moved, or after the early summer call-ups begin, he’ll get his turn. Just go rake and work hard on defense. I think he’s a smart kid who knows what’s what.

      • 2020ball

        +1, exactly my same feelings for him and his/the team’s situation

  3. DaveCT

    So, as above, few surprises. Steer, McClain, CES, higher floors and looking good.

    EDLC, Marte, perhaps Siani, higher ceilings, sowing their talents, with some understandable real time struggles.

    Allen and Cerda getting noticed, as well.

  4. SultanofSwaff

    Way more positive than in years past—almost all the top guys showed out. Not that he had bad at-bats, but Marte didn’t quite look ready for the moment in the games I saw him. Very much a believer in the hit tool though.

  5. MK

    Steer looks ready offensively but he might give up as many defensively as he creates offensively.