This is actually going to be looking in on the longest of the home runs every two weeks this season, but the series title has been this for half of a decade now, so I’m sticking with it. Since our last look there have been 45 home runs hit by players in the minor leagues. We’ve got data on all but two of them. Hopefully I will be able to track that down and update the list if needed.

Home run distances are going to vary in their measurement systems. Triple-A now has Hawkeye installed at each ballpark, so those distances will be from that. In Daytona all of the road ballparks in the league also have Hawkeye so those home runs will also be using that. Sometimes we will get Trackman data from other stadiums, and sometimes I will simply use video review and google maps measurement tool to get those distances.

Here are the Top 5 Home Runs from the last two weeks:

1. Christian Encarnacion-Strand: 471 Feet – May 11th

This home run went further than any home run of the season in the Cincinnati Reds farm system. It topped the 468-footer hit by TJ Hopkins on April 25th.

2. Elly De La Cruz: 465 Feet – May 21st

3. Elly De La Cruz: 456 Feet – May 9th

4. Elly De La Cruz: 428 Feet – May 9th

5. Justice Thompson: 422 Feet – May 21st

Some of these home runs jumped into the Top 10 for the season, including the new top spot. Here’s the list of all of the 400+ foot home runs from the past two weeks:

Player Distance Measure Date
Christian Encarnacion-Strand 471 Hawkeye 5/11
Elly De La Cruz 465 Hawkeye 5/21
Elly De La Cruz 456 Hawkeye 5/9
Elly De La Cruz 428 Hawkeye 5/9
Justice Thompson 422 Trackman 5/21
TJ Hopkins 418 Hawkeye 5/16
Rece Hinds 415 Trackman 5/16
Hector Rodriguez 413 Trackman 5/13
Cade Hunter 413 Trackman 5/13
Matt Reynolds 412 Hawkeye 5/19
Noelvi Marte 411 Trackman 5/18
Trey Faltine 407 Google Maps 5/19
Noelvi Marte 406 Google Maps 5/19
Austin Hendrick 405 Google Maps 5/14

Here is what the Top 10 looks like on the season:

Player Distance Measure Date
Christian Encarnacion-Strand 471 Hawkeye 5/11
TJ Hopkins 468 Hawkeye 4/25
Elly De La Cruz 465 Hawkeye 5/21
Elly De La Cruz 456 Hawkeye 5/9
Christian Encarnacion-Strand 452 Hawkeye 5/4
Joey Votto 448 Hawkeye 4/1
Rece Hinds 444 Trackman 4/13
Matt McLain 443 Hawkeye 4/25
Elly De La Cruz 439 Hawkeye 5/6
TJ Hopkins 438 Hawkeye 4/1


8 Responses

  1. MBS

    That top 10 list has a bunch by the names of players who should already be on the Reds. EDLC 3, CES 2, Hopkins 2, I wonder if a bit more power would help the Reds win some ballgames?

    • Greenfield Red

      My opinion is that CES needs to harness the strike zone or he would be eaten alive up there.

      • DaveCT

        … tho he would absolutely punish mistakes.

        All in good time.

        Or, as Obi-Wan Rednobi would stress, “Patience.”

  2. RedsGettingBetter

    I thought Ruben Ibarra had one of the May mammoths or at least one homer above 410 feet in one of the games of the month

    • Doug Gray

      His last home run was on the 6th and was included in the previous version of this series.

      • RedsGettingBetter

        Thanks Doug, yes , he hit one of 436 feet. He just sits at 11th longest right now.


    I agree with you Greenfield on CES.
    EDLC MiGhT be real close. He has blown away my expectations with drawing of walks.
    I’d leave Abbott at least another month, and monitor his starts against teams that have saw him already. He’ll probably be up by September.

    • DaveCT

      With you on Abbott. He’s still getting lots of K’s, but I wonder if that in based more on deception rather than stuff, given the lack of sticky stuff balls in AAA.

      Also, I suspect the club may be wanting to see him get deeper into games. He was missing his spots last time out, or nibbling. Everyone is entitled to a off day. But a promotion probably should not be too far off.