This one is coming a week later than it should have as I simply forgot to publish one last week despite having an alarm set to publish one. The series is actually going every two weeks this season, but this one will be at three weeks. Since the last look we had there have been 123 home runs from the teams in full season. Unfortunately we don’t have data for the guys in the complex leagues.

Home run distances are going to vary in their measurement systems. Triple-A now has Hawkeye installed at each ballpark, so those distances will be from that. In Daytona all of the road ballparks in the league also have Hawkeye so those home runs will also be using that. Sometimes we will get Trackman data from other stadiums, and sometimes I will simply use video review and google maps measurement tool to get those distances.

Here are the Top 6 Home Runs from the last three weeks:

1. Ruben Ibarra: 466 Feet – May 30th

This home run went over the scoreboard. While I don’t have data that goes back more than the last five years, this is the second longest home run that I’ve seen hit in Dayton during a game.

2. Rece Hinds: 458 Feet – June 13th

This was the first home run of the day for Rece Hinds. It wouldn’t be his last one, but you’ll see that one later.

3. Elly De La Cruz: 450 Feet – May 25th

It took us a few days to confirm it, but this ball did not actually make it to Canada. But it was close.

4. Alex McGarry: 450 Feet – June 11th

5. Rece Hinds: 447 Feet – June 11th

6. Rece Hinds: 446 Feet – June 13th

Here’s the list from the last three weeks that went 400+ feet:

Player Distance Measure Date
Ruben Ibarra 466 Trackman 5/30
Rece Hinds 458 Trackman 6/13
Elly De La Cruz 450 Hawkeye 5/25
Alex McGarry 450 Trackman 6/11
Rece Hinds 447 Trackman 6/11
Rece Hinds 446 Trackman 6/13
Christian Encarnacion-Strand 443 Hawkeye 6/10
Rece Hinds 440 Trackman 5/26
Matt Reynolds 439 Hawkeye 6/13
Yerlin Confidan 438 Trackman 6/17
James Free 437 Trackman 6/11
Jason Vosler 433 Hawkeye 6/15
Elly De La Cruz 432 Hawkeye 5/30
Rece Hinds 430 Trackman 6/14
Jason Vosler 430 Hawkeye 6/15
Nick Northcut 429 Google Maps 5/31
Ariel Almonte 429 Hawkeye 6/6
Henry Ramos 426 Hawkeye 6/4
Andy Yerzy 426 Hawkeye 6/8
Chuckie Robinson 425 Hawkeye 5/23
Christian Encarnacion-Strand 422 Hawkeye 5/26
Christian Encarnacion-Strand 422 Hawkeye 5/28
Michael Trautwein 420 Trackman 6/10
Jose Barrero 420 Hawkeye 6/17
Ruben Ibarra 418 Google Maps 6/1
Tyler Callihan 416 Google Maps 6/6
Wil Myers 416 Hawkeye 6/13
Blake Dunn 415 Google Maps 5/30
Matt Reynolds 415 Hawkeye 6/10
Joey Votto 414 Hawkeye 6/9
Christian Encarnacion-Strand 414 Hawkeye 6/9
Hector Rodriguez 412 Hawkeye 6/6
Chuckie Robinson 412 Hawkeye 6/10
Cade Hunter 411 Hawkeye 6/9
Elly De La Cruz 408 Hawkeye 5/26
Jason Vosler 408 Hawkeye 5/31
Nick Northcut 406 Google Maps 6/8
Matt Reynolds 404 Hawkeye 5/28
Nick Martini 404 Hawkeye 6/1
Mat Nelson 403 Trackman 6/4
Henry Ramos 403 Hawkeye 6/9
Austin Callahan 403 Google Maps 6/10
Alex McGarry 402 Google Maps 6/10
Ivan Johnson 401 Google Maps 6/10

Here’s what the Top 10 on the season looks like, and there were several additions from the last few weeks:

Player Distance Measure Date
Christian Encarnacion-Strand 471 Hawkeye 5/11
TJ Hopkins 468 Hawkeye 4/25
Ruben Ibarra 466 Trackman 5/30
Elly De La Cruz 465 Hawkeye 5/21
Rece Hinds 458 Trackman 6/13
Elly De La Cruz 456 Hawkeye 5/9
Christian Encarnacion-Strand 452 Hawkeye 5/4
Elly De La Cruz 450 Hawkeye 5/25
Alex McGarry 450 Trackman 6/11
Joey Votto 448 Hawkeye 4/1

4 Responses

  1. MK

    I really enjoy Larry Ward, the voice of the Lookouts. He is an old school type announcer, messes up names occasionally but is very entertaining.

    • Doug Gray

      He still can’t get Francisco Urbaez’s name right. And he’s been on the Lookouts for parts of three seasons now.

      But the real complaint I’ve got is that for three seasons now the Lookouts camera operator(s) have no idea how to track fly balls that turn into home runs. Half of the time a home run is hit the only thing you see if an outfielder staring up. As someone who tries to track home run distances, this is the most frustrating thing on the planet.

      Sometimes we’ll get Trackman data on them. Sometimes we don’t. Every so often, if the homer is early in the game, one of the local news stations will have their camera guy still at the time and have good video of the homer.

    • DaveCT

      You get the feeling Ward sells the tickets, rushes to make the popcorn, then calls the game.

      Rece Hinds’ opposite field power is pretty impressive. Though I often said the same about Acquino, if Hinds could slash 240/330/420, he’d be a keeper (though not necessarily;y with us).