Noelvi Marte may be the top prospect in the Cincinnati Reds organization at this point in time after Elly De La Cruz has graduated from prospect lists. The 21-year-old began the season in Double-A and spent the first half with Chattanooga before being promoted up to Triple-A a little more than two weeks ago.

In the first two weeks, Marte had yet to connect for a home run. Last night in Louisville he hit one that probably should have counted for two of them.The radio crew had not even come back from the in-between inning break when Marte tried to, and almost succeeded in hitting the ball to Indiana.

Noelvi Marte hit that ball so far that it seems just about the entirety of the people in and around the seats in left field didn’t even notice he had homered because it went so far over their heads that no one who was paying attention seemed to start to move like they had a chance to grab a souvenir. Hawkeye says that it went 464 feet. It also says it came off of the bat at 113.8 MPH.

In the game, Marte went 1-2 with that home run and he walked three times. That was more than he had walked in his first 13 games with the Bats. His performance on the night boosted his line with Louisville to .298/.344/.491 with four doubles, two triples, and a home run in 14 games played. In 50 games with Chattanooga earlier in the season he hit .281/.356/.464 with 10 doubles, a triple, and eight homers.

Jose Barrero has a 14-game hit streak

When Jose Barrero was optioned back to Triple-A a month ago he went 2-5 with a double and a home run in his first game with Louisville. He then went 3-37 over the next nine games (.081). In the 14 games since then he’s picked up a hit in every game and gone 21-51 (.412) with six doubles, a triple, and four home runs. He’s still striking out a bit more than you’d like during that stretch, fanning 17 times in 63 plate appearances during his hit streak (27%), but he’s hitting the ball hard and the ball is finding the grass – and the seats – often. His hot-hitting of late has pushed his line through 24 games in Triple-A to .280/.367/.559.

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  1. Hunt4RedsOct

    I really like Barrero, but I think he is the most likely to be traded. His early call up really set him back. A change of scenery could help both him and the Reds.

    • clammy

      I agree on Barrero.

      Reds would be selling low. Now that he’s rebounded in AAA, and there’s no room in Cincy for him, trade for a solid RP arm like David Roberstson of the Mets: 42.1 ip; 2.14 era 1.039 Whip; making $10 million.

      Would the Reds take a chance on Jose Quintana LHP Mets?

      Both could help us without breaking bank, especially if we take on salary.

      Include Barrero in a package to the White Sox too; there’s a 40 man roster crunch coming; at least 4 healthy arms return in August.

      Other tradable assets that wouldn’t sting too much:
      1 of 3 OF on the 40 man; Siani, Hopkins, to lesser degree Fairchild.
      Minor League P’s: Stoudt, Santillian
      Not on the 40 man
      Minor League Hitter: Sal Stewart 3B, MLB’s 6th highest rated Reds prospect but buried on the future depth chart behind Elly, Steer & CES. Cam Collier is one year younger, same position, rated slightly higher.

      Barerro, Stoudt and Stewart would be a strong offer for Giolito. Throw in one of the OF’s if need be.

      One concern Giolito, has never pitched over 180 innings in a season. How much more is in the tank for 2023?

      • BK

        I agree with most everything you said. However, a player at A ball is a 2 to 3 years away from the majors or more. We should never make a trade under the assumption that a player that far from the majors is buried on the depth chart. There are scores of variables that will play out over the next three years that will impact the depth chart. I don’t believe any player should be off the table in trade negotiations, but the assumption that he will be blocked, is not one I would want to drive the decision.

      • Alan

        Yeah, it’s hard to say that a high school draftee less than a year into his pro career is “buried”. Besides, is it really outside the realm of possibility that Stewart turns out to be a better hitter than one or two of those three? (And all three will be into their arbitration years by the time Stewart would be sniffing the majors, which, sadly, is a factor in the good ole’ modern game of major league baseball.)

  2. BK

    I expect the Reds will trade some of their depth at the deadline. I see their trade value in the following order:

    1. Fairchild, with a wRC+ of 98, plus speed, and solid defense at all three OF positions, he can start in many major league outfields. He doesn’t have a high ceiling, but there are playoff contenders who don’t have three quality outfielders. Hopkins and Siani provide good depth options at AAA.

    2. Barrero, former #1 organizational prospect who can play SS and CF–both premium positions. His bat is coming around at AAA. Any team who believes his AAA performance will now translate in the majors would be getting a steal. Marte provides depth at AAA.

    3/4. Senzel and Newman. Both offer defensive versatility and good bats against LHP. If a team needs a player to fill the weak side of a platoon, either would be a good acquisition. With Marte in the wings, either player could be replaced.

    5. Casali, defensively he remains excellent; however, his offense will likely limit buyers. With catching in high demand and short supply, there’s a chance someone will want him. He’s also a DFA candidate. Robinson provides a quality depth option at AAA.

    Depth is good, but the Reds will likely need to open a couple of roster spots in a month or so. I don’t expect all of these players to be traded, but seeing two moved wouldn’t surprise me. The question is whether any of these players have appeal to a team with a pitcher they are willing to move.

    • Tampa Red

      My opinion only, based on your scenario:

      1. Barrero: Youngest, most years of control, highest upside.

      2. Fairchild/Senzel/Newman: Of the 20 potential trade partners, each will value the 3 differently. Coin flip to me.

      3. Casali: Depth catchers get traded every trading deadline. Why not Casali?

    • MBS

      I like the idea of moving everyone on that list. It may sound funny but we need to get younger.

      The Reds need to trade away guys who are unlike to impact the 24 roster. Fairchild, Siani, and Ramos would be the outfielders I’d try to move by the deadline. They’re not going to bring back the pitcher(s) we need for the MLB team, but might bring in some younger talent to add to the lower levels.

      Barrero, Lopez, Reynolds, and Vosler are also guys I’d try to move. Barrero might actually help land a piece for the MLB roster.

      • BK

        Ramos was just available for anyone to claim. He, Reynolds, and Vosler will all be MiLB free agents at the end of the season.

        That said, the Reds would be wise to keep some of these players for bench players in the future. Fairchild and Newman would be my choices. They know their roles, have defensive versatility, and provide RH complements to some of the LH hitters that don’t fare well against LHP. I don’t think it’s a good idea to have developing players ride the bench at the majors, nor is it a good idea to enter the season with no depth … especially when they have low-cost, good fits under team control.

      • MBS

        I will say this, in AAA we are leading the International league with a .890 OPS, so we have to have some guys that other teams could cherry pick. Barrero is the only one that I distinguished as a viable piece in a trade, the rest are see if you can move them, or we’re about to lose them. Fair point on Ramos though.

      • Optimist

        Barrero is the only one with remaining prospect value. All the rest are past age 26-27, and proven AAAA level, though Fairchild is likely better than that. Only Barrero might be enough, alone, to get interest in a rental pitcher trade. For the better rentals they’d need to add prospects.

  3. wolfcycle

    I think with all the talent ELDC has and the splash that he has made, Jose had and has seen the writing on the wall and was trying to hit a 5 run home run every at bat. He has not learned to play within himself. Then matty mac comes along and plays like a pure pro and he just has to learn to use his speed as well and lay off those sliders out of the zone and use the whole field

  4. DaveCT

    Marte’s raw and in game power has been the biggest surprise about him for me.

    Based on his history with Seattle, I expected a smooth short stop with average power that might become more.

    But once I saw him at AA, even when he was scuffling, he looked much more the part of a 3B or even a Machado-like short stop.

    He’s just a good, professional hitter. He doesn’t seem to make bad decisions and is really filled out already for a 21 year old.

    A 21 year kid hitting 460 foot bombs in AAA.