The Cincinnati Reds minor league season came to an end over the weekend when the Louisville Bats picked up a sweep of a doubleheader on Sunday to finish with a winning record for the first time since 2011. That makes it a perfect time to wrap up the longest homers of the year articles that we had throughout the season.

Home run distances are going to vary in their measurement systems. Triple-A now has Hawkeye installed at each ballpark, so those distances will be from that. In Daytona all of the road ballparks in the league also have Hawkeye so those home runs will also be using that. Sometimes we will get Trackman data from other stadiums, and sometimes I will simply use video review and google maps measurement tool to get those distances.

Since the last update, which came at the end of July, there were 160 home runs hit in the non-complex leagues. That gives us a whole lot of home runs to parse through, but here were the five that went farther than the rest in that time:

1. Henry Ramos: 495 Feet – August 10th

It hasn’t been confirmed that this baseball landed yet. It was the longest of the year for Henry Ramos and for the Louisville Bats.

2. Ruben Ibarra – 473 Feet – August 17th

Trackman gave this one an estimate of 473 feet, but I will question that one a bit. Using google maps to double check this one the ball would have had to gone about halfway through the building it landed in front of to get that far. There’s some elevation difference from the plate to where it landed, but yeah. It was crushed, but put an asterisk on this one. Still – I stick with the Trackman distances when we’ve got them.

3. Yerlin Confidan – 451 Feet – August 6th

Unfortunately there’s no video available of this home run because only two teams in the entire Florida State League have video available and Daytona is not one of those teams.

4. Jack Rogers – 449 Feet – August 6th

The apartment building in the outfield beyond Day Air Ballpark has only been up for a few years now, but this is the second closest that I can recall seeing someone coming to hitting it on the fly. Rogers got to it on one bounce and had someone been sitting in the seats out there they’d have gotten a souvenir.

5. Mat Nelson – 448 Feet – August 4th

Much like the home run from Rogers above – not many players clear the awning out there in left-center. Nelson did that and then some in early August with this blast. This homer was the farthest of his 21 that he hit in 2023.

Here’s the list of home runs hit in August and September that went at least 400 feet:

Player Distance Measure Date
Henry Ramos 495 Hawkeye 8/10
Ruben Ibarra 473 Trackman 8/17
Yerlin Confidan 451 Trackman 8/6
Jack Rogers 449 Trackman 8/6
Mat Nelson 448 Trackman 8/4
Austin Hendrick 446 Trackman 8/29
Jose Barrero 444 Hawkeye 8/9
Drew Mount 442 Hawkeye 8/8
Blake Dunn 441 Google Maps 8/18
Drew Mount 440 Google Maps 8/6
Matt Reynolds 438 Hawkeye 8/10
Francisco Urbaez 438 Google Maps 8/20
Jason Vosler 438 Hawkeye 9/6
Jason Vosler 437 Hawkeye 8/22
Ruben Ibarra 436 Trackman 8/29
Hector Rodriguez 434 Trackman 8/19
Ruben Ibarra 433 Trackman 9/6
Ariel Almonte 431 Trackman 8/2
Rece Hinds 430 Trackman 8/12
Austin Hendrick 428 Trackman 8/6
Carlos Jorge 428 Trackman 9/6
Jose Barrero 428 Hawkeye 9/22
Jose Barrero 427 Hawkeye 8/23
Jhonny Pereda 427 Hawkeye 9/10
Henry Ramos 426 Hawkeye 9/1
Jack Rogers 425 Trackman 8/22
Edwin Arroyo 425 Trackman 8/31
James Free 424 Trackman 8/24
Alex McGarry 423 Google Maps 8/5
Yerlin Confidan 422 Trackman 8/5
Allan Cerda 422 Trackman 9/15
Johnny Ascanio 421 Trackman 8/5
Jose Barrero 421 Hawkeye 8/5
Rece Hinds 421 Trackman 9/1
Hayden Jones 421 Trackman 9/5
Nick Martini 418 Hawkeye 8/13
Mat Nelson 417 Trackman 8/1
Henry Ramos 417 Hawkeye 8/2
Jose Barrero 417 Hawkeye 8/23
Justice Thompson 416 Trackman 9/3
Ruben Ibarra 416 Trackman 9/6
Blake Dunn 416 Google Maps 9/8
Blake Dunn 415 Trackman 8/11
Michael Siani 414 Hawkeye 8/19
Jose Barrero 412 Hawkeye 8/22
Rece Hinds 411 Google Maps 9/1
Chuckie Robinson 411 Hawkeye 9/22
Alejo Lopez 409 Google Maps 8/6
Ethan O’Donnell 407 Trackman 9/3
Sal Stewart 407 Trackman 9/5
Jose Barrero 406 Hawkeye 8/4
Jason Vosler 403 Hawkeye 8/16
James Free 403 Trackman 9/16
Jason Vosler 402 Hawkeye 8/9
Jason Vosler 402 Hawkeye 8/30
Matt Reynolds 402 Hawkeye 9/9
Jose Barrero 402 Hawkeye 9/16
Rece Hinds 401 Google Maps 8/19
Jose Torres 400 Google Maps 8/18
Jhonny Pereda 400 Hawkeye 8/24

And now with all of that out of the way, here is the final Top 10 of the 2023 Cincinnati Reds Minor League season:

Player Distance Date
Henry Ramos 495 8/10
Ruben Ibarra 473 8/17
Christian Encarnacion-Strand 471 5/11
TJ Hopkins 468 4/25
Christian Encarnacion-Strand 467 7/8
Ruben Ibarra 466 5/30
Elly De La Cruz 465 5/21
Noelvi Marte 464 7/20
Jay Allen II 461 7/27
Rece Hinds 458 6/13

7 Responses

  1. LDS

    Barrero & Reynolds both on the list of 400 feet+ HRs. I wouldn’t have expected that. Maybe the AAA ball is really juiced?

    • Doug Gray

      400 feet to dead center isn’t a home run anywhere. I’m shocked that you are surprised that guys that have been in the big leagues can hit a baseball 400+ feet.

  2. Laredo Slider

    If he stays healthy and if Bell plays him in enough games CES will be a 40+ HR hitter. The guy’s a really good hitter and has prodigious power.

    • Colorado Red

      That is a BIG if.
      Need to NOT pick up the option on Votto.
      Time to say Thank you for a great career hear. Should be in the HALL in 5 years.

  3. DaveCT

    Of the 60 longest HR’s, the breakdown is as follows (I did this upon seeing some kid named Barrero over and over).

    While it may/may not reflect anything more that being able to get to their in-game power, getting to their in-game power is a pretty big deal. And this is a primary reason we hold onto Jose Barrero while he works on his K rate and hitting/recognizing breaking stuff away.

    Barrero, 8.(13.3%)

    Vosler, 5

    Hinds, Ibarra, 4 each

    Dunn, Ramos, 3 each

    Nelson, Free, Confidan, Rogers, Hendricks, Mount, Reynolds, Pareda, 2 each

    Arroyo, HRod, Jorge, Stewart, Thompson, McGarry, Torres, Almonte, O’Donnell, Siani, Robinson, Lopez, Martini, Cerda, Urbaez,, Ascanio, Jones, 1 each

  4. RedBB

    I’m surprised anyone hit a HR farther than CES And EDLC. I woulda bet money that Elly has hit one farther than 465. CES at only 471 too

    • Jason Franklin

      This list is only current players in the minors, not guys on the big league team.