It would appear that today is the first day in which teams can officially place players on the minor league injured list as teams across baseball started making those transactions. The Cincinnati Reds did so by placing seven different pitchers on either the 60-day injured list or the full-season injured list.

Two pitchers were placed on the full-season injured list. Shawn Guilliams and Rob Hensey both show up on the Daytona Tortugas “roster” as being on the full-season injured list now. Pay little attention to any of these rosters until opening day actually gets here because they aren’t official and mean next to nothing – they are just paper holding spots for roster counts at this time.

Shawn Guilliams was selected by the Reds in the 11th round of the 2021 draft. When he was drafted, he had missed much of the 2021 season while at the College of Central Florida. He did throw at the MLB Draft combine in June of 2021, though. Guilliams, however, didn’t pitch after the draft in 2021. He also didn’t pitch in 2022. Or in 2023. He won’t turn 22 until June.

Rob Hensey pitched for Daytona and the ACL Reds last season. He began the year with Daytona in April and spent a month there before being sent back to extended spring training. He made two appearance in the first week of the season in June with the ACL Reds before moving back to Daytona. He pitched the next five weeks with the Tortugas before he was placed on the injured list in late July and didn’t return to the mound.

Cincinnati placed these five pitchers on the 60-day injured list: Trey Braithwaite, Dennis Boatman, Kenya Huggins, Mason Pelio, and Reiver Sanmartin.

Trey Braithwaite last pitched in September or 2022 with the Daytona Tortugas. He was drafted by the Reds earlier that summer and appeared in five games between the ACL Reds and the Tortugas over the final four weeks of the season. He would miss all of the 2023 season and it looks like he’s going to miss at least a few months of the 2024 season, too.

Dennis Boatman spent his 2023 season pitching with Dayton between mid-May and the end of August. In his 21st outing of the season he pitched just 0.2 innings, but when he exited the game it seemed to be a normal pitching change. A week later he was placed, retroactively, onto the injured list, and didn’t pitch again in the final few weeks of the season.

Mason Pelio spent all year pitching for Daytona. In his final start of the season, which also came on the final day of the season, he recorded just one out in the first inning before he was pulled after throwing 30 pitches. There didn’t appear to be an injury as there was not much said at the time the change was made and a reliever was ready to go – he just reached that 30-pitch mark in an inning that gets guys pulled in the minor leagues.

Kenya Huggins began the 2023 season with Daytona and pitched in 14 games. But his last outing came on June 25th and he was placed on the injured list two days later. Two weeks later he had surgery on his elbow and was out for the rest of the season.

Reiver Sanmartin began the 2023 season with the Cincinnati Reds in the big leagues and spent the first five weeks of the season with them before landing on the injured list. Two months later he underwent Tommy John surgery and missed the rest of the year.

6 Responses

  1. RedsGettingBetter

    I wonder why the Reds are waiting so much for Shawn Guilliams, he didn’t pitch in 2022 neither 2023 , wow! …Bryce Bonnin was released several days ago for less I think…

    • Doug Gray

      Bonnin may have been released for other reasons. One could be that he returned to the mound and simply couldn’t pitch. Nick Travieso, for example, went through shoulder problems for years and when he returned to the mound with the Reds was throwing in the low 80’s. I don’t know if that’s what happened with Bonnin or not, but it’s certainly possible and if that’s the case maybe he and the club decided he was done with baseball and with fewer roster spots available these days it was something that made sense to do.

      Things could be different for Guilliams in many ways. Again, I have no insight as of today as to why he’s not pitching for a third year in a row, but it’s possible that his arm is healthy but something else isn’t.

      • BK

        Are these players exempt from minor league roster limits similar to how 60-day IL players don’t count against MLB 40-man roster limits?

      • Doug Gray

        Correct. Up to a point. Each organization gets 15 spots for 60-day/full-season injured lists that do not count toward that 165.

      • Doug Gray

        And now I’m back to just chime in on Bryce Bonnin…. who has now signed with the Boston Red Sox. I guess we will see how things go over there with him.