The headline can be slightly misleading given that a typical relief outing is a bit short. But to strike out 10 batters you need to pitch at least 3.1 innings. On Friday night Nestor Lorant pitched five innings out of the bullpen for Daytona and he was rather dominant in doing so…. but things didn’t get off to the best start in relief. The first batter that Lorant faced homered to kick off the 5th inning. From that point forward he allowed two hits, no runs, and he racked up 10 strikeouts to close out the game and pick up the win for the Tortugas.

On the night, Nestor Lorant threw 79 pitches with 53 of them being strikes. He now has 17 strikeouts without a walk in his 12.0 innings on the season, and his ERA sits at 0.75. The change up was working well against Bradenton on Friday night. He threw 32 of them and 24 of them went for strikes. Opponents swung at the pitch 20 times and missed 11 times.

While his previous outing came in Daytona and we don’t have pitch tracking data for that game, his first game of the season did provide us with some data. Lorant didn’t throw his change up nearly as often that night, but he had five swings and misses on seven change ups that were swung at (the only other change up he threw was taken for a strike). So in the two games we have data from he has 16 whiffs on 27 swings at the change up. That’s a 59% whiff rate.

Adam Serwinowski does it again

While the 10 strikeouts from Nestor Lorant caught the headline, Adam Serwinowski started the game and he tossed 4.0 shutout innings. Again. Friday night was the third start of the season for the young right-hander and for the third time on the season he threw 4.0 shutout frames for Daytona. He allowed just one hit, but did hit a batter and walk two others while striking out three on the day.

On the season Serwinowski now has allowed just four hits, three walks, and hit one batter in his 12.0 shutout innings. He’s also struck out 15 of the 44 batters that he’s faced this season. It’s still early in the year, but so far he’s been far better at finding the strikezone than he did last season with the ACL Reds when he walked 16 batters and hit three others in 27.1 innings pitched.

7 Responses

  1. MBS

    An impressive night for that duo. It looks like they’ve piggybacked all 3 outings so far.

  2. DW

    It appears that Duno is good behind the plate, and not just with the bat.

  3. DaveCT

    I watched Gabriel Aguilera pitch two days for the Tortugas. His changeup also looked fantastic. The proverbial ball on a kite string that you pull back just as it reaches home plate. Very nice breaking pitch, too. Fastball mostly 91-ish, spotted well. Reminded me of Acuna and Javi Rivera, and a bit of Aguiar, though not near the velocity.

    Can it be that these kids are getting taught changeups very well in the complex leagues? If so, to whom do we give credit? That’d be an excellent development.

      • Old Big Ed

        I thought maybe Aquilera was the bowler for two days in a cricket test match.

  4. RedBB

    Reminds me of Dairy Moreta…that’s prol his ceiling

    • VegasRed

      Send Greene to the change up Guru! Or bring the guru to Greene.

      And DJ obviously ain’t the guru.