Paul Janish was called up last night after Jeff Keppinger was hurt. Michael Griffin moved up to Louisville and rumors are that Justin Turner was moved up to Chattanooga. From there on down I haven’t heard anything yet. Lets hope Janish can swing his bat just a little bit in the majors because his defense is really good.

Daryl Thompson has an interview up on with Ben Badler. Its a great read so go take some time to check it out. has up a little draft preview, you can read it all by clicking here, but I have some of the highlights below:

“Walt’s philosophy is pretty similar to Wayne’s,” Buckley said. “They’re both baseball guys that want us to get the best talent out there. I have not been told to select anybody or stay away from a certain guy. Everybody is in play. We’ll go get the best people we can.”

The Reds could have several options with their top pick and are expected to take the best guy available. Because of the number of years needed to develop someone, they will not select a player based on a current need at the big league level.

The Reds are usually looking to bolster the middle of the field positions — catcher, second base, shortstop and center field. Adding more power hitters would also be a regular priority. Of course, there’s always going to be a need for pitching, and more pitching. Quality left-handed pitching is routinely in the shortest supply and the highest demand.

In 2006, 34 of the 50 overall picks were players taken out of colleges. Last year, there were 32 college players taken out of the 50. However, three of the last four first-round selections were picked out of high school — including Mesoraco (15th overall from Punxsutawney, Pa.) in 2007. In last year’s Draft, the Reds also took 31 pitchers, including high schooler Kyle Lotzkar — a first-round sandwich pick.

The same guys are in place that ran the previous drafts, so I don’t think that anything will change. Expect them to look for guys that play up the middle or throw the baseball that are tall and right handed early and look for other things down in the draft. Starting tomorrow I am going to take a look at the top 15 draft eligible guys, one each day, as the draft closes in on us.