Today is the day. Draft starts at 2pm on ESPN2, but we are working on keeping the rumors flying in this post until then. It will be updated throughout the day. Here is what we are hearing:

Jonathon Mayo said last night that the Reds are going to take Gordon Beckham. That would be fine and dandy, but who says he makes it to us? There is a chance that he doesn’t.

I am hearing that the Reds have it down to about 5 names and it all depends who goes in front of them. Lots of college names but a high school kid is on the list as well.

Seems like the Rays are going to be taking Tim Beckham over Buster Posey, who is reportedly asking for a ridiculous 12 million dollar signing bonus. MLB really needs slot drafting. You are drafted at X spot you get Y money or you can sit out until next year and hope for better. 12 million bucks? You have to be kidding me.

One MLB teams doctor has given them the thumbs up to draft Tanner Scheppers (stress fracture in the shoulder). One rumor is that he is still asking for something in the 2.5 million dollar range. Yeah, something strange is up when a kid with a shoulder injury is asking for top 5 money.

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More to come when I can find more news.

Update #1 – 10:30

Baseball America has released its mock draft and they have the Reds taking Gordon Beckham. Unless Matusz falls, he is their pick according to Jim Callis. That seems to be what we are all hearing at this point.

Update #2 – 10:55

The Tampa Bay Rays have announced they will officially be taking Tim Beckham #1 overall. That could shake things up a little bit. The Pirates and Royals seem like they know where they are going to go with their picks. That leaves the Orioles as the first wild card that will dictate what happens for the Reds. They are likely to take Brian Matusz, but if they don’t he could fall into the lap of the Reds who would snatch him up faster than I could type that we are going to take him (and I type pretty fast). Florida is the second wild card of the bunch as BA has them taking Buster Posey at this point, but the question is, with his asking price would they really go over slot for him? The Reds are known to like Posey a lot, despite taking Mesoraco (who is tearing it up btw) last year. If he is on the board along with Gordon Beckham where do they go?

Update #3 – 12:30

We are about an hour and a half from the start of things today. There hasn’t been much in the rumor mill over the last hour so I am going to ask a question. The Reds are known to like Buster Posey, C, Florida State. He is out of the running at #1 and looks like the next spot he could go is #6 to the Marlins. Would you draft him if you were the Reds? Some things used to describe him is ‘A Jason Kendall clone’ and ‘Russ Martin with less bat’. Here was the scouting report I did on him, so the question is, would you take him if the Marlins passed on him?

Update #4 – 1:40

Hearing rumors that Buster Posey could go to the Giants at #5, which probably means the Marlins take Kyle Skipworth.

Update #5 – 2:00

We are about to get under way here. I am willing to go on the record and say Gordon Beckham to the Reds is about a 95% lock at this point.

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