For this weeks topic I went back to a pitcher and wanted to look at Brad Boxberger and his mechanics between his fastball and his breaking ball. I would like to note beforehand that this footage is from a stint of him coming out of the bullpen, where sometimes guys will go a little more “all out”. Each clip was created by going frame by frame tot he point in which his knee was at its highest point, then going back the same number of frames (I believe it was 45 frames) and starting from there. Here is the breakdown, with the fastball on the left and the breaking ball on the right:

Things to note:

  • At frame 55 it would appear that he has a different glove positioning and that it could be tipping the pitches. He isn’t. He is simply milliseconds quicker in the breaking ball and his glove did the same thing two frames later for his fastball.
  • Nothing stands out mechanically as an issue to me. Though I included video below that will give you more insight if you want to look deeper at it.
  • The mechanics look the same between the two pitches (despite my crooked camera work on the left).

Do you see anything that you dislike? That you like? Anything else worth noting?

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