There are a few changes to the site that I made throughout the day yesterday. I took down the message board. It simply wasn’t active enough to deal with the spam issues it caused. I added a transactions page, that hopefully I can keep up to date throughout the year. I also added a way to share articles at the bottom of each article via twitter, facebook and a few other social media outlets.

The Dayton Dragons website is listing the full rosters as well as bios on each player. Go check it out and read about all of the players.

The Reds have released these players: Ricky Bowen, Miguel Chacoa, Alex Oliveras, Jose Ortuno, Oliver Santos and Cameron Satterwhite.

You can help name the Reds future AA team what will be playing in 2012.

Danny Steele, the Bats Assistant Media Director has up some pictures of the clubhouse as they prepare for Opening Night. Go check it out.

Jamie Ramsey has up a PDF with all of the league rosters, including guys on the inactive rosters. The big part though is the the guys who appear to be injured (guys who clearly should be playing full season ball but are listed for Billings). I updated it in yesterdays post, but for those who didn’t check back, here is the list:

Pearl missed nearly all of last season, so he could still be working his way back. Lotzkar we knew a little about a week ago. The rest of the guys though, there isn’t much on. Hopefully nothing is serious with anyone.