The 2014 Cincinnati Reds bullpen has been through its fair share of struggles. Outside of Aroldis Chapman and Jumbo Diaz, no one currently in the bullpen has an ERA under 3.50. Only Sam LeCure finds himself under the 4.00 mark from the rest of the guys in the bullpen. A former strength of the team has been a source of issues in 2014 and moving forward it would seem that there are jobs up for grabs.

With that idea out there I thought it would be a good time to take a look at two arms that finished the year in Double-A Pensacola’s bullpen as potential arms we may see at some point in the near term future.

Ben Klimesh split his time between Bakersfield and Pensacola in the 2014 season where he struck out 77 batters in 61.2 innings with a 4.82 ERA. The right hander had seven saves on the season, mostly coming with Bakersfield.

Kyle McMyne spent a majority of his season in Bakersfield, but made seven appearances with Pensacola. On the season he posted a 4.98 ERA in 56.0 innings with 43 strikeouts. He also racked up four saves for Bakersfield.

Neither guy had a shiny ERA, but both guys showed some stuff that grabbed some attention.

Scouting Reports

Ben Klimesh


Fastball | From a velocity standpoint, Klimesh can bring it. He sits in the 92-95 MPH range and can touch a little bit higher at times. The pitch does get a bit straight at times, particularly when it’s elevated.

Slider | Another pitch from Klimesh with good velocity as he throws his slider in the 84-87 MPH range. When at it’s best it’s a pitch he can bury with good bite, but it is an inconsistent offering that lacks the biting action at times and is hittable. It flashes itself as an above-average offering but needs more consistency.

Other | You can tell by the number of strikeouts that when he is on his game, the stuff absolutely plays. He will still struggle at times though as he battles the consistency on the breaking ball. With improved consistency on the breaking ball he could put himself into a future 7th inning role at the big league level.

Kyle McMyne

Fastball | McMyne can show elite velocity at times, particularly early in outings where he will throw 95-97 MPH. However he doesn’t hold that velocity for long and will settle in at 91-94 as the outings extend themselves.

Slider | An above-average offering that is thrown in the 83-86 MPH range with good biting action.

Other | The biggest thing holding back McMyne is his ability to throw strikes. He struggles to throw strikes on a consistent basis. His walk rate was last season was 4.3 batters per 9 innings pitched. He struggles to find a consistent release point and can be all over the place with his pitches. The stuff is there to be a very good reliever with two above-average pitches, but the control issues continue to hold him back from getting the most from his right arm.



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