Today is the start of a three day event known as the Major League Baseball draft. Tonight the draft will begin at 7pm on MLB Network and Tuesday and Wednesday will be on only. Here is how today is going to be handled: All draft coverage will take place in this post until the Reds actually make their picks (the 1st and 2nd rounds take place tonight). Rumors on players and even the Reds possible pick will all be in here and it will be updated throughout the day. Once the Reds make their picks, the players will get their own post for discussion – within a 5-10 minute timetable of the pick being announced with information on the player.

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My personal Top 24 prospects draft board | Building up to the draft, I went through each position and gave quick scouting reports on players throughout the month of May. In this post I rank all 24 of those players on a draft board in terms of how my personal feelings are in terms of how they should be drafted.

All scouting reports for potential 1st round selections for the Cincinnati Reds | The previously mentioned articles with quick scouting reports and thoughts on the players that could be options in the first round for the Reds can all be found here.

Fangraphs Sortable Top 202 Draft Prospects | Updated at 11:40am: Kiley McDaniel is my favorite prospect writer and the guy that I consider the best out there right now. He put together his own draft board at Fangraphs for the Top 202 guys, all with video clips and a majority of them also have scouting reports. Top 200 Draft prospects | While isn’t the best source in my opinion for their scouting reports, they are the only place that has this many reports all in one place that is also free to view, and many of the reports also have video clips for the players.

Most Recent Mock Drafts

UPDATED at 6:45pm

Jim Callis and Jonathan Mayo – | June 8 | Jim Callis and Jonathan Mayo both have the Reds selecting Tyler Stephenson, a catcher from Kennesaw Mountain High School in Georgia in both of their mock drafts, including the most recent one that was published at 6:30pm.

John Manuel – Baseball America | June 8 | Has the Reds selecting Tyler Stephenson, a catcher from Kennesaw Mountain High School in Georgia.

Kiley McDaniel – Fangraphs | June 8th | Has the Reds selecting Ian Happ, an outfielder from the University of Cincinnati.

Keith Law – ESPN | June 8th | Has the Reds selecting Kevin Newman, a shortstop from Arizona.

With four different players being selected in the most recent mock drafts it’s just more of the same in terms of who the Reds have been linked to…. pretty much everyone in the Top 15. By my count the team has now been linked to 11 different names and they are picking 11th overall. If they go with someone they haven’t been linked to, it will be absolutely shocking. While drafting 11th means you have to let the draft come to you, this year the draft seems so wide open at the top compared to past years that it’s a bit crazy. Usually there’s a good idea by now as to how things will shake out inside the top five picks at the very least, but even still there seems to be no idea about how any given pick is going to go. It should make for a fun Monday, although it will likely be hectic.

UPDATED at 11:15am

There have been two mock drafts posted this morning so far, but three writers have taken their shots as the mock draft has mocks by both Jim Callis and Jonathan Mayo. All three mock drafts posted so far have the Reds taking high school catcher Tyler Stephenson. Over the weekend there was a rumor floating around that he could go as high as #1 overall in a money saving move. He has also been heavily linked to the Phillies, who select directly before the Reds make their pick.

UPDATED at 11:50am

Let’s get a little bit of discussion going on. Assuming that Dansby Swanson, Brendan Rodgers and Alex Bregman are off of the board, who is the player that you’d like to see fall to Cincinnati? Is there anyone you’d like to see them avoid more than others?

Updated at 1:40pm

Keith Law has updated his mock draft and has the Reds linked with a new player, shortstop Kevin Newman out of Arizona. He didn’t crack my own draft board and I didn’t have a write up on him, so here is a quick report on him.

He should be able to remain at shortstop defensively without much problem, but he doesn’t project to be an above-average defender. At the plate though, he’s an enigma. He’s hit just two home runs in college over the course of three years, and while the home run era in college baseball is over with these new bats, two home runs in over 600 plate appearances in a college career doesn’t scream 11th overall pick. Where he does shine at is making contact. He’s struck out just 48 times in college and he’s walked 57 times. The walk rate is low, but it’s hard to get deep into counts when you make contact so often.

This is a weak draft, but Newman sounds like a typical late 2nd round type of guy who is a singles hitter and can play shortstop. If I were to add him to my draft board he would be behind everyone else on it. There’s just not enough wiggle room in his skillset that if something doesn’t work out just right with his defense or his ability to hit for a very high average, for there to be any sort of backup plan.

Updated at 4:25pm

There hasn’t been much to break lately, but I thought I’d add in some crowdsourced information. It seems that the Reds are hoping to have a choice between Tyler Stephenson, Andrew Benintendi, Carson Fulmer or Kyle Tucker. Not many mock drafts have any of those guys available when they will pick, but it seems that those are the guys that they want to be there more than the rest. I’d be thrilled with any of those picks, but I’ve got a feeling they will all be off of the board when the Reds are selecting.

Updated at 6:15pm

The Draft coverage has begun at and on MLB Network. The Reds will have three picks tonight. 11th overall (1st round), 49th overall (2nd round) and 71st (2nd round – competitive balance).

Updated at 7:35pm

There are four picks down and every player that the Cincinnati Reds have been linked to is still in play. Starting now with the Astros will have a lot to do with how the Reds pick eventually plays out.

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