The Cincinnati Reds have officially signed their 5th round draft pick from the 2015 draft, RHP Ian Kahaloa. He was signed for $300,00, which is under the slot value of $369,400. The team was able to save some money on the pick, but that wasn’t their plan. Jim Callis tweeted this out earlier in the afternoon:

What exactly the “elbow concerns” are, no one really knows – or at least no one is saying at this point. I would imagine that if his elbow ligament were torn and he needed Tommy John surgery, that information would have been out there, so it’s not likely that. Regardless of that, there was enough of an issue that both sides agreed it was worth a cut in signing bonus of 25%.

The Hawaiian high school selection was assigned to the Arizona League Reds yesterday, but with these new concerns with his elbow, we may not see him pitching soon. If we do see him taking the mound soon though, it will be much better news than initially expected.

When he was fully healthy (and to be fair, he may be fully healthy – perhaps this is sort of similar to the whole Brady Aiken situation where there’s just an anomaly of sorts – but we simply don’t know at this point) this past spring he was able to get as high as 97 MPH with his fastball, though he sat a bit lower than that. You can read a full scouting report on him from draft day right here.