Back in the first week of June we took a look at Cincinnati Reds right handed pitcher Tyler Mahle in one of the Scouting Notebook articles. Here was some video that accompanied that article from his May 28th start where he had nine strikeouts in 5.1 innings pitched without a walk.

Since then, Mahle has put together a terrific season. The right handed has posted a 2.51 ERA in 136.0 innings pitched with 22 walks and 123 strikeouts. Yesterday, he was rewarded by the Midwest League by being named to the All-Star team for the league – being selected as the right handed starting pitcher for the team.

Let’s take a look at where Tyler Mahle ranks among the league leaders in the Midwest League:

Total Rank
Wins 11 4th
ERA 2.51 1st
Innings 136.0 3rd
BB/9IP 1.46 4th
K/9IP 8.14 17th
K/BB 5.59 2nd

To be short, Mahle has been dominant this season and he’s among the league leaders in every important category. From a statistical standpoint, it’s tough to find something that doesn’t jump off of the page.

Going back to the article from the first week of June, the scouting report was solid, but unspectacular. Things have changed a little bit since then for the right hander who has shown improvements over the last three months.

Scouting Report


The article from the first week of June was written based on the start that Tyler Mahle made on May 28th. In that game he was sitting 89-91 MPH and touched 93 a few times while pumping in one pitch at 94 MPH. It had good movement, but from a velocity standpoint it was average at best. He had movement and location on the offering though and was able to dominate most hitters in the game with the pitch.

A few weeks ago I sent out this tweet:

My initial exploration into the stadium radar gun was that the gun was out of service the few days prior to it and that it likely wasn’t accurate. A week later I was actually able to confirm that the radar readings were actually correct on the stadium gun and get a little more information on Mahle. And that changed the reports a little bit on the right hander moving forward.

Mahle had picked up some velocity on his fastball from where he was sitting, now working in the 90-93 MPH range and touching 94 more regularly than he was early in the season. However, the game changer, at least from my viewpoint was when he hit 96 MPH on August 13th. It was just one pitch, but it led to digging deeper for more information. I was able to confirm that he has actually hit 96 MPH a few different times in this season, though it’s only been a handful of times.

Even if it’s just a few times this season, 96 MPH is still 96 MPH and it’s from a guy who was sitting 89-91 MPH in the first two months of the season. Mahle’s picked up velocity as the season has gone along and he’s done so while maintaining outstanding fastball control. At this point the Reds have a guy with average to slightly-above average fastball velocity who can reach back for 96 every so often who can also put his fastball wherever he wants. And he can do that while also throwing three solid or better offspeed pitches.

The right hander ranked 16th on my midseason update (released in the middle of June). There’s no doubt that he’s going to be ranked higher in the post season list.


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