Yorman Rodriguez initially injured himself near the end of spring training, getting in some extra work on the backfields where he and Billy Hamilton were going back-and-forth between games, hitting in every inning between two different fields during minor league games. The injury didn’t seem serious as he walked off on his own and back to the clubhouse without much issue, though he was walking with the trainer the entire way.

Since then it’s been a long set of set-backs for Yorman Rodriguez and his hamstring. Initially he was placed on the disabled list and wasn’t expected to miss too much time, though most expected the Reds to use much of his 30-day rehab limit simply because Rodriguez was out of options and it would let them prolong their decision making on him and other players on the roster for the time that would eventually come where they had to decide what to do. We didn’t hear too much in terms of an update for a few weeks after the regular season began, but then started getting reports that he was back in Arizona and working in extended spring training at the Reds complex.

On May 12 a report from Rotowire came out that Rodriguez had to be shut down in Arizona for a short period of time because, as Bryan Price noted, “he wasn’t able to carry the workload they had assigned him.” Price also noted that he was feeling better and should be back in games soon. And sure enough, he was, as a day later I had a report from Arizona that he had indeed played the following day and had even legged out a triple in the game.

Yesterday, Mark Sheldon of Reds.com had this on Rodriguez:

Outfielder Yorman Rodriguez, who is on the 60-day DL with a left hamstring strain, remains stalled in his recovery. Price noted a report that Rodriguez hurt his leg sliding at extended spring.

It would seem that the hamstring for Rodriguez is almost like the oblique of Johnny Cueto a few years ago and just keeps flaring up with issues over-and-over in a given season. We will probably see Rodriguez at some point this year, but he’s now missed nearly two months of the season with a hamstring issue that isn’t a tear or required surgery, and he’s going to miss even more time as he’s not even playing once again and will require a rehab stint by the time he does. The odds are pretty good that he’s going to miss the first three months of the season with what initially was viewed as a relatively minor injury. The Reds injury luck continues to be incredible, and not in a good way.

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  1. Kevin Davis


    What is the status of Zack Weiss ?

  2. MK

    When he comesback Price won’t play him as he is afraid he might lose 10 in a row if he does.

    • R?

      Price has played every rookie on the 25man roster.If the FO doesn’t want Winker or Peraza etc on roster yet not much Price can do.

      • Gaffer

        That reference was to last year when YRod was on the MLB roster 10 days after being hot at AAA, but never made a single appearance.

      • Bill

        Rodriguez was on the team just prior to the ASG. While the Red’s record was mediocre, they were doing their best to get into contention. It’s hard to find playing time for a rookie and put the most competitive team on the field at the same time. By the time the Reds transitioned to rebuilding, Rodriguez was injured.

  3. TheRickDeLux

    Realistically, it’s probably August 1st-ish before he is actually in a Cincinnati Reds uniform. Timing wise it’s not the worst thing as I expect this team to be completely different by then. Hopefully, he can get a significant amount of playing time those last two months. The organization really needs to know if he is going to be a contributor on the ML level.

  4. Champ Summers

    Hey, Just checking in on Zack Weiss? Haven’t seen anyone ask about him in a while.

  5. Mongo

    The price has been uncomfortable. Just a few years ago the price was comfortable. Mongo could handle the price. Something happened to the price. And now, the Mongo finds it unfathomable to pay $1.50 for a double burger with one piece of cheese at McDonalds. Now……..let’s talk about the Red’s manager.

  6. Kevin

    At this point, I wouldn’t let the Reds medical staff look at my hangnail for fear of having a setback later.