Over the weekend Hunter Greene arrived in Billings to join the Mustangs. They are the Cincinnati Reds advanced Rookie-League affiliate in the Pioneer League. The 17-year-old right handed pitcher was the #2 overall selection in the 2017 Major League Baseball Draft. Despite the arrival, it will be a bit of a wait before he sees time in a game.

I talked with someone in the Reds organization on Saturday who told me that “it would be a while” before Hunter Greene got into any games. He hasn’t pitched since early April and his high school season as a hitter was over in May. The Reds likely don’t want to rush him onto the field before he’s ready and risk any injury. Even as a designated hitter he needs time to get back into seeing live pitching again. It wouldn’t surprise me if he saw time in the batters box before taking the mound.

On the mound it’s just been a long time since he’s had to go out there and pitch regularly. He will need to build things back up before he’s going to be ready to join the rotation. That’s going to mean throwing with the team on the side.  How long until he’s ready to take the mound in a game isn’t exactly known yet, but we have a general idea.

Hunter Greene met with the local media in Billings and as reported by Kyle Hansen of 406MTSports.com, the expectation is that he will not play for “a couple of weeks at least”. When Greene does take the field it will be either as a designated hitter or as a pitcher. While he played shortstop in high school, and many teams felt he was a 1st round caliber player as a shortstop, too, the Reds are not going to allow him to play in the field for the time being.