Hunter Greene made his professional debut as a pitcher on Sunday afternoon in Billings. It’s been a long awaited debut as a pitcher after being drafted in early June. The Cincinnati Reds slowly brought him back to the mound after not signing until early July and having not pitched since April.

The first pitch of the game was 101 MPH. It was a strike swinging. The next pitch was also 101 MPH. The next two were only 100 MPH. The first batter eventually singled into right field as there was some confusion on who would play the ball between the first and second baseman. The next hitter grounded into a force out. With the third batter at the plate, The recently turned 18-year-old Greene went to work and showed off his pickoff move to an unsuspecting Tristen Lutz who walked back to the dugout. The final batter of the inning also walked back to the dugout as he was the victim of

Hunter Greene’s first professional strikeout. It took 15 pitches to get through the first frame. Speaking with a source in Billings the 15 pitches resulted in 14 fastballs thrown and 1 breaking ball. The breaking ball was 83 MPH. The fastballs were thrown between 98 MPH and 101 MPH. Greene topped out at 101.7 MPH according to the Trackman that is installed in Dehler Park.

Small sample size alerts everywhere, but Hunter Greene did everything you want to see from a pitcher. He threw strikes, with 12 of his 15 pitches being strikes. Greene kept the ball on the ground with both balls put in play being grounders. And when you can get it, he threw the ball incredibly hard and by the hitters.

As long as the Reds and Mustangs keep Hunter Greene on a regular starting pitchers schedule, he will make two more starts this season. I haven’t spoken with anyone yet about this, but it would be expected that in each of those two games his pitch count will be extended further than it was today.