The last time that Hunter Greene took the mound in instructional league things were a mixed bag. Taking on the Kansas City Royals instructional league team on Monday, Greene struggled as the Royals team touched him up a bit. On Saturday the Cincinnati Reds #2 overall pick in the draft returned to the mound and took on the Royals once again.

It was a very different story for both Hunter Greene and the Royals. Josh Norris of Baseball America posted a video of the three innings for Greene and they were outstanding. The just turned 18-year-old struck out seven betters. Watching the video, he looked even better than that. Norris also has up an article detailing some other things from the start.

Breaking down the video

If you haven’t yet gone to the link and watched the video, go do that. Now that you’ve returned after watching the video, let’s talk about it. Hunter Greene showed a moving fastball in the 98-101 MPH range. He would also mix in a slider and a change up often. Neither pitch was consistent, but both pitches showed above-average at times and one slider looked like a plus offering.

I went back and charted the results for each pitch from the video. There were 42 pitches thrown. It would appear that an at-bat may have been missing from the video, but here are the results from what we do see:

Ball 12
Called K 12
Foul 10
Swing K 7
In Play 1

While we need to recognize that this is instructional league, and he’s probably facing younger players, Hunter Greene dominated the Royals here. And, he’s probably younger than most of the guys he faced on Saturday, too. Of the 42 pitches we saw only 12 of them were balls (71% strike rate). He had seven swings and misses. Only one ball was put in play and he threw 12 pitches that were taken for strikes. The stuff. The results. This is the kind out outing that you hope to see from someone like Hunter Greene. It’s the outing the team envisioned when they selected him in June. It was only one outing, but it was about as fun to watch as it could have been.