Today was media day in both Dayton and in Louisville. I wish, for selfish reasons, they would stagger them so that I don’t have to constantly choose each year and could go to both. But, I chose the shorter drive for me and went to Dayton for the Dragons media day. Following a luncheon and introduction to the players, there were a few interviews that were set up and then the team hit the field. First, let’s get to the interviews with the local media contengency:

Interview with Packy Naughton

Interview with Jeter Downs

Interview with Hunter Greene

A lot of this stuff was generic, for tv soundbite kind of stuff. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it didn’t get too deep. However, there were a few guys there that have already cranked out some good stuff that they did get today.

Tom Archdeacon of the Dayton Daily News has up a featured column on Hunter Greene already, and it’s a good read that dives into his background and some of the things he’s been through, some of the things he’s done, and some things he wants to do. Be sure to go check it out.

A little bit from batting practice

I want to preface this by saying that it was literally snowing for all of batting practice, windy, and well, it sucked. But, I did take a few quick videos for twitter while a few guys were hacking away. Enjoy.

The season begins tomorrow for Dayton, Daytona, and Pensacola. Check back in the morning for the Game Preview.