It seems that this is becoming routine, and with each next start Hunter Greene makes it’s his best start. Last night in Lake County it was about as dominant of a start as you are going to come across. Greene set a career high with 7.0 innings pitched. He allowed just two hits in the start and he walked no one. He also set a new career high with 10 strikeouts.

None of that was the most impressive thing of his start, though. What was is that he needed just 69 pitches to get through his outing. 52 of his pitches were strikes on the night. It’s almost unheard of to strike out 10 batters in 7.0 innings on 69 total pitches.

For the entire season Hunter Greene has now made 15 starts and posted a 4.15 ERA. In his 60.1 innings he’s walked 19 batters and he’s struck out 77 hitters. Those numbers would be good on their own. But when you toss in that he’s doing it at age 18, it’s even more impressive.

However, if you look at what he’s been doing over the last ten starts you start to see an even more impressive picture. Since May 12th he’s posted a 2.31 ERA in 50.2 innings. Thats come with just 39 hits allowed, nine walks, and he’s struck out 59 batters.

With the run that he’s on, there are a few questions that are on the minds of Reds fans (as noted by my mentions on the twitter machine). The first is, will the Cincinnati Reds promote Hunter Greene this year? And that’s a pretty interesting question. My initial thought was that no, they won’t. It’s possible that he will have his innings limited. It’s a little bit easier to do that in Dayton than in Daytona.

But, that also brings up something that the organization said, and I’m paraphrasing here, but it was something to the extent of they would let his performance dictate how quickly he would move. And maybe that was more of a long-term thing than a 2018 thing. While it’s probably too early to promote him right now, if he continues this kind of performance how long could you keep him in the Midwest League?

The other question that seemed to come up was if and when the Reds would shut down Hunter Greene for the season. The Reds have not made a statement on exactly what they would do when it comes to managing his workload other than they have a plan. Right now, Greene has thrown 60.1 innings on the season. There are still two months of the year remaining. If he matches what he threw in June during the months of July and August, that would push his season total to 107.1 innings pitched.

That would be a lot by comparison for most 18-year-old’s drafted out of high school in recent years, but it wouldn’t be outrageous, either. Most guys don’t spend a full season playing while they are 18. The innings they throw in extended spring aren’t being counted in the stat lines. However, those innings are happening and do exist.

With all of that said, it wouldn’t surprise me either way. If the Reds were to shut things down, or slow them up for Hunter Greene to limit his innings – it would make sense. But it they let him go out and treat July and August similarly to how he pitched in June, it would also make sense as long as he wasn’t showing signs of fatigue or tiring.

Hunter Greene to pitch in the Futures Game

Hunter Greene will reportedly participate in the 2018 Futures Game. The game will take place on July 15th as a part of the All-Star game weekend festivities. The teams have not yet been released. Most teams usually send two players, but not always. Who will, or if someone else will join Hunter Greene from the organization is currently unknown.