The Arizona Fall League is fully underway this week. Last night the Scottsdale Scorpions picked up there 1st win of the season (only their 2nd game). The Cincinnati Reds had a big part in that 10-3 win.

Shed Long got his first start of the Arizona Fall League season. He started at second base and hit leadoff. Long would play a big role on the offensive side of things. He went 1-4 with two walks and a stolen base. He also scored a run and drove in three more. Not a bad debut.

While Shed Long was the only Reds prospect to play in the field, three pitchers took the mound to represent Cincinnati on the night. Ty Boyles took the mound in the fifth inning. The left hander threw a perfect inning with with two strikeouts. He threw 15 pitches with 9 strikes. Wyatt Strahan followed him, taking over in the 6th inning. The right hander allowed a hit in an otherwise perfect inning. He threw just 8 pitches in the inning, and all of them were strikes. Alex Powers followed Strahan in the 7th inning. Like Strahan, Powers allowed a hit in his otherwise perfect inning of work. He recorded all of his outs via the strikeout, throwing 20 pitches with 12 strikes.

Taylor Trammell working on being a vocal leader

Bobby Nightengale is out in Arizona to cover some of the Fall League for the Cincinnati Enquirer. His first article is on Taylor Trammell, and I suggest that you go read the entire thing. With that said, the biggest take away may be that the Reds have asked Trammell to work on being more of a vocal leader while out in Arizona.

Even in high school, I’ve never really been vocal,” Trammell said. “Never really been one to say a lot of things. I’ve always just led by example. I think that’s how I lead. But (the player development staff) talked to me about it and I feel like that’s one thing I’ve got to do.

The Reds have been pushing the idea of more leadership qualities over the last few seasons at the minor league level. If you recall, they sent a handful of their top prospects to West Point last two offseasons for leadership training. This seems to be a point of emphasis for their prospects.

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  1. redleggingfordayz

    1. Good to see Shed doing what he normally does in the AFL.
    2. I really enjoy the leadership stuff being taught in the minors, and I like that Trammell is taking the initiative here.