The Cincinnati Reds have picked up outfielder and first baseman Jordan Patterson off of waivers from the New York Mets. He has spent each of the last two seasons in Triple-A in the Rockies organization. He spent a handful of days in the Mets organization, who just claimed him earlier in the week.

Jordan Patterson has some Major League experience, but it’s rather limited. In 2016 he played in 10 games with the Rockies, hitting .444/.474/.500 over 19 plate appearances. The left handed hitter hasn’t been in the Major League since. In 2017 he played in 131 games in Triple-A Albuquerque. While there he hit .283/.348/.539 with 32 doubles, 7 triples, and 26 home runs. Last year he posted a rather similar line, still playing for the Isotopes, hitting .271/.367/.525 with 23 doubles, 2 triples, and 26 homers in 118 games.

When spring training begins, Jordan Patterson will be 27-years-old. He’s capable of playing at first base and in either of the corner outfield spots. The power probably isn’t as good as the minor league numbers indicate, but he does have solid pop in his bat – the Pacific Coast League, however, has been helping his cause. As a lefty, he’s been better against right handed pitching in his career. There have been times, though, where he has had some success against lefties. He probably does project more as a platoon type of hitter, though.

It you only look at his home-and-road splits for 2018 you may get the sense that he was benefiting from a massive home field advantage. But the year before, at the same level with the same team, he hit much better on the road than at home. The entire league is hitter friendly – so don’t let the one-year splits fool you.

There’s a chance that the Reds made this move to try and designate him for assignment and sneak him through waivers. It’s a move they’ve tried several times in the past. It’s been successful, and failed, over the last few years. But if he sticks around, there’s a little bit of versatility to be had with Jordan Patterson. He could provide some pop off of the bench, and be a solid backup option at first base if and when Joey Votto needs a day off. His arm will also play well in right field, where the Reds currently don’t have a strong arm to play.

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12 Responses

  1. Oldtimer

    Good depth. 6 years of MiLB experience and cup of coffee in MLB.

    Reds are short on MLB ready prospects at AAA and AA level.

  2. MK

    Isn’t this a left-handed version of D.J. Peterson. How many of these guys do they need?

  3. SteveO

    The 40-man roster is now full. I think the Reds need to try to sneak Graterol through before the rule 5 draft. In the draft, Martin and Didder are better fits on the 40-man. They are both more versatile and younger. If we need to add a 3rd C, it can be done later. I’m thinking the Reds will go with 13 pitchers heading north and Casali and Ervin to me are locks for 2 of the 4 bench spots. Patterson is LH power off the bench that can fill in for JV when needed and corner OF spots. If Blandino is healthy, he should get the 4th spot. If not, Trahan or Martin or Didder can battle for the last spot.

    • SteveO

      My mistake, Martin or Didder would have to stay on the 25-man or be returned. Keep Blandino on the DL to start the season and then he rehabs down in Louisville for a while to buy some time on Martin or Didder. Blandino still has options, so if Martin or Didder is performing with the Reds, Blandino stays in Louisville the whole year and the battle for the U spot will be on in 2020.

  4. Gaffer

    The only issue is that he is basically a combination of Winker andScott Schebler, so where does he fit?

  5. Krozley

    Kind of like we traded Dilson Herrera for this guy. Let’s hope he works out, but I’m guessing he will be on the waiver wire again.

  6. Mark

    I actually this guy might make the reds. He appears to have a good swing for contact and it appears he is not trying to pull everything. Many home runs are left of center looks like he tries to drive it opposite field. I believe the Reds are a little disappointed in schebler not staying healthy and his strikeouts are pretty excessive. I think schebler is on the block along with Hamilton Long Genett and India for pitching. Does anyone think a 2 year deal for former Oriole Adam Jones makes sense for cf and right handed bat to balance the order or we just as well to go with Ervin in cf in Hamilton is traded? I wonder on starting pitching if they just sign one guy that is 1/2 and go all in with Lorenzen as 2 way player spot starter?

    • Choo Choo Coleman

      Love the Adam Jones deal! Lots of upside off a so-so year & still young enough to have a few good years left. Power plays well in Cincy! Can move him in July if need be, too!

      • Mark

        I agree change of league and scenery and we do need some offense from cf and gabp should play well for Jones