On Friday the Cincinnati Reds non-tendered contracts to Billy Hamilton, Jordan Patterson, Juan Graterol, and Aristides Aquino. Over the last two days they have signed three of those players to minor league deals for 2019.

Outfielder Aristides Aquino, outfielder/infielder Jordan Patterson, and catcher Juan Graterold have all signed with the Reds and been assigned to the Triple-A Louisville roster according to Baseball-Rosters.com. The assignment to Louisville is a procedural move and doesn’t necessarily mean the players will start their season there.

There was one other signing listed, though. The Reds also signed Christian Colon to a minor league deal. The infielder has big league experience – playing for the Royals and Marlins from 2014-2017. He has a career .252/.315/.315 line in 386 Major League plate appearances. The 29-year-old has played second base, third base, and shortstop in the Majors. Last year he didn’t play in the majors and spent a full year in Triple-A. Most of his time came with the Mets organization in the Pacific Coast League, but he also played in 16 games with Atlanta in the International League. Between his two stops he hit .288/.379/.420 with more walks, 40, than strikeouts, 38, in 368 plate appearances.

Aristides Aquino is coming back, and you probably know plenty about him. He hit .240/.306/.448 in 114 games for Double-A Pensacola last year, but was much better in the second half versus the first half.

Juan Graterol is technically now on his 3rd contract with the Reds. He has been picked up on waivers twice by them in the past, but has never actually put on a Reds jersey of any kind. He’s played in 61 games in the Majors, almost all of them in 2017 when he got into 48 games with the Angels. Last season he got into four games, one with the Angels and three with the Twins. In Triple-A last year he hit a combined .301/.330/.354. He rarely walks – just 5 last season in 58 games. But he also rarely strikes out – just 13 times last season.

Jordan Patterson was picked up on waivers on November 29th, then non-tendered the next day. He has hit 26 home runs in each of the last two years in Triple-A Albuquerque while with the Rockies. In 2018 he hit .271/.367/.525 with 42 walks and 128 strikeouts in 480 plate appearances for the Isotopes. He’s played in 10 games in the Majors, back in 2016, when he hit .444/.474/.500 in 19 trips to the plate with Colorado.

One last move that was listed that I hadn’t seen was that Montrell Marshall has retired. He played this season with the Dayton Dragons until he was suspended for failing a drug test in early July.

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    • Oldtimer

      8 years in Reds MiLB system. He looked very good when I saw him play for Billings vs Orem UT in 2015. Visually reminded me of Eric Davis.

    • MuddyCleats

      Agree, watched him several games in Chattanooga – athletic – ball off bat is “very different” Running and walking reminds me of Vlad Guerrero – hopefully he’ll learn to hit like him

  1. Andrew

    So Doug – are these recent signees rule V eligible? Or since they were (some were?) protected at the deadline and resigned not eligible? If they arent eligible, pretty smart move by the front office

    • Doug Gray

      They are Rule 5 eligible, but the odds of them being picked are almost none. If a team were that interested in them, they’d had called them on Friday and said we’ll give you $80,000 to sign with us and we’ll invite you to spring training, and they would have signed then and there. Far less risk for the team than to make a Rule 5 pick on these guys where they can’t be sent back to the minors, would cost more money up front….

  2. James K

    Was “non-tendered” the right term? Or did the Reds ask waivers on them?

    • Colorado Red

      Non-Tendered was the correct term.
      The became free agents.

  3. Redsvol

    well we can breathe a sigh of relief the Reds won’t be committing silly $ to Corbin. Surely that means Harper is heading elsewhere……you can’t pay 4 guys $115 million per year to play baseball and field the rest of a team can you?

    • MK

      On average a young AAA player will make 12,000 a year. They can negotiate however and it does increase with more experience.

    • Doug Gray

      For free agents, it’s just like big league contracts: They are negotiated, so they are all different.

  4. MK

    What a waste of talent by Marshall. His last game played he was the MVP of the Midwest League All Star game.

    • Doug Gray

      He played his last game in early July, so it wasn’t at the MWL AS Game.

  5. The Duke

    If the Reds go with a 5 man bench in 2019 (vs an 8 man bullpen, I could see either one really), then Colon has a shot at a utility role.

    • Oldtimer

      Perhaps. His 4 years in MLB yielded pretty weak hitting results.

  6. KSoze

    Aquino is back… I don’t think it’s time to give up on him, but he looked so overmatched when he was up here last year. He swung at everything thown his way. His tools are pretty great though. He profiles really well for a RF, hopefully he takes a few steps forward this year.