When the 2018 season began for Rylan Thomas he was beating up pitching for Central Florida. In 56 games during the college season he hit .343/.447/.587 and that helped get him drafted in the 26th round for the second time in his career. The Mets also picked him there back in 2016. Don’t let the round he was selected in fool you, though – he got the 6th highest bonus of any Cincinnati Reds draft pick in 2018.

After the draft the Reds assigned Rylan Thomas to their new affiliate in the Appalachian League. He only played in three games in June, going 0-10 to start his career with two walks and two strikeouts.

When July began for Rylan Thomas his bat got going. On the 1st of the month he went 2-3 with a walk, double, home run, and he drove in three runs. He would add another double and three more walks in the week. Over the second week of the month he would walk as many times as he struck out, add three more home runs, and hit .300. The third week of the month was a strange one. The first baseman went just 2-14 (.143). But he walked eight times with just four strikeouts, and one of his hits was a home run. He’d rebound well the next week-and-a-half to close out July by hitting .462/.611/1.038 with three doubles, four more home runs, and nine more walks. For July he posted a .319/.495/.734 line with six doubles and nine home runs in 26 games. He also walked 27 times with just 19 strikeouts.

That hot hitting carried into the first week of August – though Rylan Thomas only played in four games during the week. He went 5-14 (.357) with three doubles. After that, though, he went into a slump over the next two weeks. The infielder went just 10-52 (.192) with four extra-base hits and 15 strikeouts in 15 games. His slump continued into the final week of the year, hitting .250 without an extra-base hit and eight strikeouts. After a huge July, Thomas struggled in August. He hit just .233/.330/.333 during the month with one home run, six doubles, 12 walks, and 28 strikeouts in 26 games played.

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Rylan Thomas Spray Chart

Rylan Thomas Scouting Report

Hitting | Thomas can and does use the entire field, his swing plane is geared more for power than average. Toss in some contact issues at times and he’s got a below-average hit tool.

Power | This is where he shines. Rylan Thomas has plus raw power and he can put the ball over the fence in any direction.

Speed | He’s a well below-average runner.

Defense | He’s a solid first baseman. There’s a chance he could see more time at third base in the future.

Arm | He’s got an above-average arm. It gets wasted at first base, but could be an asset if he begins to see more time at third base in the future.

Rylan Thomas sticks out like a sore thumb when it comes to power. His strength shines more than his bat speed, but his bat isn’t slow. He’s capable of hitting home runs in any park, and to any part of the park. If he fully develops, he’s got 35 home run potential. The right-handed hitter may hit better than the .257 he showed in 2018 with Greeneville in the future – but he doesn’t project to hit for much average. His plate discipline should allow for a good on-base percentage moving forward. With that said, there’s some swing-and-miss to his game, too.

Defensively is where things get interesting for Rylan Thomas. He spent his 2018 season with the Reds at first base. And while he’s not fast, he’s got some athleticism that could translate to third base. Toss in that he’s got a plus arm and he could be a candidate to slide across the diamond. His bat would play even better at third than at first. He did get into 10 games at third with Greeneville, but struggled – making four errors in just twenty chances (.800 fielding percentage).

Longest Home Run of the Year

419 Feet on July 28th.

Interesting Stat on Rylan Thomas

From July 25th through July 29th he went 10-19 with seven extra-base hits, seven walks, scored eight runs, drove in eight runs, and struck out just three times in six games.

12 Responses

  1. Simon Cowell

    a .400 OBP is pretty good too. Seems like his splits are pretty good between the K’s and BB. Not that I am a huge dude to care about walks but it does show at the early levels that he does have an understanding of what to do in the batter’s box. Makes you wonder if in a few years if he’ll be our bench guy subbing for at that time a senior citizen version of Joey Votto.

  2. SFRedsFan

    Doug, I saw a comment on RLN so I will ask. Is there a possibility of converting him to a catcher? With his arm and power, he would become a lot more interesting. As a former catcher myself, I realize that that would require a massive amount of coaching.

    • IndyRedsFan

      I was going to ask the same thing. I saw this first in the Fangraphs write-up of the Reds top 33 prospects published about 2 weeks ago.

      Doug…….do you think that Kiley McDaniel and Eric Longenhagen know something, or were they just speculating?

  3. Wes

    Lots of quality players signing w NL contenders. Hate to see Andrew Miller and Sanchez go off market while reds still have so many needs

    • Justin

      I think the reds are waiting out the market on Gonzalez and Miley. They’ll pick up one of those two for sure. I think they’re pushing for a Dodgers trade, being patient on a Cleveland trade, and hoping they can be there if Dallas settles for a bargain.

      • Shamrock

        I just assumed that they were napping.
        With the Catcher question already being out there on Thomas…………I’ll go a little off topic.
        Connor Joe…where would he be in the Reds “Top 25” prospects right now??

      • Doug Gray

        We will both find out soon enough. I’m still doing a little more background checking on him to see 1, if he will be, and 2, if so, where to place him on the list. This probably won’t happen until after Christmas.

  4. Shamrock

    Now they’ve got RP Soria headed to the Athletics’.

    By the time Nick finally Krall’s out of bed this week there won’t be anyone left…….

  5. Doc

    It’s looking better every day for those who would like to see what the new PC can do with existing talent. Hang in there Mr Krall.