On the last day that I was out in Goodyear for Cincinnati Reds spring training, top pitching prospect Hunter Greene was throwing to hitters on a field as the other teams were playing live games. Greene, who was shut down late last July with a torn UCL in his pitching elbow, opted for rehab rather than Tommy John surgery and is still working his way back as a part of that rehab process.

Hunter Greene is not being held back in terms of throwing at 100% effort. He, however, is still working his way back from an injury and isn’t going to be ready to begin the season with a club – as was reported last week. The video isn’t great – you can’t see the catcher or the strikezone because of the cage. But it seemed appropriate to record the video from this angle than to go to the side angle.

7 Responses

  1. Simon Cowell

    Was he wearing a monitor sleeve that you could tell?

  2. The Duke

    I would guess that he stays in EST through April and then goes to Daytona to start May and then pitches on a normal schedule and pitch count for the rest of the season. I remember reading somewhere that his target for innings this year was 120

    • Doug Gray

      The 120 inning thing was from MLB Pipeline. Well, I guess you could have seen it elsewhere, but I know that they also had it.

    • Dollar Bill

      Green will end up under the knife. Another Reds closer in the making . Hopefully Johnson can do what the Reds have been unable to do with Chapman and Iglesias. Could end up being like Travesio and Howard .

  3. Big Ed

    Was Derek Johnson there to observe? Has a Johnson worked with Greene at all, from what you’ve heard?

    • Doug Gray

      He was not there. The Reds were playing a game at the time. Dick Williams was there to watch, along with some others in the organization.