Taylor Trammell was in Dayton, Ohio on Saturday afternoon. He was on the “Alumni” Team fhat was scheduled to take on the 2019 Dayton Dragons in an exhibition game. Unfortunately that game was rained out. But prior to the announcement I was able to catch up with Trammell for a few minutes along with some of the other members of the media. I also edited up some video of Trammell from spring training that includes multiple doubles.

How was it to be with the big league guys?

I learned so much. I learned a whole lot. The guys were amazing. The big leaguers helped me out. It was fun to get to know those guys, it was awesome.

What’s the next step for you in your game?

Consistency. That’s just something that I’m trying to be better at. No more of the big humps, low humps – just stay on the high side of the roller coaster. You’re going to fail in this game. You’re going to go through slumps. It’s just how you handle it.

Is there something that you picked up in big league camp?

Base running. David Bell and his staff were keying on this. A lot of people look over it. Looking at situations, understanding what to do, when to go certain places – there’s a lot that goes with it. Learning from Delino DeShields, there’s a lot of stuff and getting a chance to understand certain situations – it’s just going to make me a better player. The staff has really emphasized it.

Is there any one thing that you are looking to improve on a little more than other things this season?

My defense. I think that’s something that’s been really good for me. I’ve just relied on my athleticism in the past. Getting a chance to understand things, get my footwork, how I can do this or that, to help make me a better defender going forward it’s just going to make me a better defender going forward and that’s just going to give me a better chance to get where I want to be in the future.

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26 Responses

  1. Gaffer

    If he is at least average in the outfield, and better than average on the bases he will make $200 million in his career.

  2. Michael B. Green

    Trammell is an excellent prospect. He is arguably an even better human being. Very friendly and personable with the fans in ST. He already represents CIN well. Class act all the way. His “Step Brothers” photos with Tyler Stephenson are hilarious too.

    • Norwood Nate

      Those photos are hilarious. I hope they have many more years with the Reds to keep taking more. Could we maybe, down the line, get a Trammell/Stephenson “Step Brother’s” bobblehead? One can dream.

      • MK

        Guess it means more if you have any idea who the Step Brothers are.

      • Norwood Nate

        Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly movie, one of many they’ve done together, but one of their best, up there, IMO with Talladega Nights. Very quotable movie.

  3. Oldtimer

    Should be Reds OF in 2021 perhaps LF. Senzel in CF. Winker in RF.

  4. MK

    Had the pleasure of watching the Trammel, Siri, Friedl, Beltre outfield in Dayton for half a season. It was the best defensive outfield I’ve seen at any level.

  5. Oldtimer

    Castillo got drilled in ST games. Looked great on Opening Day.

    Gray was excellent in ST games. Lousy today. Go figure.

    ST games mean nothing (or less).

      • Oldtimer

        Reds don’t play in Grapefruit League. No grapefruit in Arizona. Lots of cactus though.

    • platediscipline

      “No grapefruit in Arizona”

      There is plentry of grapefuit in Arizona. Plenty Oranges too. The 5 C’s of AZ, cattle, citrus, climate, copper and cotton.

      • Oldtimer

        The Arizona ST is the Cactus League. The Florida ST is Grapefruit League. I guess I should have made it even simpler to understand.

  6. Simon Cowell

    I guess spring training stats really don’t matter… Doug was right on this one. Sonny Gray looked like the pitcher of old but he came out and pitched more like Bronson Arroyo than he did Sonny Gray. Let’s hope he isn’t injured or is suffering from the Pete Rose curse.

    • PlayerToBeNamed Later

      It’s one bad game on a miserable day, geesh! Let’s monitor this for a few weeks before coming up with crazy theories, for real Dale.
      And although Bronson Arroyo never won a Cy Young, he had many more good games than bad games. If he was so bad, how did he last in MLB that long???

      • Simon Cowell

        My commentary was based on stat performance in spring training versus stats that count. Gray is a perfect example that Doug Gray is correct. You can’t predict measured stats of spring versus the stats that count. That’s my point and reference. If you take away more than that then you have mental health issues. Yes, it is one game. I understand completely.

    • Greenfield Red

      Arroyo is just underappreciated. With 148 career wins, he is 264th in the history of major league baseball. With 2435.2 innings pitched, he is 268th on the all time list. With 1574 strikeouts, he is 191st all time.

      While he won’t be in the Hall of Fame, what more could/should people ask of him?

      • Simon Cowell

        His stat line for his last year in Cincinnati was terrible. I didn’t mention his career but Sonny Grace pitched more like Bronson did in 2017 than he did Sonny Gray during spring training 2019. Do you people need for me to spell it out? Apparently so. Everyone is so delicate these days. I guess I must spell out all the minor details to ensure I don’t cause individuals to have a stroke.
        Doug Gray mentioned on an earlier post that spring training stats don’t matter. Here I am agreeing with him buy use his name Sake Sonny Gray as a perfect reference. Gray was stellar during spring training. His stats were drool-worthy. His first game as a Red and he pitched more like Bronson Arroyo did during 2017 than Sonny Gray did in spring training 2019… hence Doug Gray is correct… stats in spring training do not have value nor do they determine performance during the regular season. Does it make sense now? Do I need to explain further? I have all day so please let me know if I need to go into greater detail explaining the comparison, my reference, and Doug being correct.

      • Greenfield Red

        First Simon, I didn’t say anything negative about your specific comment. At no point did I address it. Second, in your first comment on the matter you made no mention of the 2017 version of BA. You said “Bronson Arroyo”.

        The personal attacks of other posters “mental state” and based upon my recent physical, I have no higher probability of a stroke than most people. Some people do have thin skin though.

      • Big Ed

        Simon’s point appears to be that spring training stats do not have value.

  7. Ryan

    Like you said, its one start and it was cold today. He gets at least a few starts before we can make too much of an assessment.

    • Joe Danzeisen

      Completely agree. It was certainly disappointing, but one game on a cold day where a few other pitchers not named William’s were throwing balls in the dirt.

  8. Ryan

    Trammell has shown ability to draw walks and get hits since day 1. If he starts showing more in-game power, he could force his way onto the roster sooner than later.

  9. MikeinSoCal

    I have to give give some love for Bronson. He gave a masterful performance in that playoff gave against the Giants. That fateful series in which the Reds were up 2-0 and only needed one more win to get to the big dance. He was a junk ball pitcher and freely admitted it. Every once in a while it was successful.