The Cincinnati Reds have selected left-handed pitcher Nick Lodolo out of TCU with the #7 overall pick in the 2019 Major League Baseball Draft.


  • School: TCU
  • Position: Left-handed starting pitcher
  • Height: 6′ 6″
  • Weight: 205 lbs.
  • Bats/Throws: Left/Left
  • Previously drafted: 1st round, 41st overall, Pittsburgh – 2016

Scouting Report

The 6’ 6″ and 205-pound left-handed pitcher from TCU is having a dominant junior season. He was a 1st round pick back in 2016 out of high school, going 41st overall to the Pirates, but would go unsigned and head to college. After having solid, but unspectacular results in his first two seasons as a starter, 2019 has seen him break out in a big way. He’s made 15 starts and posted a 2.48 ERA in 98.0 innings with 21 walks and 125 strikeouts for the Horned Frogs.

The big lefty throws his fastball in the low-to-mid 90’s and he does so on a downhill plane thanks to his height and arm angle. He’s scrapped a curveball in favor of a slider that has flashed itself as a well above-average pitch in the low 80’s. His change up will also flash itself as an above-average pitch.

The consistency with his secondary offerings have been the difference maker in 2019. He’s set himself apart from the rest of the college pitchers  and was the top arm on the board.

College Stats

2017 5 1 4.35 78.2 76 7 28 72 1.32
2018 7 4 4.32 77.0 80 6 28 93 1.40
2019 6 5 2.48 98.0 72 8 21 125 0.95

Quick Thoughts

This isn’t much of a surprise. Nearly ever mock draft for the last five weeks has had the Reds selecting Nick Lodolo. According to Jeff Passan of ESPN he’s already agreed to sign for the full slot value of the pick at $5.43M.

The Reds get the top pitcher in the draft. While the draft is considered to be a bit weak, landing the top pitcher in the draft while selecting 7th is rare. In fact, this is the lowest spot that the first pitcher has EVER been selected in the draft. There’s plenty to like with Nick Lodolo. He should move quickly thanks to his polish and advanced abilities.

Nick Lodolo’s thoughts after the draft

“No, not really, honestly. It’s just awesome. I was hoping to hear my named called early, and it was.” said Lodolo when asked if he was surprised the Reds selected him. “I’m absolutely ecstatic for the opportunity. From just the little bit of knowledge I have from the area scout (Paul Scott) and the scouting director (Brad Meador), I couldn’t be more excited, especially to get going and get up there (Cincinnati) as I can to help out.”

“I’m a guy who throws a lot of strikes, commands three pitches very well. I pitch a lot off of my fastball and move the ball in and out,” he said when asked to describe himself as a pitcher.

When asked why he didn’t sign out of high school when he was selected by the Pirates in the 1st round in 2016: “I really wanted to go to school and I knew that if I signed out of high school I knew that I wasn’t going to go back to do four years of education. And education was important to me and my family. I really wanted to get the college experience and college baseball. Just getting out there and growing up on my own in the college environment. And TCU has been awesome to my family, to me. It’s hard to explain, but this place is something special.”

“The biggest things I’ve learned here at school is the mental game and learning how to pitch. Coming out of high school you don’t get any of that. Your stuff in high school is good enough to just win games. You don’t need to learn how to pitch and how to slow the game down. That’s one of the biggest parts. And obviously my physical development. I came here as an absolute string bean. I’ve gained 30 pounds since being here. Getting that strength and everything helped me develop as a pitcher.”

73 Responses

  1. Alpha Zero

    I would have preferred Stott, but Lodolo is a dang fine pick here.

    • Norwood Nate

      I feel the same. I understand the Lodolo pick even if it’s not who I was hoping for. Now just hoping for the best as a quick mover.

  2. Hoyce

    With no trades allowed and every mock nailing the exact order. Actually watching the draft has been extremely boring. Need to spice it up somehow

  3. Simon Cowell

    I like this choice. His motion looks fluid and effortless. I could see him putting on some weight and possibly gaining some velocity as well.

  4. AirborneJayJay

    They say a comp. is Chris Sale. Maybe body-wise. Not stuff-wise.
    I hope his teammates don’t come in from pre-game warm ups one day and find their uniforms all scissored up.
    They need LH starters. And they need a top one at that.

  5. Mike

    A first round pitcher named Nick, quite the Reds tradition.

  6. MA

    You can never have too much pitching. I like the pick.

  7. Patrick

    He can hang now with another TCU alumni LHP Brandon Finnegan

  8. Jim

    I wanted Langalear??? A catcher. I know we have Stephson but I wanted him before his 11 rbi day. Below slot of course and take a shot elsewhere for overslot signing.
    Hopefully Lododododo proves me wrong.

    • Doug Gray

      I can say that I’m beyond thrilled that they didn’t select Langeliers. He was literally the only guy I was going to be upset about if they took him.

    • Charles Tankersley

      Don’t give up on Okey yet. He is starting to hit at Chattanooga. He hit three homers in a game recently and 7 rbi. Followed that up the next day with another H.R.

  9. cinvenfan

    I heard one of the guys talking about that he’s developing a cutter, that’d be great. Seems polished, nice frame and effortless throw. I’m fine with this pick and with the new pitching coaches (especially DJ), this might end being the steal of the draft. (ok, I’m carried away!).

    I´m not really impressed with this year’s talent so thumbs up for taking the best available arm.

    • RobL

      They were actually saying that he was working on a cutter and from that came his slider. Not saying he won’t go back to try a cutter, but it is what led to his slider. And his slider is probably the reason that he has had a big leap forward.

      • Andrew Erickson

        Problem is whether that slider will transfer with the lower seams in pro ball.

  10. donny

    Like the pick. What is going to be more interesting and telling is there second pick.
    Get a better idea of how the reds will be going in the draft with the amount of money they are or will be willing to pay with their second pick versus pick 3-10.
    Spend the money here with a high school player or later. exc.exc.

  11. donny

    I agree Jonathan Mayo and Harold Reynolds Bret Baty, this guy is going to hit.

    • donny

      i like the idea that they didn’t mention his age and was just wondering where he was going to play. LOVE, these guys.

      • Amarillo

        At the top of the draft, when teams are going to be giving 5 million to an unknown player, Age is something you have to consider.

      • Hanawi

        Harold Reynolds might be the worst analyst ever.

      • donny

        Sure, let them consider it.
        We will see how the kid does.

        I like Harold Reynolds he skips through what he feels is BS.
        And he’s not afraid to point it out.

  12. Marc Parkinson

    Too early to tell on anyone, but I feel blah about this pick.
    Probably the best arm there, so it is ok.
    No other really great guy there.

  13. RobL

    I wouldn’t say cheap. But you probably won’t see any big overslot deals. It was always going to be hard to float a top guy this year after trading that comp pick. I imagine they go with a high school guy for slot or close to it with the second round pick.

  14. Amarillo

    We don’t have a comp pick this year. By the time the Reds pick next there may not be an overslot guy worth taking.

  15. Cguy

    So assuming Hunter Greene is healthy & ready to go next spring, will he be joined in Daytona’s rotation by Lodolo next April? Could be interesting to see which of these 2 get to the ML first.

    • Doug Gray

      He won’t be ready to go next spring. He didn’t have surgery until the end of spring training/the start of April (I don’t remember the exact date). Greene isn’t likely to be pitching in games that count until June at the earlier would be my guess. And if I had to bet, I’d put money on July or August before I’d put money on June.

      • The Duke

        April 2021 is more likely than April 2020

  16. DaveCT

    I think this pick provides really good value, at #7 in a relatively down year. Perhaps a touch more upside than someone like Mike Leake, having him slot in at a mid-rotation spot for 5-7 years is very good value, all things considered.

    • Haven

      Not to bad now give me davis wendzel in the second.

  17. donny

    Interesting note in the draft .
    Forrest Whitley who was projected to go into the top ten pick in the 2016 draft also sled down to the 17th pick in the draft along with Jackson Rutledge in this years draft.

  18. Wes

    He may be a Louisville Bat by next season if that’s any consolation. Keep your fingers crossed

  19. donny

    Forrest Whitley is currently the best pitching prospect in the minor leagues.

    • RobL

      They might be reevaluating that with his 12.21 era in AAA this season!

      • donny

        MAYBE, but the reports are that he is battling fatigue with a dead arm. Some players sometimes do go through this. To early to tell.

      • donny

        or they maybe a injury there that he is not saying . You never know.

      • Doug Gray

        Maybe they found out he’s an alien from space! I mean, if we are just going to be speculating on the basis of nothing, let’s get creative.

      • donny

        Well the reports where by the ASTROS and reported by cbs sports is that he has arm fatigue and they’re players who never let on to anything that might be bothering them.

      • donny

        Here is the deal. I play baseball fantasy on yahoo sports. Yahoo sports tracks all the info reported by teams on players in double aa and triple aaa who have the potential to be called up to the bigs and make a impact on the fantasy team.

        It is and was on there League info front page . That it was reported by the ASRTOS that Whitley was battling arm fatigue .You can choose to believe it or not or call it speculating or not. I’f you’re talking to me. i am putting down and saying what was said in yahoo sports.

    • donny

      Not speculating at all Doug. It is what i read at cbs sports.

      • Doug Gray

        Here’s what you typed:

        MAYBE, but the reports are that he is battling fatigue with a dead arm. Some players sometimes do go through this. To early to tell.

        That part that’s bold? That’s speculation.

        or they maybe a injury there that he is not saying . You never know.

        That’s speculation.

        What isn’t speculation is that he has said he’s dealing with arm fatigue. Everything you typed beyond that is flat out wild speculation on your part.

    • donny

      OMG Doug, are you targeting me because it sure seems like it.
      The maybe in the first part of my sentence was in response to what RobL said. When he said ; They might be reevaluating that with his 12.21 era in AAA this season!. After
      the season he is having they very well could move him down in prospect ratings ,but i did not what to say that because you never know. When i say players sometimes do go through this. That is the truth they do and he is going through it.. So that is not speculating its fact and the truth. When i say it was to early to tell was in reference on rather or not his fatigue arm was going to be a continuous issue or not. To early to tell.

      the second part of what i said. I call it simply throwing out other possibilities of things that have happened in the past. You call it flat out speculation. Sure fine DOUG.

      Look at Robl and the sentence he threw out there doug. When he said; They might be reevaluating that with his 12.21 era in AAA this season! I guess you can call that speculation to but you don’t say anything do ya. There is a lot of other things that i can go through here on the comment sections that you can call speculation also.

      Maybe you look at me with higher standards or you can call what i just said there ”speculation” ? Well i am not perfect Doug and i am not a writer, sometimes i leave out key words or explanations because i am in a hurry and i am not very good or fast with the keyboard. So if i am fault, that is what it is.

      Sometimes and most of the time people are on here to state their opinions and thoughts about things and situations and that is what you want right ? They are not looking to throw out facts, but just there thoughts, and other Possibilities on the subject, and there opinions right. That was simply what i was doing here Doug. OK

      • Doug Gray

        Have at it, champ.

        But there are days when I’m just not dealing with the silly speculative stuff about guys. Yesterday was that day. That you went on for HOURS about the stupid 14-year-old 8th graders stuff didn’t help.

        “Not looking to throw out facts” is a problem. Stop doing that stuff. Especially as it relates to the health of dudes.

        I’m not going to argue with you anymore.

  20. Doug Gray

    I think you’ll see them go college seniors in rounds 7-10, which they have done quite a bit since the draft became capped. That’s what nearly every team does in rounds 7-10.

    • donny

      And when it comes to Seniors Kevin, who aren’t in the first round or so because they would be drafted as a junior. Really have no choice but to sign or go to Japan or elsewhere or not play. I seen where the Reds signed a college senior player last year for 5000

  21. DaveCT

    Mariners may have quite a value at 20 with Kirby

    • The Duke

      I liked Kirby, even at 7. That type of command is rare.

  22. Tom

    Good, now get him a ticket to Dayton by tomorrow!

    • MK

      He has already thrown 98 innings this Spring. They will probably him him 25 to 30 more.

  23. HoF13

    I like the pick – I like that (a) he is a college arm, (b) that he is left handed and (c) he seems smooth and fluid.

  24. Mbushskbum

    I would have preferred one of the bats fell from the top 6 to the Reds at 7 but given what was available this could be a good pick.

  25. MK

    Baseball America has Sammy Siani at 46. Could the Reds have a brothers act?

    • RobL

      So does Fangraphs. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

    • Alpha Zero

      I’d love to see Misner fall all the way to the Reds in the 2nd, but I doubt he lasts through the comp rounds.

    • donny

      Well the REDS have pick 49 so he might be there for the reds. You never know.
      It would be a nice story and how could you not love the brothers together and you never know he might take a little discount to play with or near his brother.

      • donny

        Well that’s not going to happen.
        Pirats selected him 37th pick. So now they are going to be division rivals. That well be fun if they both make it to the bigs.

    • Doug Gray

      Fangraphs has had the Reds taking the younger Siani for about a month now.

      • The Duke

        Sammy will now be directed to bean Mike during the Siani annual Thanksgiving whiffle ball game

  26. RobL

    I like Ryan Garcia from UCLA for the second round pick. I don’t think he will be the pick…. wow Sammy Siani goes to the pirates!

  27. RS

    Brennan Malone (Diamondbacks) and JJ Goss (Rays). 2 impressive high school pitching prospects. Wish we had them.

  28. RobL

    I will put on my prognosticator hat and say the Reds go with Jordan Brewer, CF Michigan. Big tools. Maybe they get one of those high school shortstops out there.

    • donny

      Speaking of Michigan ; it’s official Michigan is the only big ten team to make it to the SUPER REGIONALS.

  29. MK

    They say he is rated 70 or 80 in raw power. Listed as a third baseman. That put him with Tanner Rahier, and Taylor Sparks as recent 2nd round third baseman.

  30. donny

    I am with ya Kevin. I don’t like the swing and miss either that was reported .

  31. Tom B.

    All I hope is that Lodolo never has to be introduced to Tim Kremchek.

  32. Tom

    Say whatever you want about the pick but there is no doubt he will be needed in 2022 and beyond.

  33. The Duke

    I’m ok with this pick. Lodolo throws strikes, already has 3 pitches, has a good frame, and good control. Get him in the weight room with Lorenzen and try to get him up to about 225 and there could still be some extra velo to be found. If he matures physically a little more his 90-94 could turn in to 93-96, which Is premium velo from the left side.

    I’d like to see him get about 3 weeks off, spend a few weeks in Arizona at the Reds compound and then call him up to Dayton around mid July and get him another 30 IP or so before starting next season in Daytona. Honestly wouldn’t be overly shocked if Lodolo starts next year in Pensacola, he’s an advanced pitcher.

  34. Chris G

    This guy looks very good. I liked Trevor Bauer’s comp of Cole Hamels.