The Cincinnati Reds got two different two-homer games on the farm Monday night. Jose Siri accomplished the feat a little bit earlier than Brian O’Grady did. For Siri, it was his first multi-homer game of the season. Taking on the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp, the outfielder struck out in his first at-bat. After swinging over top of strike three he smiled at the pitcher and gave him a thumbs up.

It was Siri who got the better of the next two match ups against Jorge Guzman. In the third inning he hit a 2-run home run down the left-field line to give Chattanooga a 3-0 lead. In the 6th inning, again facing Guzman, he crushed another 2-run homer – this time to left-center. That put the Lookouts up 5-0, which wound up being the final score.


In the Louisville Bats game it was Brian O’Grady doing damage once again. The first baseman/outfielder has been crushing the ball all season long. In the second inning he took the first pitch he saw and crushed it off of the awning in right-center field for his 18th homer of the season. That tied him for the team lead with Aristides Aquino. Later in the game he took a low, inside pitch and golfed it out to dead center field for his 19th of the season, capping off a 3-5 night.

Both of his home runs on the night came off of left-handed pitchers. As a left-handed hitter, you would expect him to struggle more against lefties than he does against righties. That hasn’t been the case in 2019. While he’s certainly hitting well against right-handed pitchers – his OPS is .906 on the year against them, he’s obliterating lefties. Against like-handed pitchers he is now hitting .325/.376/.651 on the season.

Rylan Thomas begins his rehab assignment

The 2018 season saw Rylan Thomas show off an intriguing bat for the Greeneville Reds after a big season at Central Florida that led to him getting the 6th highest signing bonus from the Reds draft. The right-handed hitting infielder had 12 doubles and 10 home runs in Greeneville while posting an .892 OPS thanks to plenty of power and 41 walks to go with 49 strikeouts on the year.

But this season has been one that has seen Rylan Thomas missing in action. Early in the year when he wasn’t with a team I was told that he was dealing with a few things, but nothing was serious. And maybe that was true, but until last night, more than half-way through the season, he hadn’t played in a single game. But on Monday afternoon he was activated and added to the Arizona League Reds team on a minor league rehab assignment. Thomas went 0-1 with a walk in the game and he scored a run. He also played third base, where he made just 10 of his 55 starts last season.

Nick Lodolo strikes out 3 in his 3rd start

The Cincinnati Reds 1st round draft pick, Nick Lodolo, made his 3rd start of the year for the Billings Mustangs on Monday night. After a long season at TCU the Reds are being careful with his workload. He pitched just 2.0 innings on Monday night, allowing one hit and walking no one. The left-hander also struck out three batters. His velocity was 94-95 on the night and he topped out at 96 MPH during the game.

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  1. MK

    With the backlog of quality outfielders backing up in the Reds upper minors I wonder if that will end the tenure of Gennett and Puig on the Reds. Even though Senzel has been good in center but the prospect of Siri’s defense in center with Senzel at second base and Blandino at second until Jose gets some time at AAA. They could have all three for two years for what they will need to pay Scooter next year.
    They could have both Aquino and O’Grady for at least four years for what they would need to pay Puig next year.

    • Big Ed

      I had a similar thought yesterday. Senzel is OK in centerfield, but I agree that the other outfielder options may well force him to second base next year.

      Puig is much the same thing. If they don’t trade him this month, I figure that they will make a qualifying offer. If he takes it, fine, because it gives them another bridge year to the younger options (Trammell, Siri, Aquino, VanMeter at various positions, and even Fairchild). If not, or if they trade him, then let’s see who among these guys can produce at the MLB level.

      They could keep Gennett or Puig, but I can’t see them keeping both of them. I could see them not keeping either.

    • RojoBenjy

      I would say they could even afford to trade Suarez. Let Nick play 3B, Blandino 2B.

      Could get something nice for Suarez’s production and team-friendly deal. To me, if they can really get something useful for the future, it would be worth the “hit” in PR with the fans. Not sure the owners want to risk that–but if it is the right deal, they could be having the fans forgetting all about it when they head to the playoffs for a few years in a row.

      Ah, dreams…

      • Oldtimer

        In my lifetime (born 1951) Reds have been in postseason play in 1961-70-72-73-75-76-79-90-95-2010-12-13.

        Even the Big Red Machine didn’t go to postseason play a few years in a row.

      • Eric Wormus

        This probably isn’t a very popular opinion, but it’s one I agree with 100%. You have the opportunity to improve defensively at 3rd base without really losing anything offensively and adding a boatload of talent into an organization that is really lacking high-end talent. It almost makes too much sense.

      • RojoBenjy

        “when they head to the playoffs for a few years in a row.”
        Really meaning that or a reasonable facsimile thereof (like winning seasons).

        “It almost makes too much sense.”
        It’s the smart money. Not sure why Big Bob can’t see it, as a brilliant businessman.

      • Oldtimer

        Reds have been in consecutive postseason appearances three times in my lifetime (born 1951).

        1972-73. 1975-76. 2012-13.

        All-time, just for times. Also 1939-40.

    • Jack

      I’d pump the brakes on Siri, OPS barely over .700 in his second year of AA and striking out 33% of the time. I don’t see a major league bat yet no matter how good his defense is.

      • RojoBenjy

        Van Meter, Longhi, or O’Grady could audition at 3B. Leave Senzel in CF. Could still trade Suarez for some valuable pieces.

      • Cguy

        Any audition for the 3rd base job (if Suarez gets traded) must include Mitch Nay. If the Reds can get a boatload of talent for Suarez, I still like Senzel @ 3rd, Scooter @ 2nd,& give Siri a chance to win that CF job.

      • RedsKoolAidDrinker

        Longhi doesn’t belong in this discussion, imho. It does sound asinine to the average fan to trade Suarez (it may even tick of Votto to consider waiving his no-trade clause, but the questions have to be are we legitimate contenders next year if we were to keep Suarez (bc if we are you don’t even consider it), will Suarez’ defense get worse sooner rather than later, do we feel have legitimate prospects that have earned a shot to grab the playing time from the domino effect, and can we get a haul for him that is on the brink of the majors (has to include a TOR so called can’t miss pitcher, another top 50 prospect and two others who we rate higher then the opposing GM does (just like we did when we traded Alfredo Simon and Dan Straily) and have us competing in no more than 4 years.

  2. Mustang John

    Lodolo sure looks good nice fluid delivery. Keep your eyes on Conoropo also. He piggy backs with Lodolo

    • RojoBenjy

      Mustang John,

      A week or so ago, there was a comment that the radio announcers in Billings said the team didn’t seem prepared at the beginning of the season.

      What was the deal on that?

      • Objectivity Reigns

        It wasn’t the Billings’ announcer–it was the pair in Missoula who were on a big kick about “fundamentals.” They were speaking in particular about a play in which a throw was made from first base and a runner scored when it got away from the catcher. They went on and on about how it was a lack of fundamentals and preparation that the pitcher wasn’t there to back up home plate–the problem was, the hit that led to the throwing error and lack of backup was a dribbler up the first base line–with the pitcher running over to first base to try and cover there. It would have been a pretty neat trick for him to them make it all the way back behind home plate to back up the errant throw.

      • RojoBenjy

        I didn’t know THom was doing radio in Missoula too.

  3. Big Ed

    There has been a long radio silence by the Reds on Rylan Thomas, so I am glad he is back. The wire said he was assigned to Dayton, which in turn sent him to AZ on rehab.

    There was some good pitching last night in the organization. Sal Romano got a start and threw 4 hitless innings with no walks. I’m not giving up on Derek Johnson’s ability to coach him up. Packy Naughton at AA also got through the first four innings without a hit, and continues to have an excellent season. Lyon Richardson was excellent at Dayton, and Lodolo was sharp in his 2 innings.

    Lodolo pitched 103 innings in college this year, so the Reds must not want him to throw a whole lot more innings.

      • Doug Gray

        He will be for now. This isn’t supposed to be a 1-time thing – he’s replaced Brad Markey in the rotation.