The Cincinnati Reds have acquired right-handed pitcher Justin Grimm from the Los Angeles Dodgers organization. The return from the Reds is still unknown. The 30-year-old has pitched in the Major Leagues in parts of seven seasons, but 2019 has not been one of them. This season he’s spent his entire year in Triple-A Oklahoma City.

It’s been a tough year for a lot of pitchers in Triple-A, and on the surface, that’s no different for Justin Grimm. His ERA is 5.66 this year in 41.1 innings. But he hasn’t been hit by the home run ball like most guys. He’s allowed just three of them this season. And he’s struck out 56 batters with just 15 walks. But his ERA reflects an incredibly low strand rate of just 62.1% this season. When guys are reaching base, they are scoring against him.

From 2012-2018 he pitched in the Major Leagues in every season. And in most of those seasons he pitched quite a bit. In 2012 he threw 14.0 innings for Texas, and last year he threw 17.1 innings for the Royals and Mariners. The seasons in between saw him throw at least 49.2 innings in each. Some of those seasons were better than others. In 2015 with the Cubs he posted a 1.99 ERA in 62 games. He bookended that season with ERA’s of 3.78 and 4.10. But for his career in the Major Leagues he’s got an ERA of 4.98 across 356.0 innings. He misses bats, striking out 361 during that time. When his home run rate has been good, he’s posted ERA’s around league average or better. When it’s been not-so-good, unsurprisingly, his ERA’s have gone through the roof.

Justin Grimm is not on the 40-man roster. Expect him to be assigned to Triple-A Louisville when he is activated.

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13 Responses

  1. RojoBenjy

    The Reds haven’t learned not to answer the phone with LAD call?

    More likely the LAD love it when they see “Dick Williams” on their caller ID.

    • DHud

      You have no idea what the reds traded in exchange, yet here you are criticizing the front office for this move already

      • Mike

        Dhud, I wish there was a like button. Some people just want to complain

      • Jack

        He’s not a usable major league piece so any amount seems too much.

    • RojoBenjy

      Justin. Grimm.

      Washed out MLB player inTriple A.

      How exactly is he going to help the Reds?

      The complaint is the Reds keep taking the Dodgers’ cast-offs. I don’t care what the Reds traded or sent in cash.

      Justin Grimm does nothing to improve the team.

      Some people just want to troll.

      • DHud

        MLB organization hire dozens of players every season simply to fill rosters with no grand illusion they will ever be contributing major league players.

        Dick Williams didn’t hold an immediate press conference to introduce the new face of the franchise that’s going to lead us to the World Series

        If calling you out for being the unreasonable people essimist just looking for something to complain about makes me a troll, then yes. Absolutely 100% trolling

    • Doug Gray

      You know that someone has to throw innings in Triple-A, too, right?

      Not every single move is made to help the Cincinnati Reds Major League Baseball club. Sometimes the minor league teams need enough people to get through a week without pitching Valentin Martinez three times.

      • RojoBenjy

        If that’s how he’s going to help the organization then so be it.

      • Chris

        I would love to start a thread now about how wonderful votto contract was and is, how he’s “penciled in as fixture for future” and how he’s best Red ever. Not even marginally rational opinions. Marty B still moron for saying at time(correctly) that no club with Reds finances should ever commit that kind of money and time to one player?

  2. Curt

    Speaking of the Dodgers, wonder what it would take to get one of their good catching prospects? Ruiz probably too much as he’s top 3, but Will Smith is intriguing, had a couple big moments when called up awhile back, he’s 24 and for some icing on the cake, he’s from Louisville KY!!