The Cincinnati Reds have promoted their 2019 1st round draft pick Nick Lodolo from the Billings Mustangs to the Dayton Dragons. The 7th overall pick in the 2019 draft, and the first pitcher taken had spent the first six games of his career in the Pioneer League with Billings. The Reds had controlled his workload quite a bit while he was with the Mustangs. Lodolo threw 103.0 innings while pitching this season at Texas Christian University before being drafted.

Over his six starts for the Mustangs, Nick Lodolo only threw 11.1 innings. The 21-year-old left-handed pitcher only made it into the third inning of two games. It wasn’t due to a lack of performance. He allowed three earned runs in that span (2.38 ERA), didn’t walk a single batter, and he struck out 21 of the 46 batters that he faced.

For Nick Lodolo, he was rather dominant in the Pioneer League. That’s what you would expect for the top pitcher coming out of the draft that’s out of college. Clearly the Reds wanted to protect his arm and keep his workload low – which is easier to do in Billings where they have rosters of 35 players. In full-season leagues the rosters are limited to 25 players, which makes it tougher to keep guys as starters, but also throwing 40-50 pitches in a start.

As things are scheduled right now, Nick Lodolo is scheduled to make his debut in Dayton on Thursday night as the starting pitcher.

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  1. MK

    He will take Carlos Machoro’s spot on roster as he has to return to Mexico to work on visa issues. The way things are going at border we may never hear from him again.

  2. haven

    Its early but very glad Nick is off to a good start, we all know we could use some quality pitching prospects.

  3. Moses

    He faced 70 batters in 11.1 innings?? That seems like a ridiculously high number, especially if he didn’t walk a single batter. That can’t be correct, can it? That would work out to being close to 40 hits in 11 innings. Impossible, right?

    • Doug Gray

      Technically not impossible. He could have had the Game 1 Bad News Bears playing defense behind him…..

      But I’m blaming Baseball Reference for 90% of the problem here. See the photo:

      I have no idea how or where that “total” came from, it’s counting a game in March that doesn’t exist. But I saw that number while typing and went with it without it clicking in my head that those numbers don’t add up right.

      • Moses

        I like the 46 AB’s a lot better! I did consider the Bad News Bears scenario, but thought we would have seen a headline on your site reading “Lodolo Hurt by 26 errors in Single Inning”…

      • Doug Gray

        I hope that I never have to write that headline for anyone….. But at the same time, the Reds have a single inning pitch limit and it would be incredible to see a pitcher give up 26 balls in play that went for errors in a single inning and not cross that pitch threshold.

  4. AirborneJayJay

    Just about 6 more weeks of the minor league season at Dayton. That could give him about 7 additional starts. Average 4 innings pitched per start and that gives him 28 more additional innings at a higher level. That would give Lodolo 28 more IP’s + his 11.1 at R level, and 103 at college. Looking right at about 143 IP’s for the year, but that has been spread out since late February or early March.
    That would not be an overbearing amount of innings, would it? Or do they shut him down early in mid-August (and limit innings to a few per outing) since he has been going since late February? I would assume there is a plan here somewhere, but I haven’t read of one yet.

    • Doug Gray

      I’m guessing he won’t throw 28 more innings this season. But I’ve been wrong before.

    • Wes

      Fantastic! He won’t have to build his innings up moving forward and will break major league team when his performance warrants.

  5. Troy

    Doug, will you be in attendance for Lodolo’s first Dayton start?

  6. Norwood Nate

    Good. Glad to see he may get challenged a bit this season. He was pretty dominant at Billings, now let’s see what he has verse guys that have been in full season ball.

  7. MK

    This can really screw up the Dragons pitching staff if they only let him go 2 or 3 innings. Dayton only has 25 man roster unlike Billings 35. The Dragons were running out of bullpen innings today when the starter only went 2 and who knows what they will have available tomorrow.

    • Champ Summers

      Couldn’t they just slot him to a day with one of the weaker starters? Just use the opener strategy or a split spring training strategy. Just hope that guy can get through 5.

      • MK

        You could put him with a strong starter, they aren’t goin further than six.

        I just think they need to let the kid pitch and if he burns his innings in two starts then shut him down. He will learn more about adjustments a second or third time through the order than continually pitching to just six or seven guys several more times.