Cincinnati Reds first round pick Nick Lodolo was promoted to Low-A Dayton on Monday. On Wednesday he met with the media in Dayton to talk about plenty of things, from his time at TCU, turning down the Pirates when they drafted him out of high school, and more.

Nick Lodolo will not pitch tonight. He will make his debut on Thursday night in Dayton against the Great Lakes Loons. In his time with the Rookie-level Billings Mustangs he threw 11.1 innings with no walks, a 2.38 ERA, and he struck out 21 of the 46 batters that he faced.

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  1. RedsKoolAidDrinker

    Looks like his body is going to add more muscle/ strength over time which will help him be even better. Feel really strong about this selection way more so that previous first round pitching selections as he’s way more polished (to be expected when it’s a higher pick than usual) with still some physical maturation left. Have a feeling a few teams ahead of us in that draft will have regrets.

  2. RedBB

    You think he will crack most top 100 lists now Doug?

  3. Jim

    I liked hearing him say he didn’t pay attention to the last draft and went to school.
    I hope he wins 20 games for 4 straight seasons and we can get 3 top 100 prospects for him in 7/8 years.

  4. haven

    Wasn’t sure where to ask this but why does everyone not like scooter? He’s had two very good seasons with the reds and ever reds podcast/radio show i listen too they’re okay with him leaving, or act as if hes not that good. I’m Legitimately curious what am I missing?

    • Bill

      I’ve loved Scooter, but here’s how I see the situation. Scooter is on an expiring contract. Coming back from his late Spring Training injury he’s been abysmal, although he appears to me to be making harder contact lately. He’ll also be 30 next season. Defensive metrics and the eye test both indicate he’s below average defensively at 2B and probably not an option elsewhere on the field.

      Alternatively, the Reds have VanMeter, Dietrich, Peraza, Blandino, Senzel, Farmer and a top farmhand in Jonathon India that are all capable of playing 2B. 2B really don’t seem in demand on the trade front, so perhaps there’s even some available externally that could be an upgrade for a similar cost.

      To me the question is do you spend free agent resources on a popular, but aging second baseman, or do you man 2B internally and upgrade the rotation, bullpen, catcher or SS next year.

      • IndyRedsFan

        Bill is correct. It’s not that people don’t like Scooter, it’s just that it doesn’t make sense to sign him to the kind of contract he’s probably going to want.

        He’s currently making approx 10 million per year. He probably wants four years at 12 million. (not that he’s going to get that.)

        Even if he were to settle for half that (4 years at 6 million, or 2 at 12)…do you pay him that……or do you play one of Senzel, India, Van Meter less that $600,000 per year to get the same, or probably better results?

  5. TJ


    What’s the story with the two pitcher from Cumberland? Interesting that neither has signed.