The top of the chain in the Cincinnati Reds farm system saw records being broke left-and-right when it comes to home runs. Triple-A switching to the Major League baseball this year made almost a mockery of the level in both the International League and Pacific Coast League record books. The Louisville Bats were no different.

In 2019 the Louisville Bats hit 163 home runs as a team. To put into perspective that number, that would have led the league in 2018 by 18 home runs. The Bats themselves only hit 113 home runs in 2018. This season saw 163 home runs as the 9th most in the league out of 14 teams. Columbus led the way with 213 home runs. Indianapolis was dead last with 133. The average for the league was 174 home runs. With all of that said, let’s take a look at the 20 longest home runs hit this season by Louisville Bats players.

Date Hitter Distance Team
6/15/19 Aristides Aquino 471 Bats
5/24/19 Nick Longhi 462 Bats
7/16/19 Aristides Aquino 454 Bats
6/5/19 Scott Schebler 451 Bats
5/29/19 Aristides Aquino 449 Bats
6/22/19 Aristides Aquino 449 Bats
7/5/19 Narciso Crook 449 Bats
6/25/19 Brian O’Grady 446 Bats
7/31/19 Rob Refsnyder 446 Bats
6/1/19 Nick Longhi 443 Bats
6/6/19 Alex Blandino 440 Bats
7/7/19 Brian O’Grady 440 Bats
7/26/19 Aristides Aquino 439 Bats
7/13/19 Aristides Aquino 438 Bats
6/4/19 Brian O’Grady 436 Bats
7/25/19 Aristides Aquino 436 Bats
4/7/19 Brian O’Grady 435 Bats
6/6/19 Alex Blandino 435 Bats
7/13/19 Brian O’Grady 435 Bats
8/25/19 Mitch Nay 434 Bats

If you have been following along this week you will notice just how different this top 20 list is than the other ones. First is the fact that the two longest home runs in the farm system were hit by Louisville Bats. Aristides Aquino’s 471-foot home run is the longest one hit by any Cincinnati Reds player this year – Major League or Minor League. The 462-foot home run hit by Nick Longhi is topped only by one other home run, the 463-footer hit by Josh VanMeter in the Major Leagues earlier this season. Here’s the video of Aquino’s 471-foot homer that left Louisville Slugger Field (it’s the second one in the clip).


Aristides Aquino is bad, bad man. You already know this, of course. You’ve seen what he’s done for the Reds, and you may have been watching what he was doing in Louisville, too. He made up 7 of the top 20 spots on the list. Brian O’Grady took up another 5 spots in the top 20. They tied for the team lead with 28 home runs each.

The Bats as a team hit 73 home runs that went 400+ feet this season. That makes up 45% of their total home runs. That’s also more 400+ foot home runs than total home runs hit by the Daytona Tortugas this year (67), as well as any of the four rookie-level teams.

First Fun Fact

Aristides Aquino didn’t quite match Ibandel Isabel‘s 20 400-foot home runs this season (in the minors), but he got close. With the Bats this season he topped the 400-foot mark on home runs 16 different times. Brian O’Grady topped it 11 times.

Second Fun Fact

Vladimir Gutierrez had one of the 400+foot home runs. The starting pitcher crushed one at 402 feet on August 15th.

Third Fun Fact

Phillip Ervin had the shortest home run distance on the year for the Bats with a 314-foot home run that just got beyond the short porch in Durham in late May.

You can see the entire series right here to check out how the top home runs went for each level within the Cincinnati Reds farm system.

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  1. RojoBenjy

    We need an “Aquino filter” on this list, the way that MLB had to have a Chapman filter a few years ago for fastest pitches thrown.