In the 2018 Major League Baseball draft the Cincinnati Reds picked Michael Siani with their 4th round pick and then signed him to an overslot deal worth 1st round money. That kept him from heading off to college and brought him into the Reds organization. They sent him to Greeneville after the draft where he played center field and hit .288/.351/.386 for the Reds.

To begin the 2019 season the Reds sent Michael Siani to join the Dayton Dragons. The first 10 games of the season were solid, but unspectacular at the plate. The center fielder hit .250 with five walks and seven steals, but only had one extra-base hit. But he went into a big slump the rest of the month, going 4-for45 (.089). In 99 plate appearances during April he hit .165/.276/.200 with eight steals.

With April behind him, May got out to a nice start in the first four games for Michael Siani. He went 4-15 with a double, homer, and two walks. But he would go hitless over the next three games. On May 15th he went 3-5 with a home run, but then went into a slump over the following week, going 3-30. The final week of May would go well as Siani went 7-20 (.350) with four extra-base hits, slugging .700 in the final six games. The average was just .220 for May, but he posted a .326 on-base percentage and slugged .415. With only two steals on the month it would be the lowest total for any given month of the year.

Michael Siani entered June hitting just .192 on the year and had just 10 steals through 45 games. June was the start of a turnaround for the 19-year-old. Over the first two weeks of the month he went 19-52 (.365) with 10 steals and a home run. Things did slow down a bit from there, but he did have a hit in nine of the final 11 games he played in the second half of the month. In 24 games he hit .289/.349/.361 with 12 steals – his best month of the season.

July didn’t exactly get going in a quick manner. Through the 11th, Michael Siani was hitting .217/.280/.217 with two walks and three strikeouts. But beginning on the 12th the outfielder went on a tear, going 25-69 (.362) with nine walks and eight steals in the final 17 games of the month. For the second straight month he would put together his best month of the year. In 24 games he would hit .326/.398/.370 and added in 10 more steals to put him at 30 on the season.

After starting out 0-7 in August, Michael Siani went 7-23 in the next six games. But the next week saw him go hitless, 0-20, in five games. Things started clicking again starting on the 17th for Siani. He went 21-60 (.350) over the final 15 games of the month. In the last 28 games of the season he would hit .255/.314/.345 with 13 steals.

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Michael Siani Spray Chart

Michael Siani Scouting Report

Position: OF | B/T: L/L

Height: 6′ 1″ | Weight: 188 lb | Drafted: 4th Round, 2018

Born: July 16, 1999

Hitting | His hit tool has the potential to be average in the future, though it could play up a tick due to his speed and ability to leg out some additional infield hits.

Power | A below-average tool that could produce low double-digit homers.

Speed | He has plus speed that he uses well on the bases and in the field.

Defense | He’s a plus defender in center field.

Arm | He has an above-average arm.

After an incredibly slow start to the 2019 season, Michael Siani hit .292/.359/.379 in the final 82 games and 361 plate appearances of the year for the Dayton Dragons. At the plate he can and does use the entire field, but currently every bit of power he has is to the pull side. He hit the ball to left field 50 times in 2019 and had one extra-base hit in there despite having plus speed. It was similar in center, where he had just three extra-base hits despite 58 balls in play that were fielded by the center fielder.

Where Michael Siani shines currently is in the field. He routinely makes the difficult play look easy, and makes the highlight reel play several times a week. He’s a plus defender at a spot full of good defenders. While he’s certainly more than capable of playing left or right, there’s no reason at all to not pencil him into center field every day moving forward. He’s also not too bad on the bases, stealing 45 bags in 60 attempts this past season.

If he can continue to improve his hitting, he’s got everything you want out of a starting caliber center fielder in the long run. The speed and defense will probably always remain ahead of the bat, there’s enough in there to see an average hitter along with plus defense and base running abilities.

Longest Home Run of the Year

395 feet on June 26th.

Interesting Stat on Michael Siani

He had just six extra-base hits, including just one home run at home. On the road he had 16 extra-base hits, including five home runs.

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17 Responses

  1. MK

    I was not impressed early on with anything but his athletic frame.But as season wore on it was possible to see the future. Considering his age, his Midwest League performance was excellent. He made the most spectacular catch I have seen on that field.After a 40 yard run he did a superman like diving jump to catch a ball in left center. Not as smooth and stylish as Siri in center but just as effective and only 19.

  2. jbonireland

    Having just watched him a couple of times this summer, he looks the part of a major league centerfielder. Harkening back to my earlier years, hekind of reminds me of a Dave Collins. Lots of speed and a decent hitter and fielder.

    • Oldtimer

      Good trade getting Collins for Shane Rawley back in the day.

    • MK

      Siani bigger frame and taller than Collins who was a terrible defensive player, with a minus arm, early on in his career.

      • Michael Smith

        On a side note, how on gods green earth do they measure defense pre an era where they had equipment at the stadiums. I looked up Babe Ruth and he has a defensive war rating.

      • Oldtimer

        Fielding % was used. Number of assists for OF (throwing baserunners out). Number of putouts. Etc, etc, etc. Amazingly baseball existed before analytics. Really. It did.

      • Michael Smith

        @oldtimer Love me some sarcasm. Notice that i mentioned the equipment they are currently using to measure said data. So why are we comparing Babe freaking Ruth to Mike Trout for fielding data in things like WAR.

      • Michael Smith


        I forgot to put this is my sarcastic post. All of that data paints a limited picture. I.E. putouts does not show if the player was reaching what the average player would reach etc… Amazingly we did survive without this data but it is still flawed data to use in comparison to a more modern era player.

  3. Oldtimer

    Could (should) be Reds OF by 2022 or more likely 2023. Decent hitter, lefty bat, good defender.

  4. Krozley

    Starting pitchers getting paid. Wheeler 5 years for $118 million and Hamels one year for $18 million. Glad the Reds didn’t go that high for either of them. If Disco has another year like 2019, he could get quite a contract as he was arguably as good as those two last year.

    • Doug Gray

      I don’t really know exactly where I fall on the Hamels got paid side of things. The fact that he’s stated he wants 1-year deals moving forward so he can play for a contender skews what he may have actually been able to get.

      DeSclafani won’t sniff the Wheeler deal. He’s getting the deal he got based on the potential to be much better than his ERA has been. He’s got elite stuff that he just hasn’t been able to quite put together yet. That’s not DeSclafani.

      • Oldtimer

        In terms of $-per-output, DeSclafani is a better value for the Reds. In 5 years of MLB both he and Wheeler have similar output. Not identical.

        Baseball Reference projects Wheeler at 12-10 with 4.04 ERA in 2020. Almost $24 million is a heckuva lot to pay for that output.

    • Stock

      I think Wheeler is the steal of the FA class. I think his numbers will be as good as Strasburg the next five years at 2/3rds the price.

  5. Big Ed

    I like Siani a lot. He showed some toughness and coachability at age 19 to overcome an awful start to finish the last three months as strongly as he did. He’s going to get stronger and stronger, and his speed and defense will play at the MLB level.

    • Stock

      I have Siani at #7 on my prospect list. Needless to say I agree with your post Big Ed. He will continue to improve offensively and is already there defensively

  6. Stock

    I have Siani at #7 on my prospect list. Needless to say I agree with your post Big Ed. He will continue to improve offensively and is already there defensively